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Email Overflow...

If I posted all the email that you guy's sent me each week there would be no room left on the main page for anything else. That being the case I've now started Overflow. This ingenious mechanism will allow me to publish some of the more interesting stuff you guy's had to say each week without cluttering the rest of the site.

First up was a couple of replies to my blog last update...

Gordon wrote:
Subject: terrorists
Orsm, while I agree whole-heartedly about being a hard bastard to take children captive, try seeing fom the other side.Russia has occupied Chechnya since the earky 90s. and a lot of their people have had family killed by the Russians.One of the terrorists told a little boy(report in the "West Australian') we will kill 20 of you if you don't do as we say because that was the number of family he'd had killed by Russian bombing & troops. It's not a fair world by any stretch of the imagination,but I really think one has to see both sides of the sad story.The Iraq vs America war will go on as far as the foreseeable future because of what America is doing to Iraq.Iraq's hatred of Westerners is being fuelled by further bombing & killing,but Joe Public only sees what the TV lets them see,therefore he forms a one sided opinion. It's a bad situation and one that's not gonna improve in a hurry.

ben agaki wrote:
Subject: timewaster.
Anyway, totally agree with you on the bleak future of this sorry state of a world. If only decent ordinary human beings with the basic good morals of mankind were in power instead of these political and corporate megalomaniacs, the world would be have so much more of a better future.

Here's something that might be of some interest, but if not i apologize for talking too much crap. I read an article on the consumer culture of this world the other day n about the mindless consumption of goods n resources by ordinary ppl encouraged by advertising, and turns out that if this course and rate of production, consumption and resource depletion continues, its estimated that the earths resources will be all used up by around 2070. scary thought ay.. bleak future indeed.

An educated reply from an old timer...

paul mccarragher wrote:
Subject: Reply to J DeV
Unfortunately the system we have is the system we have and no amount of name calling and profanities will change it. As for John Howard being a liar, what politician doesn't, Ive been about for a while and heard some porkies that would make your hair stand on end so I dont really take that into account when deciding who to vote for, what I do is look at the way the country has been run for the last decade and who is likely to run it for the next without causing too much pain for the little man. As for voting Labour just to get rid of someone you dont like thats like cutting off your nose to spite your face and the waste of a vote. Emotions shouldnt come into casting a vote but common sense should. You have got 2 major players and a host of smaller ones that could use a vote but think carefully before you put your tick down because you will have to live with it for better or for worse. Everybody is talking "Greens" but who are they and are they really Green. They talk the talk but do they walk the walk. For example, how many of the Green candidates have Solar Power on their houses, how many have Solar Hot Water, how many run their cars on LPG or bio diesel, how many recycle their waste water and save rain water and how many have power guzzling air conditioning in their homes or are they there quite happy to have there policies as long as it doesn't inpinge on their way of living. The Democrates, well everybody knows that they are there until they get a better offer from one of the major parties and then they swap sides and ideoligies. Independants, okay as long as they arent too far out and have a grasp of what the people really need, so have a thought and dont waste your vote on stupid emotional payback. Keep up the good work ORSM, from an oldie.

Some feedback from the 9/11 pics I posted and some general 9/11 related stuff...

PanicFan wrote:
Subject: 9/11 pics
Orsm, Yours is possibly the most kick ass site on the net to date. The weekly updates are definitely the way to go. I just wanted to say a great big thanks for the 9/11 pics you posted this week. It just goes to show that not everyone hates the good ol' US of A. I'll tell you one thing, Osama bin PUSSY better not ever show his mangy face again or I guarantee there will be more than one pissed off American waiting to kick in his fucking face. JIHAD MY ASS, MOTHERFUCKER! BRING THAT SHIT HERE AGAIN AND YOU CAN EXPECT A FUCKING ICBM DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT. The same goes for the dickweeds in Iraq bombing our soldiers and innocent civilians. So let's recap:

1. Osama bin ASSLICKER= goat fucking pussy boy.
2. Saddam Husucksgoats= twink loving cum dumpster.
3. Afghani's= camel riding pole smokers.
4. Iraqi's= bung licking cock suckers.

