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Bavarian Erotica...

<with held> wrote:
Subject: from bavaria with love - for orsm
Hi Mr. Orsm, I'm a girl from Bavaria and have been a great fan of your site for nearly ten years. You introduced me to that dirty kind of fun, thank you very much (so says my husband!). For the first time I have something for you.

So, i heard you like...lesbian erotica written by girls ;-) As you requested more, I'll have a try. Please note that I'm from Germany (from Bavaria, to be exact) and not a native english speaker.

I was really looking forward to our girls trip to Munic. Enjoying the steaming hot water In the shower I washed my beautiful breasts with soft glitter soap, so they would look and feel great in the white, wide open blouse. I shaved everywhere, completely, as I was planning on going commando underneath my pretty, hot pink Dirndl Dress. That's my favourite Dirndl Dress because it hugs my curvy hourglass figure perfectly. It's as tight as anything, and not really comfortable, but I just love how it shows off my tiny waist and pushes up my not-so-tiny boobs, its color bright against my long blonde hair.

As I put some color on my lips I thought about how my boyfriend had said they were made for blowjobs. That thought didn't last long. I heard the door bell ring and let Maria in, my next door neighbor and friend since kindergarten. She looked extremely hot in her short green Dirndl. Her perfect legs in high heels, her small but pretty breasts in a push-up bra, as I knew, and her long red-brown hair falling in waves over her skinny shoulders. Such a fragile person, yet such a naughty girl. She grinned at me with that look in her green eyes I knew very well. "What did you do this time?" Maria licked her lips, closed her eyes and said "come here Anna, I'll tell you".

Thinking "whatever, another one of her little games" I moved over to her. "Closer", she commanded, "I need to whisper into your ear". She laid one arm around my waist, pulled me close and breathed "this is what I did". Her tongue circled my ear so gently. "I just met Johannes behind the garage", she said, still holding me. Again I felt her tongue, this time on my neck. "He saw me in my Dirndl and nearly started to drool." Her hand circled the lace of my blouse, gently caressing the breasts beneath. "I nailed him to the wall of our garage like this". Maria had me against the wall in no time. While I still wondered how strong she was, her hand slipped under my dirndl skirt.

"Maria, what are you doing?" I wondered. She smiled at me, said "nothing, why?" and continued to caress my thigh. Her fingers wandered farther up under the skirt. Strangely as it felt, I somehow liked it. Maria kissed my neck again. She stopped her hand where the seam of a panty would have been. While I held her skinny waist and let my hand rest on the soft green fabric just above her butt I felt my shaved, naked pussy get wet. Dripping wet. "What... what did you do with the poor boy?", I managed to ask her. "This" she said, and kissed me. Her tongue tasted sweet. In a direct reaction, my legs parted a little.

"And he", she whispered between licking my lips, "did this". Her gentle fingers found how moist I was and slipped right in. "Please" she begged "please finish what he started. Please do me better..." I was not sure how our friendship kisses and touching had somehow come to this. But I didn't care. With one zip I freed her breasts and kissed the erect nipples. "Mmhm", she moaned "you'll make me come, I know it". She opened my Dirndl and helped me get out of it. Before I knew it, she laid on the couch, legs wide apart, naked. Naked and wet. "I once dreamt about that", I told her and knelt down. "I always wanted to know how you taste." With fingers of both hands, and with my tongue I explored every inch of her hole. Pulling my fingers out of her pulsing vagina I wanted to mix my moisture with hers. We laid next to each other, playing with our tongues, putting fingers in and out of our wet pussys, and fingers in and out of our mouths. As I felt she was about to come I knelt above her and slowly inserted my hand in her soaking cunt. While I licked her thighs once slowly down she shivered. And she came. Moaning and pressing my hand she came.

"Come on", she said, breathing heavily. "Let's get dressed and go to the Octoberfest, we're already late!" - "That's because you came late..." I grinned. "Let's find me a nice boy to fuck behind the tent!"

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