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Bush Email...

I'll think carefully next time I decide to post anything overly political on the site. I've received shall we say a few emails from people wanting to have their say on the United States, Iraq and especially George Bush. Here's a couple of them...

Dan wrote:
Subject: Bush
Mr Bush is not an idiot, as has sometimes been depicted on your site. No indeed, he’s an emotional infant, showered in the power of the most powerful office in the world; who wants to make a name for himself in the history books as being some great leader who ‘rid the world of evil’; who is consequently less in support of the American way of life and freedom as he is in ego driven insane venues.

You want specifics? Just to name a few, check out what this administration has done to ‘FICA’, our Freedom of Information Act through which we as a people are given the legal right to know what really goes on in our countries administration. It is being systematically disassembled by the Bush administration, using 9/11 as an excuse. An even better example is the ‘Patriot Act’ and the new “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003”. (http://www.publicintegrity.org/dtaweb/home.asp)

“The civil liberties of ordinary Americans have taken a tremendous blow with this law.” http://www.eff.org/Privacy/Surveillance/Terrorism_militias/20011031_eff_usa_patriot_analysis.html

With Bush at the helm, this administration is doing in record time, what no terrorist organization could.

There is a far greater saga than "The American Way of Life vs. Terrorism". It is “The American way of life vs. Bush’s emotional survival and ego driven accomplishments” and the American way of life is losing big time.

Many people in this country are apathetic and disbelieving that something like this could happen. We take our freedoms for granted. (and we have a few spoon feed morons like that guy Roger, the vet from the states, who wrote you complaining about you picking on our Bush and not the others)

I guess it’s inevitable that you do not value what you have until you lose it. Perhaps then more of us will sit up and take notice.

Hector Ubaldo Duarte wrote:
Dear ORSM: Great site, keep it up! Kindly ask you not to post my e-mail address as it is not even mine but my sister's.

The world these days seems to be very much against the US, President Bush and the forthcoming war on Iraq. I am not going to go into a discussion here because, simply, I think everyone who is against the war is an idiot. What I'm gonna do is give you some case scenarios and let you Aussies make up your own mind about whose side you wanna be on: America's or, let's say, France.

1. The USA is not talking about invading, say, Norway, and removing their political and military leadership from power. Reason is Norway has never initiated wars of aggression against its neighbors (at least not since the vikings were having fun in the area), Norway's government has never gassed it's own people and it's not hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons so it can threaten those damned Swedish with impunity. Instead we're talking about removing one of the worst despots this planets has ever known. I'm guessing you want murderers and rapists and arsonists off your streets. Why would you be against removing this kind of scum from the world stage?

2. To the Aussies: In WWII your country was next on the Japanese hit list. Who came to help? The USA. To the French: KISS MY AMERICAN ASS!! If it wasn't for our American GIs you (in the immortal words of Groundskeeper Willie) "cheese eating surrendering monkeys" would be speaking German with a French accent. To the Germans: if the USA hadn't protected your kraut asses from the rightful ire of the victors right after that little skirmish you started (historically known as WWII) ended your country wouldn't even exist as it would have been divided between those same victorious countries. To the Luxembourghish (my country of residence by the way): go read the plaque on Place d'Armes thanking the Americans for liberating your country from the Germans. Go visit the American soldier's cemetery and count the white crosses there. Those are Americans who died so you could be free.

3. To Tony Blair: you sir are an example the world should follow. Your political afiliation is opposite that of George bush. your party is giving you hell for your pro-American stance. But you take to heart the words of William Shakespeare: "... if the cause is just and honorable....". Whereever I am, when I meet a pro-American British, I will buy that person a beer and dedicate it to your whole country.

4. After the Bali bombing, where many Aussies died, if Australia had asked for help from the USA to "hunt down those responsible and kill them like insects....", is there any doubt America would have been there for you, no questions asked? Your government is right in standing with us. We, together, the USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, GB, and many, many other countries are doing THE RIGHT THING in getting rid of Hussein and his pals. Too bad we can't get rid of all assholes like him all over the world.

5. We are at war ladies and gentlemen. A war of psychopaths against society, of Islam against the west, a war of cultures. There are many things I dislike about America (our domestic cars {if we can call them that} for instance) but there should be no question that the USA stands with her friends in "just and honorable causes". We expect reciprocity.

And finally this is as good a time as any in history to find out the truth. Are you our friends or just paying lip service to us? If you are our friends you will find out that there's no truer or more loyal friend than the USA. We will give our lives for our friends like we have done in the past. If a friend of my country, Britain, Australia, etc. is attacked by a hostile nation, this American will pick up a rifle and go fight with you, for your land, side by side.