Anyway, thanks again for the pics, and thanks for caring , even though you are on the other side of the planet. I don't know if, or in what way, you were affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001, but that day will be forever remembered as the darkest day in American history. Keep up the good work, and remember, you keep updating, and we'll keep coming back for more.

NakedAtTheWheel wrote:
Subject: How does Bush Raise Money?
Just take a minute to check this out, it is believed that Bush had a hand in the 9/11 attack. This site hosts many link to the conspiracy theory of who to point the finger at... The Greatest Hoax of All Time? I think that near election time we may see "Bush finds Osama" what do you think... Kind of an ace up his sleeve for an election in a bag. Also on election day you may find that Florida will be scared to go vote in lue of a posable terrorist threat.

The Michael Moore Vs The Casino issue is still being debated as well...

rich mcclellan wrote:
Subject: ... and the Michael Moore Vs Casino thing continues.
It seems that I have stirred the pot and gotten some people thinking. The who did not want to be identified. Why not, what are you afraid of?

As far as freedom of expression, you provide a short list that includes Canada, South Korea and Japan. Who got them that freedom? Does that fact that Canada replies so much on the American economy and the Korean War and WWII ring a bell? I can not speak to New Zealand and Australia because I do not have enough knowledge of the culture there. What about freedom of expression in Iran, Iraq (previously), Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, Thailand, China and a host of South African countries for a short list of where they do not have that right? You chose to call it arrogance or lack of knowledge. It is fortunate that you have more worldly knowledge than I. I also don't recall that I called him un-American, perhaps I did, it was late when I wrote as well, but I have learned how to use the spell check option on my computer.

It sounds like your worldly knowledge has missed what happened in the US during the Vietnam Crisis. Do you have any idea what it was like for the soldiers to come home un-welcomed, un-loved, being called baby killers, not being able to get jobs because they fought for their country and the rights of the South Vietnamese people?

Yes, we most likely went over there for oil, so what? If that is all we cared about, why are the soldiers still there rebuilding the country and giving the entire Iraqi people better quality of life, just to get more oil money? Maybe, but I think there is a lot more to it than that, but you choose to ignore all of the positives and focus on the negative aspect of oil and Saddam. This is what I criticized Moore for, being negative and not offering a positive constructive solution. There has not been very much if any positive proof of WMD or ties with Al Quaeda. But is not the improvement of the Iraqi way of life justification enough to over throw Saddam? They now have hospitals, sanitary drinking water, electrical and cable stations. Would you deprive the Iraqi's of that? Sounds like you would.

I do not think you heard me support Bush in any way shape or form, so your assumption that I believe and support him brings true the first part of assume (it makes and ASS out of U). America should take care of the people at home before shelling out billions of dollars in foreign aid, but are you one of the one's receiving that foreign aid? Since you did not identify yourself, I can not know.

The inheritance is theirs, why do you want a piece of it? You did not pay in to it, but want some of it? Sounds like you want something for nothing. I guess you have not experienced how many people would rather sit home and collect un-employment and welfare than earn an honest day's pay for and honest day's work.

As far as money in my pocket, Busch has put more in, how about yours? It seems to me that every hard working American has more spending money today, do you dis-agree, or did he cut your welfare or food stamps? Which happens to come out of my paycheck.

Back to a reasonable response from Ryan Rittenhouse.

Yes, after reading what you said, I can see how my response could be interpreted that way. It was not meant that way. I really liked your quotes and do believe in them. I fear that the soldiers in Iraq are going to come home like the Vietnam veterans. That scares me tremendously. They are the one's "Defending to the Death" his right to say it.

