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eBay Customer Service...

Jim wrote:
Subject: chat with eBay "customer service"
thought people might like reading this, eBay offers ZERO phone support just a chat window with their incredibly inept robots, think the qorld should see what goes on, love the site and no details of course

fyi, this is the transcript from yet another discussion with eBay, they are as bad as paypal, everyone wants to protect me, it is unbelieveable

Initial Question/Comment: ATO Known Good

5:43:42 AM System
Thank you for contacting eBay Account Security Live Help! Your feedback is important to us. Please take time at the end of this chat to fill out a brief survey letting us know how we did today.

5:43:47 AM System
You are successfully connected to eBay Account Security Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.

5:44:42 AM System
We appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with an Account Security Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.

5:45:43 AM System
We apologize for the wait and thank you for your continued patience. Please continue to hold to keep your place in line. You should be connected to the next available agent shortly.

5:46:44 AM System
We are sorry for the delayed connection. Your question is important to us and a representative will be with you soon. Please note that this is the last message you will receive until an agent connects with you. Once again, thank you for your patience.

6:03:36 AM System
Phyllis has joined this session!

6:03:36 AM System
Connected with Phyllis

6:03:46 AM Phyllis
Hello and thank you for contacting eBay Identity Confirmation Live Help. My name is Phyllis. I'll be happy to help you associate your computer with your eBay account today. Please give me a moment to review your account.

6:03:59 AM xxxxinternational

6:04:25 AM Phyllis
Aside from identity confirmation, do you have other concerns that you would like me to address?

6:04:47 AM xxxxinternational
why do you not have a simple thing like a customer service number???? Why is it I need to waste HOURS of my time waiting for help??

6:05:33 AM Phyllis
Just for your information, eBay is now noting which computers members use to access their accounts in order to protect them from unauthorized access. When an unrecognized computer is used for selling, we are prompting members to complete the Identity Confirmation process.

6:05:53 AM Phyllis
In order to help you, I need to verify your information. Could you please provide me with your name, address, and telephone number you have used to register with eBay? (Note that eBay would never ask you for sensitive information like passwords and social security numbers)

6:06:17 AM xxxxinternational
everyone wants to protect me, paypal left me froze for 30 days to "protect" me

6:06:28 AM xxxxinternational
i would like for everyon to stop HINDERING me

6:06:48 AM xxxinternational
xxx canon drive bev hills

6:08:10 AM Phyllis
Thank you for that information. I am seeing a different name on file. Could you please confirm with me the original account owner?

6:08:27 AM xxxxinternational
i AM the original owner, xxxx worked for me, it is MY company

6:08:39 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number to call

6:08:49 AM xxxxinternational
i have wasted HOURS of my time on this crap

6:09:56 AM Phyllis
Ordinarily, I would need to chat with the registered account owner in the Chat window to continue, but if you can verify the name, address, and telephone number, as well as another question that only the true account user would know, we can proceed.

6:10:09 AM xxxxinternational
give me a phone number to call

6:10:28 AM Phyllis
We do not have a phone number to call.

6:10:31 AM xxxxinternational

6:11:10 AM Phyllis
I will now be asking you a question more specific than what you are normally asked in eBay. Please remember that eBay's verification of account ownership is set up to protect all member's account privacy.

6:11:21 AM xxxxinternational
eBay has NO customer service number????????????? why the hell do you say i can CALL on your site then???????????????

6:11:42 AM xxxxinternational

6:14:30 AM Phyllis
Do you by chance have a second eBay account registered under your name?

6:14:38 AM xxxxinternational

6:14:44 AM xxxxinternational
this is a BUSINESS account

6:14:53 AM xxxxinternational
it took you 5 minutes to come up with that?????????

6:15:02 AM xxxxinternational
wtf is a phone number

6:16:56 AM Phyllis
Do you have any immediate family members with an eBay account that has the same address as yours?

6:17:22 AM xxxxinternational
your kidding right????????

