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Email Overflow...

The Overflow is back! I haven’t run one of these for ages so trust me when I say it’s long overdue.

Anyway, what you will find below is a collection of emails that have come my way in probably the last 6 months or so [or longer in some cases] that didn’t make the main page of the site. This is usually because competition is fierce and I only have a limited amount of room to post them up. So here they are, arranged in no particular order, all for your viewing pleasure. Check em out...

Apker wrote:
Subject: Fucked Up Shit
Hey Orsm, Love the site, Keep up the GOOD work, man thanks. I just got done reading the tale of Brad and Elizabeth. I can feel Brad's pain. So on that note, If you could do me a favor and post this on your site. I think I need the worlds advise. A tale for you and the readers. If you do post this please have the comments sent to HarperMatrix@netzero.net

My Girlfriend, Melissa, flatmate and I went out for a night of fun and drinks. We went to this pub called Dempsey's Brass Rail for there weekly drag show. Well by the time the first show started (there two a night) she and my flatmate where already three sheets to the wind. Well the night progresses and they are both hammered by the time my flatmate say to me, "I want to go to a strip club."

I wasn't feeling up to it but I said "Sure." Now mind you that there are only Three Strip clubs in the town I live in Washington State. And it goes from Bad, Good, Great. So we went to the Good one. Well my GF, who is bi, Starts getting kinky and next thing I know my flatmate is buying us a lap dance. Interesting to say the least. So my GF was ready and raring to go and do some hardcore shagging. Hell you know me, I'm up for it. Well we all get home and my GF and I start to get in to it and my flatmate head right off to sleep. So after the deed, she tells me that when she drinks that she get really, really horny.

Given, most women, in my experence get really, really horny when they drink and when they drink they get more vocal. Got to love the Liquid courage.

Well the next part sent me for a spin. She said to me, "If I was alittle more drunk that I would have asked you to have a threesome."

Me looking more than just a little shocked. Replied, "With who?" "Well the only other person here." She said smiling.

I thought for a moment and came the realiztion of, "Oh, shit, Ummmmm, NO, Fuck no. No way, no how. No. Not with my flatmate!"

I have known the man for ten years and if it was some random chick, sure i might think about it. But not with my GF.

Then she proceeds to tell me, "You don't have to worry about him. You have to worry about other girls."

"WHAT!" I thought. I was fucking raging pissed. I kepted it all cool on the outside and under control. So I'm thinking that i don't need another fucking tweeker that is going to lie and cheat on me. But I kepted it cool.

So I took her home the next day, all the while keeping it cool and under control.

Told my flatmate, He just sat there in shock and He said, "Your rather calm about this. Not to menchen the fact that it is wrong and wouldn't ever do something like that."

Sunday passes, I go off shooting and thinking. I must have spent 2 or 3 hundred rounds on my thinking. I came to one choice, tell her and tell her to fuck off or give her a second chance.

Monday rolls around and I tell her everything that she said to me. Her comment to the whole thing was, "I don't remember saying that," "I can't see myself saying that," and "I wouldn't do that with your flatmate. He is like a brother to me."

So the question remains, WHAT TO DO? Speak up world let me know what you think!!!!

Bashar Gorgees wrote:
Subject: ashton kutchur punked
hey mr. orsm... check this site out.. some dudes hacked into ashton kutchur's voice box and got some funny voice messages out of it...

-=[MikE]=- wrote:
Subject: Whats up. I have a suggestion.
You know what would be rad? If you could find someone that can encode or redo your website for cell phone users to access. I can access your website through my phone but I can't see all of it for some reason. But if its too much work then I guess I would have to wait till I get home to view your website. Thanks and keep up the great work. Awesome shit.

CJ wrote:
hey Orsm. This is a poem made up entirely of actual quotations from George W. Bush, arranged for "aesthetic" purposes, by Washington Post writer Richard Thompson. A wonderful poem like this is too good not to share.

I think we all agree, the past is over.
This is still a dangerous world.
It's a world of madmen and uncertainty
And potential mental losses.

Rarely is the question asked
Is our children learning?
Will the highways of the Internets
Become more few?

How many hands have I shaked?
They misunderestimate me.
I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.

I know that the human being
And the fish can coexist.
Families is where our nation finds hope,
Where our wings take dream.

Put food on your family!
Knock down the tollbooth!
Vulcanize society!
Make the pie higher!
Make the pie higher!

Mitch wrote:
Subject: eBaums world dot com SUCKS
Hey Mr.Orsm, Just thought ide send you this golden piece of flash animation. Basically it outlines in a short and sweet way how much of a cunt Eric Bauman (of eBaums world) really is. Be sure to vote it 5 (or 10 if you are a member)!

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Charlie Wenzel is a serious tool
I don't know if you would find this worthwhile for posting or not, but here is some interesting forum literature. It is basically some guy jerking around another guy over some truck parts, but there is a huge backlash, and this thread is over 1200 posts and over 300000 views.