As far as that hat, East Lansing, home of MSU, is probably the largest gay population in Michigan. And no, I am not a homophobe. I would like to know how many plants that GM has overseas? I worked for a tier one "Supplier of the year" to GM and we are in the US and do not ship anything over seas at the moment. Why are the International Car companies building plant in the US if it so bad? Roger Smith did not create the problems in Flint, the UAW did. I was just stating for the record the demographics of the area, which do not seem disputed.

FYI G. Richard "Rick" Wagoner was named CEO June 1, 2000 and they have acquired numerous over seas companies.

And finally just a few random emails that are well worth the read...

John Donald wrote:
Subject: what happens ...
What happens when you have: 1) nothing to do, 2) a sharp knife, 3) a large lime, 4) a patient cat, 5) too much tequila, 6) and it's football season?

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: hottie for site
Mr. Orsm: Here is a picture of a girl from North Central Alabama, USA. Her name is Tamara and she is my Brother-in-law's ex girlfriend. This is a professional shot taken recently. The breakup was ugly, so no love lost here.

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Andreas Hübner wrote:
Subject: reader email
Cockpit Converted into a Bathroom. A large bathtub has been installed in the former cockpit of a converted Boeing 727. Rather than buying a mobile home, Jo Ann Ussery purchased an old Boeing 727 for $2,000 USD and remodeled it into a home in Benoit, Mississippi.

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Yok P LAI wrote:
Subject: Lost wedding ring
A 44-year-old woman was brought to hospital by police. Over a period of years she had isolated herself and her daughter from society, arousing the concern of neighbours. A scant history of “schizophrenia”, personality disorder and intellectual disability was obtained from distant relatives. Examination revealed classic clinical features of profound hypothyroidism. In addition, a lump was found on the patient’s ring finger. Her mental state necessitated admission, after a psychiatric consultation, as an involuntary patient.

Investigations confirmed the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and indicated anaemia due to iron deficiency. An x-ray of the lump, revealed a wedding ring totally encased in the soft tissue. The patient was started on thyroxine and antipsychotic medication and transferred to a psychiatric institution, with marginal improvement in her mental state. Her daughter was removed to the care of child welfare authorities. The wedding ring was surgically removed. Histopathological examination of the lump revealed a foreign body granuloma with chronic low-grade Staphylococcus aureus infection.

Guy Stevens wrote:
Subject: wanker of the year
Dear Mr. Awesome, I gleefully write an entrée in the wanker of the year award..

I live in vermont, USA .. it gets very cold here in the winter. where I live is surrounded by plenty of skitrails, ski resorts and well..... sugaring/syruping attractions.. ie: COLD AS FUCK! so anyhow. I know this kid named bobby whos known for partying. we go out to a bar and live it up. I got a ride, he decides to stay, get a little more fucked up than we were already. it must be around -15degreesF .. he decides hes walking home, cant find a ride.. he walks half way, gets in some guys jeep.. hrmmm, warm? no.. its softtop.. colder than outside.. he passes out.. wakes up in hospital of hypothermia.. the people that owner the jeep woke up to go to work and found a frozen, drunk.. smelling highly of alcohol popsicle. they brought him to the emergency room and yet... its now spring.. he has a car that sat over the winter that was covered withs now to make a snowbank. hes driving it and gets pulled, no inspection, no insurance, no drivers license.. yummy... meanwhile, works 20 hours a week and only makes minimal ammount.. spends on booze... he is my friend... john doe.

Steve Luedeman wrote:
Subject: Needs more drivin lessons.
Hey Mr. ORSM, Here are a few photos taken of a dumbass that should to go back to Tractor Trailer Driving School....
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Dessy Aitken wrote:
Subject: World Record For Drunk Driving: A true story from Kununurra, WA
There is little doubt that an Australian, if not world, record has been set in Kununurra for drink/driving offences in the same vehicle. Between 9.20pm on Monday July 5 2004 and 12.40am on Thursday July 8 2004 a silver Mitsubishi Magna station wagon was stopped 12 times and on each occasion the driver was found to be drunk and then charged. Not one driver - 10 different drivers, two of whom were caught twice.

