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Gun Control...

There's been an ongoing debate over the past few weeks after the following was submitted to Orsm Reader Mail:

DtM wrote:
Damn...have a read of this.....and they wonder why their country is so screwed..... They are calling obama an "enemy" as well as the mayor of chicago for wanting to ban guns.....what a bunch of retards....
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A whole bunch of responses were posted in 2008.10.30 Mail section and below [in no particular order] are follow-ups and responses...

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Iraq War veteran love ;o) (Re: DtM)
"Further, I realize that you're country was founded under British rule and still maintains many similar laws and statutes. I feel some amount of sympathy that you don't share the same constitution and bill of rights that we so readily enjoy here in the United States"

Thank you for your sympathy! As a Limey, or I'd prefer an "English Gentleman" I'm quite pleased that gun's are not so prevalent on our small island. All we moan about over here is knife crime and most of that is between gangs of young folk who don't seem to speak English anyway ..hmmmm. Oh, we are not free of guns and gun crime but the chances of being shot just for asking directions is somewhat reduced.

Where's my Pimms?

Mike Kohrs wrote:
Subject: DtM
Hey Dude, I took exception to one of your contributors last week, his sign name was DtM. He said Illinois State Rifle Association Director called Barak Obama and Mayor Daley (of Chicago) an Enemy. First off yes Richard Pearson did call Obama an enemy, but only an enemy of "Law abiding gunowners", not the "State" or Country. He did not make that claim against Mayor Daley.

Our Country is blessed to have a Bill of Rights, and because of that the State serves us not us serving the State. One of those Rights under the Constitution is the right to keep and bear arms, more commonly referred to as the Second Amendment. It reads "A Well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed". In a recent United States Supreme Court case, Washington DC vs. Heller, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees an "individuals" right to keep and bear arms. Might I add that the decision was a 5-4 decision and did cross party affiliations within the court. Thanks God there were strict constructionists who held to the objective interpretation rather than the subjective view of the Second Amendment. Many of the "gun free" counties, that existed in the Chicago area, had to change their long held policies of limiting or out right banning firearms to the citizens.

I believe that if DtM were to do a bit of research he may find that this letter, no matter how retarded he may think it is, it's a cry to action of the citizens. Banning firearms in the United States, as hard as some try, is neither sound or safe policy. In every part of the world, when firearms are banned, or confiscated you can be assured of things that will happen, crime goes up and tyranny follows. The Democratic Party, in the United States, has been trumpeting gun control for a long time. Some of the harshest laws on the books come from those areas were Democrats have a huge presence, i.e. Illinois, New York, California, Massachusetts, etc...

I'm not sure which country Mr. DtM is from but I can be certain that his view of firearms is narrow. His reading of that letter from the Illinois State Rifle Association was poor, and his understanding of this Countries history and laws are quite weak. If Barak Obama is elected President he has made no mystery of the fact that he will use the Supreme Court, and all courts for that matter, to get his policies implemented. He is essentially becoming a dictator through legal perversion of the process.

Thanks for allowing me this rant under the United States First Amendment. Always remember my door mat is always out!!!!

Russ wrote:
Subject: Gun control.
Hi ORSM! I'm not surprised that the responder to 'DtM' re: firearm possesion withheld his name. If I were assinine enough to advodate moving '....to Australia and start a crime ring.', I'd probably not want anyone to know how utterly dumb I was either.

Before I go any further I should say that I'm a Canadian who's been pro-American all my life and count Americans among my closest and most trustworthy friends. I'm also against a total hand gun ban as is advocated up here (Toronto) every time somebody is shot down in the States. It doesn't work.

As the legal owner of three hand guns I wish 'name withheld' well in his sport, recreational, and hunting pursuits, and would even join him. However............. My American friends are guilty of selective interpretation of the Second Amendment. For those not familiar with it, it reads................................. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The operative words being "well regulated". And for 'name withheld's' information the second amendment was drafted just after the US War of Independence (1775 - 1782) and the intent of it was in case the British should re-invade. Well guess what 'name withheld',..... they ain't coming!!!!!!!!

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Gun Laws
Hi Orsm! Thanks for posting my last email pertaining to DtM's defense of Barack's stance on guns -- I appreciate you displaying postings from both sides of the fence like that (I wish our liberal media were as fair). Also, thanks for the education on the gun rights of Aussie's; sounds about on par with ours here.

Just a quick point of fact -- I agree with you that one probably doesn't need more than a pistol for self defense. But therein lies the problem.

If you look at Barack's voting record for the State of Illinois, he SUPPORTED a bill that would impose a penalty on a legally armed citizen for using a firearm for self-defense. He also supported a ban on all hunting ammunition, and a huge tax increase on the rest (4/10ths of a cent per cartridge up to 2 cents per...that adds up and would make recreational "plinking" a thing of the past). He's harping now that he'll never come after your rifle or shotgun as he supports sportsmen's 2nd amendment right -- the implication being that he will come after your handgun or "assault rifles." Anyway - just wanted to clarify that. Thanks again!

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