Phil wrote:
Subject: Victoria's Secret Pictures Mega Post
Hey, I know you're gonna love this one. 62 hi-res pictures from he Victoria's Secret fashion show.

pete wrote:
Subject: A couple of funnies you may want to include in the next update :)
Hi Mr Orsm. I think your readership (and indeed yourself) will enjoy this ring-tone I hacked together. There's also this nutty student guild campaign poster, that will appeal because of its local flavour (Curtin University).

The Musketeer wrote:
Subject: Friends Picture
I would just like to start by saying that I love this website. It is the greatest. I love all the pictures here. There is a friend of mine that made me a bet. She bet that I would not get one of her pictures posted on the internet. I am asking you to help me win this bet. Please Help.

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Jamie wrote:
Subject: Priceless Posting
I would appreciate it if you could post this on your site. My buddy decided to crash on my couch last weekend. Big mistake. Thank you very much

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C K wrote:
Subject: my friend drunk
My friend sent me this picture of him. He was bragging about how drunk he was. I thought if I changed it a little bit it wouldn't matter. He probably doesn't remember anyways...


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John Donald wrote:
Subject: Preferred Treatment for a Black Eye
We've seen in cartoons and comedy shows how when someone gets a black eye, a piece of raw steak is put on it. That treatment may seem rather primitive, and frankly it is. Scientific studies have proven that while in fact the application of a meat substance helps to reduce the swelling and aids in the healing process, using a cold steak actually delays the recovery of the broken blood vessels which cause the black and blue marks around the eyes. Further research has shown that the application of a warmer, softer and more tender meat is the most effective in helping the eyes to recover from the damage.

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Princess Charlotte wrote:
Subject: Picture Submission For Priceless Picture Section
Please put this up in your priceless picture section, I made this one myself so it is an original, if you dont put it up let me know. thanks a lot :)

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Big Fan Robert wrote:
Subject: no subject
Have a look on the girl at the right side of the picture!!! I thing she's qualified for the priceless category, isn't she???? Many Great's from Germany

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TeXasGiXXer wrote:
Subject: Fast, great improvement
I thought since that I am sending you this message, that I would include a few pics of my new toy. Sorry about the file size. Looking forward to having a chance to see them on your site.

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Trev wrote:
Subject: blonde attack
How does a blonde hide the desktop wall paper she installed and cannot remove ?

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: g'day orsm from a fellow west australian!
long time visitor (3 years +) to your excellent site, first time emailer. just thought id say gday and mention what a bloody great site it is you have here. most appreciative for the naked women with large breasts, the jokes (that ive usually heard before - but hey!) and all the other random shite. the letters section is good - dont we all like seeing someones ex-girlfriends boobs? peoples opinions on certain global issues are sometimes worrying - but i think i sit slightly to the left of the orsm crew. anyway - heres a picture of my girlfriend naked! (sorry its not exactly pornographic)

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matt gibb wrote:
Subject: Anti-Commodore pictures
Hello again. I went a bit stupid this evening with photoshop, thought you might like these. Bung them on your site if you like =] (Same with the pussy cock and the fairy cock ones I sent you before). Have fun ;)

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Sparky wrote:
Subject: cool image
Hey there! I found this photo on a news page... it just looks like these filthy paparazzi want to frighten, to shock the guy in front like little children do ;-) Especially the guy on the left with the green mic...

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: New Scud Missile
Iraq has launched a new type of Scud missile at the Allied Forces deployed in Kuwait. Details are sketchy at this time, but it appears to be a new and improved Scud type missile. The CIA is investigating just how and from who Saddam has acquired this new technology.

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joe wrote:
Subject: my own random pic for ur next update :)
hey dude i was working on a jobsite in sydney and i seen this sign on the toilet door and it said "no loitering" on it. thought u could use it :D

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Mark Rider wrote:
Subject: Baby Carrots
Here in the States we have a lot of strange vegetables available for our dining pleasure. Somehow Baby Carrots are very popular, in spite of the idea of eating juveniles. I wondered where baby carrots came from until I opened a bag of them one day and found these.

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Timmah Verschaeve wrote:
Subject: Oi!
This is a pic of my drunken buddy. Post it plz!!
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Duvet wrote:
Subject: picture for you
I saw this when on my Honeymoon, we were just driving out of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island (that's Canada for our American friends). cheers

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: funny picture
Hey, Love the site i nearly pissed myself when i saw the Random picture of Dath Vadar begging, keep up the great work. I was driving over to South Australia a few months ago and i saw this, i thought you'd appreciate it. Also before i sign off to all you would be Terrorists out there, FUCK YOU BIATCH'S!!!! get a mother fucking hobby that doesn't involve killing people, the whole world doesn't have to suffer cause your a bunch of tools, as eddie murphy says 'Have a coke, a smile and shut the fuck up!'