The 51-hour saga began on July 5 in Erythrina Street when a 36-year-old woman was pulled over at 9.20pm and produced a blood alcohol reading of 0.151.

At 10.55pm a 23-year-old man was pulled over in Speargrass Road and blew 0.205 - he also had no licence.

An hour and 55 minutes later the car was stopped again and an unlicensed 22-year-old woman blew 0.120. Police took the car back to its registered address.

Only minutes later police spotted the vehicle on Weaber Plain Road. It turned into a house in Barringtonia Street and a woman jumped out and ran. Police caught her and she then refused a breath test, before running off again. During the struggle to arrest her she bit a police officer on the thumb and was eventually subdued with the use of pepper spray. A 26-year-old woman was charged with refusing an alcohol test, driving without a licence, resisting arrest and assaulting a public officer. She eventually blew 0.150.

After that, the car had a fairly quiet day until 8.30 that night when it was pulled over and the 23-year-old unlicensed driver from the night before blew 0.177.

Police had only just dropped the man off at the police station when they spotted the vehicle again, this time on Messmate Way with an unlicensed 25-year-old man at the wheel. He blew 0.161. Again the car was returned to the registered address and the people there told not to drive it.

By 10.30pm it was back in Messmate Way with an unlicensed 36-year-old woman driving. She gave police a wrong name and blew 0.186.

By 12.50am it was back being pulled over in Barringtonia Street with an unlicensed 28-year-old man at the wheel. He had only been released on parole from Broome Prison 17 hours earlier (1000+ km, 600+ miles away), but still managed to blow 0.180. Police put him in the back of the 'paddy wagon' and headed to a disturbance.

They settled that down, but before they could return to the station they had spotted the now familiar Magna in Konkerberry Drive. They pulled it over in Ironwood Drive only to find the same unlicensed man driving, who had been caught earlier in the evening. He blew 0.189.

By 6.30pm the Magna was back in action on Casuarina Drive with a 34-year-old unlicensed woman at the wheel, getting ready to blow 0.173.

The car was 'taken home' again, but by 7.15pm it was back on the Victoria Highway with an unlicensed 24-year-old only just in control with a blood alcohol of 0.221.

At 12.40am on Thursday 8th July 2004 a 29-year-old man became the last driver in the saga by blowing 0.110 when pulled over on Speargrass Road at the entrance to the Ranch Reserve.

Snr Const. Dean Snashall said the car was then seized and kept until a sober and responsible person collected it. He said that in future any vehicle in which more than one offence had taken place would be seized and kept at the police station. He said that on many of the occasions when the car was pulled over there were children without seatbelts inside, not to mention the dangers to other passengers and other motorists and pedestrians. Registered owners have to be responsible for their vehicles or they will lose them," he said.

Out of 16 drink driving offences in Kununurra last week, the Magna's drivers accounted for 12.

Murray wrote:
Subject: question for the Australian native
saw this on a website with a lot of stupid laws and saw a link for international laws, decided to check up on australia for fun and saw this:

Under Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations, a modem can't pick up on the first ring. If it does the, ACA permit for your modem is invalid and there's a $12,000 fine. -Telecommunications Act 1991.

figured you were the best to try and explan this one cause i can't understand why such a thing would be a problem

Trev. wrote:
Subject: usage details
my daughter saved some toilet paper from germany... she couldn't stop laughing at the directions for use that were printed it

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jojo ramirez wrote:
Subject: Picture
This is a picture i found in the vending machine at my school of a burger i thought it was funny if u have any queations email me.

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Phred Williams wrote:
Subject: A funny pic from my camera phone
Hello Mr ORSM, I saw this truck and knew that I had to take a pic and send it to you, it took me a little while to let him pass me and then catch up to him at the traffic light, but it was worth it. It's a truck from a company that does a lot of concrete work. I just thought 1-800-DRILL IT was too funny to pass up. Keepin' off the meds here in New Jersey, L8r!

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