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Email Overflow...

With such a huge backlog of Reader Mail mounting up it was it starting to become clear I really should pull my finger out and get the Overflow cranking again. As far as I can tell there hasn"t been one since December so you can expect plenty more over the coming weeks.

If you didn"t know - the Overflow is here because I receive more than I can fit on the main page! This doesn"t mean what you will find here is crap... just that it was far too good to be deleted!

Anyway you may remember I posted this email in my 11th May update:

Kalind wrote:
Subject: Amusing!!!
Hi, It was amusing to see the supercilious posters created by Mr. Andrew and posted on your site. It is a classic case of " Look who's talking!". The British have a history of colonising various countries the world over. They spread their venom in various countries insidiously and when they had control took to marauding and pillaging the lives and property of their victims. Obviously they weren't invited to do so.

Students, techies and other professionals who are invading their country in hordes at present do so after passing their immigration requirements. Mr. Andrew should understand that it is his country which requires outside professional help and not the other way round. If he feels so strongly about this, he should probably start educating his fellow British morons to start working hard to meet this challenge head-on. After all, the colonised could one day turn in to colonisers!!!!

... and as you may expect there has been some impassioned responses:

Andrew wrote:
Subject: RE: Urgent ...unprovoked attack on me by Kalind...
Dear Awesome One, My humour that you published on your site the other week was attacked last week by someone that called themselves Kalind. It was more or less unprovoked (I felt) and I felt that it was essential that I correct his or her mistakes. I have attached it here, and put it as .pdf's. I realise that it"s a bit big, but even you commented on the saliency of his points, ...so I just HAD to re-earn your respect, didn"t I? ...Can you at least put it on your site with a link to the main page?

It will be easy to dismiss what I say as some sort of racist rant, but the truth is that I have never in my life been racist, have dated girl"s from different cultures in the past, and have many friends of every colour, race and religion. What I AM though, is someone employed as an Analyst that can see the over-stretched resources buckling under the strain of excessive freeloading by foreigners. We have paid into the health service for all our lives, and yet must wait just as long as a recently arrived immigrant for a vital operation. I know that there is a viewpoint that says be fair to everyone, but I would like to see that applied to the British too.

I do not think that it is too much to ask.

These files require a PDF viewer to view. Click here for the free viewer if you don't have it installed. -Orsm

Sherb wrote:
Subject: Kalind
Kalind, valid points and theres no problem with Students, techies and other professionals who are invading the country in hordes, but you obviously have absolutely no bloody idea of the scale of the true issue! Its the Eastern Europeans, Asians, Russians, Pakistanis, Africans etc who are not students, not techies, not professionals who are invading the country in hordes, who dont get picked up by immigration (and when they do just end up getting huge state handouts), they bring with them an increase in crime, they chew up resources of our state health service - the list goes on. Oh and yeah - its the governments fault! Think i'll move to OZ - see ya soon.

Big John wrote:
Subject: Clips (Scotch adverts)
Hi Mate, I know you dont want to become a political forum but as a reply to Kalind from last week, His amusing rant about the 'we're full' posters for the UK is badly founded because although his history is correct re Britains empire building, this was way over a century ago. There is supposedly a skills shortage here. Any trained individual who is qualified is therefore welcome but surely, the desire to relocate to another country would carry with it an interest in integrating and contributing to that society. Sadly not, as his true colours came to the fore with his comment 'British morons' and 'The colonised may turn in to colonisers'. This is a sign he has no intention of trying to integrate/contribute to a united kingdom but is happy to make veiled threats. Pathetic.

Steve Frost wrote:
Subject: Kalind
Mr Orsm, WTF is this prick talking about, we are being invaded by all the work-shy fuckers from other countries... if the general contribution of the immigrants to the uk was as he said was by 'Students, techies and other professionals' that would be a different case, but that isn't the case, there is no/little skills that the majority can offer, many cant speak English, and those that do work rather than just breeding and claiming off the government, take on all the minimum wage jobs, that lets be frank, we have more than enough chavs that can do that work anyway. So kalind, get off your anti British high horse and put forward arguments based on reality not your own pre conceptions and prejudice.

Lucas wrote:
Subject: kalind
Now im not gonna rant and rave but im afraid kalind you've got it all wrong. Many of the freeloaders in this country havent passed any such immigration tests, they are here illegally. there are countless story's of illegal immigrants killing, robbing, raping and getting away with it because they havent got the right documents to even be in this country. the most upsetting being a DRUNK,ILLEGAL immigrant WITH NO LICENCE AND NO INSURANCE mowing down and KILLING a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY. what did he get? 5 FUCKING MONTHS AND THEN PACKED OFF BACK HOME. and im not joking. Cheers orsm keep up the fantastic work mate.