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John Donald wrote:
Subject: Louisiana entrepreneurship...
First you load your freezers on the trailer; then you paint your signs. And then find a nice place in the shade along a busy highway and you're in business – Louisiana style.

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Tim Whelan wrote:
Subject: HOGS
Whats the story mate? Thought you might like to see what kind of hogs are being ridden in Ireland???

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Yok P LAI wrote:
Subject: Big Fish
This Mekong giant catfish was weighed at 646 pounds by researchers working on a project to identify, study and conserve large freshwater fish around the world.

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Matthew wrote:
Subject: schapelle corby
I was diggin through some stuff in my office last night and I came across a cd with photos from xmas 2001. Look who happened to be joining in the festivites... yep Australia Most Infamous Boogie Boarder. Damn I keep good company. Take Note: Photo 1 - Keep an eye out on the coffee table for some incriminating evidence (in fact I think I might submit this photo at her trial as Exhibit B... after the big f*ck off bag of we*d). Photo 2 - I think thats the same face she had on when they opened her bag up in Bali. DAMN.

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Prape McPrape wrote:
Subject: $5 Note Trick - Whale Giving Head
If you fold a $5 note in just the right way..

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Cyph wrote:
Subject: American Carrots are Perverted!?!
Heya Orsm, my work place has sent over some cool Americans from Seattle to help us with a rather big engineering project. One of them sent me this picture of a carrot they *pulled* out of their garden. Personally, I wouldn't be eating that carrot, the thought of any man eating it would make the rest of us question their sexuality.... however, I could see it co-staring in some pornos :) On the subject of my American friends, I took them to Freo Metros the other week, and they were absolutely shocked by the number of people in the line (it was atleast a 90 minute wait starting at 10pm), and how packed the club was, saying how hardly ever does a club get that packed in Seattle. Thought you guys would enjoy these pics as well. Reminds me of the slow motion club scene Dave Chappelle does :)

John wrote:
Subject: SF Bay Run
Hi Orsm, (insert obligatory ass-kissing here)! Attached are pictures I took in May. The Bay to Breakers race takes place in San Francisco. People run from one side of the penninsula to the other: 12K (7.46 miles). At one point, they're on a 11.15% grade at 215 feet above sea level. Anyway, some people run in costume, others run naked. I couldn't get as close as i'd have liked to; some pics are a bit blurry. Enjoy.

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Wet wrote:
Subject: shite pics really
dont worry too much about these rascals... Snowdonia UK on a good day... top site... made me laugh tonight. Dont even know why I'm sendin you shit pics.... beerage overflow valve broke. Cheers orsm, been pluggin your site orally for years.

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Tarquin Walker wrote:
Subject: bike pix
Saw the bike pix, so I thought I'd send in a couple of my own from a few years ago when I was racing

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Exotic Erotic Ball 2005
Went back to the Exotic Erotic Ball's Expo this year in San Francisco. Got a few good pics, but most of them are just ok. Post the ones you like, chuck the rest.
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zLoI wrote:
Subject: pussy-haircuts
Hi ORSM ! Found some cool pics of pussy-haircuts .. You can have them ;) P.S. LOOVE your site !
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Jane wrote:
Subject: Coopers ads
The Coopers ads they couldn't run
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Aberdeen Angus wrote:
Subject: NEW guinness ad
Hi Mate. Here's the brand new Guinness advert as aired in the UK this week. On a par with 'tick- follows- tock- follows- tick- follows- tock' (assuming you saw the old one).

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Julian wrote:
Subject: Funny mobile phone recording
Check this out mate. I recorded this on my mobile phone from the front door of my house after aborigines had a night on the grog. It was about 2am on a Thursday. Classic

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Mike wrote:
Subject: Hi
Found a movie clip that looks right up your street. Hope its not too big for the mail server. Keep up the good work. Cheers

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pullingchicks.com wrote:
Subject: Video for you
HI Orsm. Thanks for a great site, always visit on a Friday for an update. Please show this video some friends put together and help share the message. I would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you so much and hopefully I will see this vid up there for your next release

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Supa Dan wrote:
Subject: Rangie
You got plenty of nice cars pictured on the site, how bout an old school 4wd with a fat V8? my friend lost traction and almost rolled coming up the hill after me, he had to reverse down... orsm site! Ha pun, keep up the good work.

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riley wrote:
Subject: drilling rig ooops video
Thought I'd drop a note and say hello, it's been awhile. I've attached a clip of the Tundra blow out that occurred near Pierson Manitoba earlier this month. Nothing spectacular maybe is you've seen some of the Alberta incidents but Manitoba is not known for this type of thing. Enjoy the weekend!

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Tim wrote:
Subject: Jackie Chan
Hey ORSM hope you can convert this 3gp file of my mate fucking himself up doing a Jackie Chan through a car window, so funny!! I put in couple of strippers from a club in Dublin trying to drum up business at mondello race track as well, ass shot!!

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If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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