6:17:29 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:17:38 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:17:40 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:17:43 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:17:46 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:17:49 AM xxxxinternational
what is a phone number?

6:21:16 AM xxxxinternational
you are such a help, waste more and more of my time

6:21:37 AM Phyllis
As I have said, we do not have phone number to call.

6:21:43 AM Phyllis
I hope you understand that.

6:22:02 AM xxxxinternational
i am copying this entire session and the id and sending it off to the corporate offices. I am a financial analyst on Wall Street and you are a complete embarrassment

6:22:09 AM xxxxinternational

6:22:16 AM xxxxinternational
you are do NOTHING to help

6:22:45 AM xxxxinternational
and it takes you 10 minutes to for these little tidbits of stupidity you are writing

6:25:39 AM xxxxinternational
u r amazing, a complete waste of time and space

6:25:58 AM xxxxinternational
my rating is hit because i can not handle things and YOU do nothing about it

6:27:08 AM Phyllis
Please understand we can only verify you through this chat and you'll need to pass the verification process before we can lift the restriction on your account.

6:27:46 AM xxxxinternational
so goddamn ask me what is necessary, do you see the long break in time between your incredible assistance???????

6:28:14 AM xxxxinternational
it took you 6 minutes to come up with that little tidbit of information

6:29:59 AM Phyllis
Do you have any immediate family members with an eBay account that has the same address as yours?

6:30:11 AM xxxxinternational
wtf is wrong with you?????? no i do not

6:30:19 AM Phyllis
Since we've been unable to verify you as the owner of this account, Ill need you to fax in ID in order to further assist you.

We will accept a copy of your driver's license or other government issued ID as verification of your identity. If the contact information on your ID does not match the contact information on file with eBay, we will also need a copy of a utility bill or other mailed document sent to the address on your eBay account.

6:30:41 AM xxxxinternational
your kidding right?????

6:31:29 AM Phyllis
No. Please fax this information to the following number: (801) 880-7137 ATTN:
Account Security

IMPORTANT : Please include a valid telephone number and your eBay User ID within your fax.

6:31:57 AM xxxxinternational
lol, u need MY number but you do shit for giving me one????????

6:32:05 AM xxxxinternational
ur ineptitude is staggering

6:32:30 AM Phyllis
Well, I can see here that you are not the ORIGINAL account owner. In order to proceed with your concern, I will need to speak to the registered account owner in the Chat window. If she is not available at this moment, we kindly ask you to return to Account Security Live Help when you are able to continue this process.

6:32:42 AM xxxxinternational
i am the ONLY owner

6:32:52 AM xxxxinternational
an employee set it up, it is MY goddamn company

6:33:23 AM Phyllis
The eBay account would only be able to be verified by the name that was originally used at creation, which you said was your employee. Because of this, we cannot verify this eBay account.

As members do move, address changes can be made, however the account holder's name cannot change and the account cannot be transferred from person to person.

6:33:23 AM xxxxinternational
xxxx was her name

6:33:55 AM xxxxinternational
ok, so you allow anyone to just use a corporate name then?

6:34:04 AM xxxxinternational
brilliant, so i will open one as eBay

6:34:40 AM xxxxinternational
hours of waiting this entire week to get to this incredible wisdom you share

6:36:13 AM xxxxinternational
1800-701-3229 geeee, the eBay community support phone number

6:36:41 AM Phyllis
Okay. Good thing you've found that number.

6:37:21 AM Phyllis
Yes, you can create a new eBay account if you like.

6:37:52 AM xxxxinternational
with MY company name??????????

6:39:16 AM xxxxinternational
wow, trick question?

6:40:15 AM Phyllis
No. Registered it with your full name.

6:40:33 AM xxxxinternational
i think customer service is staffed by the participants from the Special Olympics. Actually, that is not fair to say. I should apologize to the athletes that perform, they do not deserve to be referred to suctomer service people.

6:40:37 AM xxxxinternational
Go back to sleep.

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