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Erin wrote:
Subject: Fun with friends
Hey Orsm, big fan of the site. The jokes are probably my favorite part.

I know you don't have a section for stories on your site, but i thought i might send something in anyway. Let me know if you want any more; I have a few I've already written.

I woke up with a start, feeling excited at the day to come. I was going shopping with my two girlfriends, Katherine and Katrina. I looked at the clock, seeing i only had an hour before they were coming to pick me up. I headed to the bathroom and threw my nightshirt in the washing basket, looking at myself in the mirror. I had long black hair going just past my shoulders, beautiful green eyes, and what some would call small breasts, but i loved my C cup. Not too large and not too small.

I had a quick shower, before drying myself and choosing my outfit. I chose a plain white bra with matching panties, and a tightish black dress, with black heels for shoes. I put my bra on, then reached into my bedside draw and removed the small black buttplug. I slowly inserted it into my ass, reveling in the feeling of fullness. I pulled my panties up and put my dress on, checking in the mirror that it did not show.

I heard the phone ring, and picked it up. "Hey Erin, just calling to let you know that we're coming over now. Be there in five.", i heard Katherine's voice say. "Alright, see you then" I said excitedly.

As i was finishing my hair, i heard a car horn. I made sure my plug was still in, and hurriedly grabbed my handbag and headed out the door, locking it behind me. I hopped in the red land, squinting as i sat down on the seat.

"Hey Er, you're glowing today." Katrina said, rummaging around in her handbag. "I know. I just feel, well, fuller today". "Good for you, you need some happiness in your life" Kathy stated, driving into the street.


As we pulled up to the parking lot, Katrina looked worried. "What's up, kat? You look a little startled." Katherin said "I think i forgot my purse. I left i at home." "Oh, nevermind. We can pay, can't we Kathy? Besides, today is a day for fun. So let's have some." "Thanks, you twoare the best" Katrina said, hugging Katherine and I.

As we passed a surfing store, Katrina exclaimed, "Ooh, look at those bikinis. So cute!" She was pointing at a bikini with little furry cats all over it. "I have an idea!" Kathy said, "Why don't we go swimming? The pool is only 5 minutes away." I started to agree, before remembering my little toy. "I left my bikini at home though. We'd have to go back and get it." "Oh, no problem. We could just grab some here." They both looked so excited, that i couldn't say no. I would have to find a away to remove the plug, before they found out.


We arrived at the pool with our bikinis, all with the furry cats on them. The other two were chatting away excitedly about a sexy guy they saw, but i just felt dejected. Kat looked over at me. "Oh, comon Er. You have to forget about Johny" She said, misunderstanding my thoughts, "You'll find someone else, one day. But lets have some fun, today is just about us!"

We wandered into the womens changing room, noticing that nobody else was there, so we locked the door. Kat and kathy started taking off their clothes, joking about having sex with another woman. Kathy removed her shirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Ooh Kathy, you naughty girl" Katrina said, grabbing kathy's breasts. "If i was a lesbo, I'd have to suck on these right now". They both laughed and katrina asked why i wasn't getting undressed. I said jokingly that i was content to watch, and they laughed happily, followed by a scared laugh from me.

I took off my dress, and turned to hide the slight bulge in the rear my panties. I wasn't quick enough. "Hey Er, what's that thing in your panties?" Kathy said. I was caught. There was no way to worm out of this one, so i decided to tell the truth. "I'll show you" i said shakily, pulling my panties down. I turned away from them and bent down, clearly showing the black plug in my ass.

"Oh, wow" Katrina said, surprised. "Has it been in this whole time?" "Yep, all day" I said, turning around and facing them. "Well, thats, uhh... fun" Kathy said, staring between my legs. After a slight pause, she said "So, umm, what does it feel like?". "You two should try it. It feels incredible, like you're stuffed all day" I stated, noticing that Katrinas hand was hovering over her vagina.

I never understood how someone could feel sexual attraction to a person of their own gender, but staring at Kats moistening lower lips, i finally knew why. I took a careful step towards her, and kissed her on the lips. She shyly kissed back, moving her hands to lightly rest on my hips. I remembered Kathy, and turned to see her standing wide eyed, looking at both of us.

"Uhh..." She said slowly. "I umm... wow". I took her arm lightly and pulled her towards us. I kissed her, and just like kat, she kissed back. I felt a slight pressure on my plug, and turned back to Katrina. "Hey, don't give her all the attention" She said, with a faint smile.

I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards me, kissing her heavily, while lightly rubbing Kathys moist panties. Katrina reached a hand around and massaged the plug, making me move slightly with pleasure. Kat broke the kiss and removed towels from our bags, laying them out on the floor. She pulled Kathy and I down, making my lay on top of her. She nibbled my erect nipples, and pushed on the plug. I turned my head and saw kathy had her hand in her panties, rubbing slowly. She noticed me looking, and said with a smile "Please, don't let me stop you".

I turned back to hear Kat say "You know, there are two things I always wanted to try. One was to have a lesbian experience, and I'm pretty sure I just completed that. The second was to wear a buttplug. I've yet to finish that." "Well, we'll just have to remedy that." I said naughtily

I stood up slightly, and carefully turned her over. I guided my hands over her smooth skin, down to her round cheeks. I parted them, and bent down, licking her moist vagina and ass hole. I had thought it would taste terrible, but it was strangely nice. I reached around and began to move the plug from it's naughty hiding place, only to have Kathy stop my hand. "Allow me" She said, moving behind me. I felt a tongue run over my pussy, and bent down to continue my lubrication of Katrina.

As Kat began to moan with pleasure, i felt something slide into my vagina. Realizing my best friend must have her finger inside me, i smiled. I felt the plug begin to move, and as it popped out, I jerked slightly from the feeling.

Kathy moved to sit on Katrinas back, sucking on the plug. She bent down and carefully inserted the black object into the Kats soaking anus. I felt her shiver, and pulled her up so i could get a better view. I opened her lips and pushed first one, then two fingers into her dripping pussy. Kathy returned to her position behind me, and said shyly "Surely you can fit more than that. Remember how big her dildo is?"

That was quite true. Kat had the largest dildo i had ever seen, and two fingers was nowhere near enough. I pushed a third, then a fourth finger in. Finally, i inserted my thumb, to make a full fist. I pushed my hand in deeper, Katrina moaning heavily. I began to twist my hand lighty, and suddenly i felt an electric shock pulse through her body. At the same time, Kathy inserted a finger into my ass, and all three of us came in unison.

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