If you're just pissed at us because we are powerful and you're not (like France and Germany) then, with all due respect, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!! Take your best shot. The Arabs hate the USA, the communists hate the USA, the French hate the USA, the Germans hate the USA.... The question is, what are they going to do about it? We are the good guys whether you like it or not. Stand with us and be the good guys to.... or go join the French.

sam jensen wrote:
Subject: (no subject)

first of all, id like to say thankyou for taking the time to create, and maintain an orsm website. you provide me, and my time-wasting contempories a plethore of fodder for our entertainment, and you do it well.

but, im writing in response to your opinion on iraq, etc., where you likened the situation to you distrusting your neighbor, and taking him out because you'd "run out of patience".

using you allusion for a moment, you wouldnt have to worry about messrs johnson and patel, as they'd be in jail now for murder, and probably drug traffiking (biological and chemical weaponry)

iraq has used chemical weapons in the past (during the last gulf war), so it is entirely reasonable to suspect that they have continued the practice since then. time and again they have been untruthful and unhelpful to un inspectors. given this i also think it is reasonalble for president bush et al to say the have lost patience.

to say that the iraqi government is a despotic regime is an understatement. many are vic timised, the people do not get the same freedom of speech that you and i enjoy, and are caught in the middle of a dreadly situation because of their "leaders" grandiose aspirations.

the un is completely inept at resoling situations like this. this has been seen in rwanda, bosnia, east timor etc. however, something needs to be done. iraq has shown its reluctance to comply with the un's requests for a peaceful resolution, i.e.: to not only stop prodcing chemical and biological weaponry, but also to prove it.

saddam hussein and his "government" (read: extended family and friends) need to be removed. unfortunately, it seems that conflict is the only way that this is going to achieved.

aside from disagreeing with you, i quite liked your article and the way you expressed your view. please keep updating, sam.

Mike wrote:
Subject: BUSH Comments
First off, I want to say you run an awesome site that is easily one of my favorites on the web. I saw something published last update that I would like to address. If you post this response, please don't put my email address because I don't need a bunch of bullshit emails from these fucking Bush fans. Just Mike is fine.

This is in response to Roger, the man who complained that you do not make fun of political leaders other than Bush. Roger favors Bush over Gore because he claims that the Dems are trying to take away our civil rights. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Republicans or Democrats in America, but let's just take a look at the rights Bush has taken away. On October 25, 2001, Bush signed the "USA PATRIOT Act" which basically revoked half of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. The law cancelled habeas corpus rights for noncitizens (approximately 20 million people in USA), it alloed government officials to search property without the owner being present (i.e. baggage searches in airports), and it expanded governments ability to wiretap phone and internet (i.e. email and bank records). It also allowed government agents to seize public library records, monitor conversations between criminals and their lawyers, and otherwise outright spy on American citizens. Bush also declared that a noncitizen he considered a terrorist could be tried by a military tribunal (operated in secret), that could impose the death penalty and would not be subject to judicial appeal.

Roger, I hope your "renewed sense of comfort" in this administration will still comfort you if the authorities come knocking. In that one bill, the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth amendments were revoked. I'm sure you can see how hypocritical you sound when you say "Our previous leader was fast on the road to taking many of our basic freedoms," and then you support Bush's administration after the PATRIOT Act.

Keep up the good work ORSM. Most of us YANKEES love ALL of your material!!

K9y9y9 wrote:
Mr. Orsm,I am curious as to why the article entitled, "FROM TERRY JONES (MONTY PYTHON) IN THE OBSERVER LATE LAST MONTH" was posted on your web site. I could not tell if it was supposed to be a joke or a political statement or some of both. Either way I can't see why you would want to publish it, being as the comparisons it makes are nothing more than poor at best.

First I would like to point out that if one would like to compare Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel to Saddam Hussein one would have to say that "it is an undeniable fact that several years ago Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel invaded a neighbors home(Kuwait) trying to take it from its rightful owners and in the process killing some of the occupants." And, "After the strongest neighbor on the block(U.S.A.) went in to that neighbors home and expelled Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel killed some members of there own households because those members no longer wished for Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel to be the heads of those households." Both of these events in real life would have caused the police to arrest Mr. Johnson and Mr. Patel. To end the story, you would not have to worry about them because they would be in jail.

Secondly, Mr. Terry Jones seems to believe that the United Nations is comparable to the police. The U.N. is not comparable to the police. The world has no police and more importantly there is NO INTERNATIONAL LAW. Therefore, in theory, the leaders of each country in this world has equal authority, and there is no higher authority in each country than its leaders. The average citizen basically has no authority. The local police and leaders have authority over the average citizen. The state police and leaders have authority over local police and leaders. Federal police and leaders have authority over state police and leaders. It is not true that what the leaders of a state or country are legally permitted to do is also legally permissible for a citizen.

Thirdly, Mr. Terry Jones implies that he has access to all of the classified documents, videos, audio tapes, pictures, and other surveillance sources that Mr. Bush has access to. Mr. Jones does not like the fact that Mr.Bush has not made his evidence public. Mr. Bush does not have to make his evidence public, there are enough people who have escaped Iraq and gone public with the events that occurred in Iraq. Where are those people in Mr. Jones's story?

I could go on and on and on, but I figure by now I must be losing your attention so I would just like to say that if the story is a joke it is not funny and does not deserve space on your web site with all of the other jokes that are deservedly given space. And if it is a political statement it is poorly thought out at the very best, and pro-Saddam propaganda at the worst. I hope you remove it from your site as it does not look very intelligent on your part. If it does reflect your political views, why don't you say so? I am sure that many people from the U.S.A. would like to know if that is what you think of the President of their country and his policies. I hope you see that Mr. Terry Jones is an actor and a comedian and as such is not actually capable of thinking intellectually. Actors rarely think with any amount of intelligence and they are not politicians or governmental leaders. I don't think any of them have any credentials in international politics, although if I am wrong please correct me. I also hope you know that personal politics and views rarely help any business succeed and I would hate to see your web site lose viewers because it really is one of the best sites on the web. Even if you do not agree with my personal view of the situation I hope you take this seriously. Thank you for your time and thank you for orsm.net.

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