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No Streaking Allowed...

Streaky car windows. There is no easier way to make a car look shitty.

A few months back I bought some supposed-to-be-amazing micro-fibre sponge to clean the windows. Started off okay but after a couple of weeks there were streaks. In an act of desperation I resorted to Windex which made them even worse.

It was driving me insane so I put the call out to you guys for advice. Had fucking bucket loads of suggestions. All sounded good – some extreme and some basic but considering the car is only a year old and the glass is still in good condition I didn’t want to go too hard too soon.

So I got a bucket of warm water, a micro-fibre cloth and wiped them down before going the newspaper option... and whaddya know – PERFECT. Have heard this one over the years but always doubted but it worked a charm and they are once again spotless and streak free. Happy days.

HUGE thank you to everyone who emailed me. Much appreciated.

Anyway here's a cross-section of the replies that came my way. May be useful to someone else who has the same prob!

Justin wrote:
Subject: The window cleaning...
G'day dude, The window cleaner that window cleaning for my multimillion dollar building sights use mrning fresh window detergent... They use one those wollen cleaning things that look like a mic boom an just squeege it off... whoed a thought ey.

Of course streeks that wont clean off glass arnt scratches right? and natrually both sides the glass got cleaned... i have no freakin idea where that road haze comes from that accumulates on the inside of your winsheild but its awkward and a pain in the ass to get off, a dry paper towl or an old sock usually dose the trick for me if some one gets to drawing smiley faces in the window mist :)

We are all in debt and owe you indepth appreciation for the good work you do putting this sight together every week.. so cheers!

Dion wrote:
Subject: orsm windscreen.
Hey ORSM,Dion here from QLD.Mate I ve found that a quick polish with car polish works good for w.screens(as long as the puffing rag is clean & new).Or Windex & clean paper towel.But mate the main reason I emailed u for is to ask you if you use "RAIN X".This is the best tip I could give anyone about their w.screen.A lot of Hotrodders & S.Machiners use it & swear by it.As you drive in the rain ect. the water just repels of the w.screen.My w.screen wipers broke outside Mackay(pissing down rain) when coming home from Summernats a few years ago,bought some of this stuff in Bundaberg & applied it @ a servo in Mackay,& thank God I did.Did not use (or could not use)wipers for about 400 km.Visibility was better without wipers.I run this stuff on every car I ve got now,never used wipers since.Needs reapplying about once a year but the bottle last about 5-7 years.They also make a anti fog treatment for inside the car as well.Mate if you are not a RAIN X user,try it,see how you go & get back to me .I can guarantee you will be spreading the good word about RAIN X next.Thanx mate.By the way you have the best web site out there. c ya........
Carl wrote:
Subject: Window cleaning
Hi,try water with vinegar and dry with newspaper,from Carl in Newmarket,Ontario,Canada.Great site. 

Gary wrote:
Subject: Car Window Cleaning
Try some black only newsprint paper and a bit of vinegar and water solution... bout a 1/4 cup to a gallon of warm water..... scrub with solution and also dry off with the newsprint paper. Love your site and wife says this will work for all glass.

Brian wrote:
Subject: Steaky Windows
HI ORSM. Love the site. Read your manic call for help on cleaning windows, have you ever heard of spraying with Windex or similar and wiping dry with newspaper, it is the best.
The Damn Yankee wrote:
Subject: streak free car windows
To the attention  of the Honorable Mr Orsm, Esq:

Try using regular black ink newspaper to clean you car windows. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy and counter-intuitive ... especially after looking at the black ink on your fingers after reading a Sunday paper, but it works!

Caveats ... I am talking about a newspaper like the New York Times, etc. I am also too lazy to check to see if Aussie newspapers are made of the same"rag" material as newspapers in the US ... my guess is that there is no difference.

Magazines and other printed material do not work, but the paper that is used to print newspapers is created to absorb ink, and also does a great job with Windex and dirt!

Also, do not use the comic section if it is printed in color, the color comics are run through multiple prints runs for each color, and it does not absorb as well as normal black ink newspaper.  Besides, using the color comics is a sacrilege! Comics are much better used as wallpaper and for wrapping paper for gifts.

Always use a dry piece of newspaper ... for example, crumple up a sheet of newspaper, spray Windex on car window, and use sheet of newspaper to clean car window and absorb dirt and Windex. When one side of your ball of newspaper gets wet, you can turn it over and use the other dry side, but the idea is to use the newspaper to absorb the dirt.  Once the sheet gets wet and full of Windex and dirt, you need to use another dry sheet of newspaper.

Steve wrote:
Subject: cleaning car windows
Normal black ink newspaper dude ! simple as that. Water and newspaper works a treat. Something about the black ink apparently. See how you go.
greg wrote:
Subject: windows
1 part methylated spirit, 3 parts water, if that doesn't do the trick, raise the metho content, if the streaks are on the inside of the side windows, maybe your uber sponge has damaged your tint film.....
Damion wrote:
Subject: window cleaning
Dude, Try a clay bar.  I use Meguires clay detailing kit and it works a treat on paint and it’s apparently supposed to be just as good on windows.  I’ll try it myself tomorrow!  I’ve been using the clay bar on my paint for a couple of years now and you just wouldn’t believe the difference. Otherwise I just dry wipe with a Bowdens Own cloth which I’ve had pretty good success with.
J.D. wrote:
Subject: Streaks in glass
Hey dude, Ya might try a mixture of ½ rubbing alcohol and ½ water. If ya don’t like the idea of alcohol, replace it with vinegar. Hope that helps mate, take care.

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