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Landmark Forum...

Thommo wrote:
Subject: Landmark forum
Hey dude,

Just reading your latest update and I could help but laugh, and then get a bit sad reading about your brief experience with Landmark. Here's a quick story of my outside view of Landmark.

In about grade 8, my best mate of 7 years started going to Landmark. His parents started doing it then dragged the whole family (2 daughters and 1 son). I even went along to a couple of big group sessions. I didnt really understand what was going on at the time. It was quite odd. One of the 'homework' tasks assigned to us was to try and get a stranger to give us stuff. One example was to find someone eating lollies and to see how many they would give you. A bit strange huh?

Over the next couple of years my mate became more and more self centred. If something was not going to give himself some kind of gain, he would not do it. The only time when he would do something 'selfless' was when it made him feel good to help out a lesser man (me?).

He was a smart guy, but ended leaving school in grade 11 to make his millions on the stockmarket. (didnt happen).

I kinda lost touch for a couple of years until i get a phone call. I have moved to perth by this stage for uni so its abit ot of the blue (and how did he get my number?). Anyhow, after30 seconds of hi how are you he says "So thommo, its not too late. I can help you make your life worth living". What the fuck? I ask him to explain himself. "Well, while we were growing up together I knew I was better than you. But now I know that I can help you become better too?"

Anyhow, that was followed by me hanging up. A couple of our old mutual friends also got similar phone calls about the same time.

I think it was a case of his personality (slightly egotistical but scared at same time) made him susceptible to dive in head first into Landmark. And its a shame, cos until then he was a really great mate. Friends forever i'd have thought.

I can understand that people need something to beleive in, to give them strength. But when you start to get fanatical about something and lose rationality and common sense, then things get scary. Its like religion. Because you put so much belief into a particular scripture and religion, then you can convince yourself that the death of another person because of their own beleifs is not only ok, but should be celebrated and rewarded. (Not that i'm saying your friend is going to kill you... i hope not!)

Anyhow, I'm not too sure what spurred me in writing this email. Maybe you'll find it interesting. All I can say is just be wary. Maybe offer your friend your support? Make sure that they will still respect you and not think less of you if you dont share their ideas / beliefs. Otherwise just move on.

p.s. This is somewhat fresh in my mind because a few weeks ago I was walking down St Georges Tce past the Scientology Centre... and guess who I saw handing out pamphlets out the front? Yup, my old mate! Seems as though Landmark wasnt working well enough and now he is busy getting rid of his 'engrams' to get to the 'operating thetan' state so he can be a good disciple of Xenu...

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