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Email Overflow...

Okay I kind of fucked up last week when I posted the link to Overflow so here it is again. Well worth skipping back and reading through it as a couple of the ongoing themes from the last few updates are covered once again. Anyway, lets get on with this weeks shall we...

First up more correspondence from Rich re: the Michael Moore thing...

rich mcclellan wrote:
Subject: Detroit Free Press article
Recently I got slammed by two of your readers regarding comments I made about Micheal Moore. I concede there were some good comments made in repsonse, although my response to them was (has) not been published. Perhaps this gentleman conveys my sentiments much better than I did. Although Michael Moore is entiled to his opinion, are not we entitled to the whole truth without bias? There are many people out there who are not able to make up their own minds and are too easily swayed and tend to jump on the band wagon based on what is relayed by the media?


The rest of this weeks Overflow is just bits and pieces that have been collecting dust in my inbox...

Dean wrote:
Subject: Those Cheerleaders
Dear Mr Awsome, a bout an update or two back some geezer posted a fuckin' ACE picture of these cheerleaders in tiny skirts that only covered about an inch of their arses. And what arses ! My dick extended out to its full 4 and a half inches and has stayed there ever since because of those chicky babes. Anyway, I got my detective ( Monk ) onto finding out where more fabulous pictures of these rude cheerleaders can be at found and he came up with www.hoes.ca/soccer_cheerleaders.html. Then his sidekick ( an actress called Bitty Schram - those yanks have some fuckin' wierd names eh ? ) gave me a blowjob because she was jealous. Just made the last bit up actually.

rankin wrote:
Subject: Mental Scottish Site
Awright braw site n'aw that mate, ye've probably seen this by noo but if ye huvnae then its a pure quality site by yin aw my countrymen hae a quick deek its totally gallus by the way. The cunts aff his heid!!! www.limmy.com Ah think 'gies yer jaiket' deserves a punt, maybes a bit specialised likesay but if ye can appreciate barry Scottish patter then its genius ken whit ah mean. cheers pal eh.

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GKS wrote:
Orsm, I've found a great new way to annoy the hell out of a nagging wife. If you find yourself getting nagged because you leave the empty dunny roll on the toilet window ledge etc, here's a great way for you and the kids to have some fun, and hopefully stop her nagging about it ever again.

After being nagged about the empty rolls, I slipped one roll into another while cleaning up one day, then pondered the question, "Just how many can you fit inside each other?" (Yeah, I only think about the big, important things in life, hey !). Anyway, one thing led to another, now my wife is more annoyed about me and the kids adding to the new "collection" moreso than my original untidiness. The nagging has stopped (and at least the looks of utter disgust are silent !)

Here's 10 rolls in one. Can anyone else beat it? Sure fire way to stop the nagging !

Samuel wrote:
Subject: Toilet nanny
Ladies, this product is the answer to your prayers! It's a brilliant, little electronic device that trains the men in your life to put the toilet seat down. The Toilet Nanny attaches to the bottom of the toilet seat. When a man lifts the seat, a pleasant British woman's voice chimes in with: "Excuse me, sir. Please try to urinate in the toilet -- not on the floor. And put the seat down when you are finished. Thank you."

It's a truly radical device! As silly as it is, men will have to be complete morons not to lower the seat after this pleasant reminder. The Toilet Nanny comes complete with batteries, which will work for about 800 warnings. Surely enough time for your man to be properly trained.

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Peter Lundgren wrote:
Subject: picture
A drunk friend of my :)

phillip A ryan wrote:
Subject: It must be the age thing?
Dear Abby, I met Laurie at a singles dance. I knew as soon as I looked at her that she was too young for me. I'm 56, and she was 36, twenty years my junior. I really regretted it because we got along so well that evening. She made me feel so comfortable in her presence. Our age difference didn't seem to matter to her as much as it did to me. Abby, I told her I felt people were staring at us. I said they are probably wondering if I am your father. She thought I was being silly and said if I wanted to see her again she would be honored to go out with me. Laurie and I have been dating now for three months. I really like her, and I think she likes me. Still, everywhere we go, I feel people watching us. Sometimes they just outright stare. It is! Very annoying, and I know it is because of our age difference, which draws these prolonged looks from everyone we meet. I just feel so uncomfortable about this whole thing, and I . . . wonder if I should continue with the relationship.

Why do people have to be so rude....? It must be the age thing? Sincerely, Kurt

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Mike Rammelt wrote:
Subject: How to Discipline Wayward Kids read the story first
Dear Abby, I recently read your column advising grandparents on "tough love" for grandparents to give misbehaving grandchildren, whose own parents let them run wild. I have followed your advice, and enclosed a picture demonstrating my technique when my grandson just won't behave while I'm babysitting for his parents. They have told me not to spank him, so I just take him for a ride, and he usually calms down afterward. Sign me, Tough Love Grandma.

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swizzer wrote:
Subject: just a pic i want to send ya (its virus free.. symantec scanned it!) PLEASE KEEP MY identity secret!
Hello orsm dude, hows it going man? I've been an avid fan since I've been hooked up to the Internet (the good 'ol www.come.to/priceless site). well, i have a pic i want you to upload... its of a persons desktop...(look at the taskbar) it's... umm.. been tampered with, but its funny and i cant find a place to upload it. cheers. you've prolly heard this too but KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ;)

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Stuart wrote:
Subject: Easyjet hail damage
Would have been interesting to be on board.
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Kevin Harling wrote:
Subject: bush bog
pic of a mate out bush

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