... and now for some of the random audio and video bits that have come my way:

drimn wrote:
Subject: hey, wanted to donate to your site
Hey Ive been reading your site for few months, maybe a year, always wanted to send in stuff, but never had stuff good enough. This audio clip is my friend totally wasted leaving me a voicemail at 3 am while i was asleep.

click to listen click to listen click to listen

Norrie12 wrote:
Subject: baseball video
check out the girl in the front row when he pitches...

click to watch vid

Bruce wrote:
Subject: a set-up for bush to go to war?
Howdy, I trust you remember your new years party. Enjoy the clip and let me know if you think it was it a set-up for bush to go to war. Also did you ever see this movie http://www.fahrenheit911.com ?

click to watch vid
click to watch vid

John Donald wrote:
Subject: F-16 Bird Strike, Movie and Sound ...
F-16 engine ingests bird after takeoff. A "Bird Strike," as seen through the HUD. You can see the bird just Prior to impact. These guys were very cool; note the heavy breathing... they certainly flew longer than one would expect before ejecting. Airspeed can be observed on the HUD's upper left corner. On the other hand, it just goes to show how quickly your day can go to pieces - 45 seconds from strike to ejection.

All and all, not bad for the emergency checklist, two relight attempts, and picking out a plowed field for impact. You can follow the audio attached to it and hear the conversation between the pilot and instructor pilot and the tower including the pilot saying they were punching out. The tower didn't seem to copy the IFE transmission.

The video continues until impact. A classic "buying the farm" as you can see the plow rows get bigger. A real nice job from the aircrew by keeping their cool and turning the aircraft away from populated areas. You can hear the aircraft voice warning system telling them they have a problem and referring to the "D-6 NL" which means there is no engine RPM. There were two attempts to relight the jet engine. But, evidently there was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to get out. No one hurt and no one killed!

Nigsy wrote:
Subject: Prank radio phone call
Hi Orsm.. Radio one DJ Scott Mills does prank calls all the time. In this one a bloke has trashed his girlfriends flat and she doesn't know why, so she contacted Scott to see if he could find out the reason! Attached is the phone call that Scott set up....... enjoy!

click to enlarge

Alex wrote:
Subject: Superman Rollercoaster.
I fucken shit myself and screamed like a girl at Warner brothers last week. But it was worth changing the shit out of my Jocks, for such a roller coaster rush.

click to watch vid

... and on with the rest of it:

John Donald wrote:
Subject: A380 Cockpit set up for flight
A pilot friend sent me this. I don"t know an A380 from the back end of a bus, but I did laugh at the pic - especially the hanging dice. And the Heineken...
click to enlarge

Subject: copper mine
This is also from my trip home, this is in Utah. right next to Salt Lake City. I was told it is the worlds largest copper mine. I think the tallest peak is around 5,000 feet.

click to enlarge

JJ wrote:
Subject: Ex-coworker
Mr. ORSM, found these pics on an old disk of a former coworker and thought it would be fun to share. Keep up the great work.

click to enlarge click to enlarge

Subject: frog violates cat
Forgot I took this one, my wife says even frogs need a little pussy now and then.

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: pic
G'day Mr. Orsm- Like everyone elce I cant wait to get home on Thursdays to see your update... they make a bad day seem so much better. The RS and the jokes you post are my favorite parts. Keep it up dude!! I attached a picture I took while on the road. The name Fung Wah Bus cracks me up so much. I just noticed that the sign on the right says "Blacks Nation" also kinda funny.

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Indy cameltoes
Hey there mr ORSM, I read a few weeks back that someone wanted some pics of cameltoes from indy... I have heaps, but thought I'd send them over time. Here's one to start with.

click to enlarge

Silent One wrote:
Subject: They grew back !!!
Hey ORSM, I've been a fan for a long time as you'll see. I saw a pic of a girl recently and remembered seeing her years ago on the old 'i.am/orsm' site, a photographic memory for porn I guess. She appeared in November 2000 as an amputee but great news .... the legs grew back and damn she looks good.

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Ante Brozovic wrote:
Subject: here is something
love your site! many greetz from Croatia
click to enlarge

qbikal wrote:
Subject: Toxic Earphones
Hi my friend. I"ve been a visitor of your site for years now. I recently bought a battery powered radio which came with a pair of earphones. When I took out the earphones I notice an attached label that was so absurd I took it around all day showing people. I think the other visitors of your site would probably get a kick out of it too. I promise you, these headphones came out of the box exactly as shown in the picture.

click to enlarge

Robos wrote:
Subject: For RS - bag of peanuts that "may contain traces of nuts".
Keep the site cranking mate. Hope Chrissy went well back home. Something my brother sent me I thought you could use.. Cheers.

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Subject: Condi
All the evidence is not in, but it appears that Secretary of State Rice may have slept with ex-president Bill Clinton.. Will send details when they become available; all I have now is this attached photo.

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Tim wrote:
Subject: My photoshop skills!
Hey Orsm, A friend of mine that i think you will agree looks like Avid merrion. The Irish and English will love this one.

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Bill Briggs wrote:
Subject: fire
Buncefield fire

Buncefield, as far as I know, is where that huge petroleum plant fire happened in Britain back in mid-December. -Orsm

click for gallery
click for gallery

Trev wrote:
Subject: Amsterdam! photos
hi Orsm! I know you enjoy getting photos of the weird, funny, impressive type & I thought you'd enjoy these photos I took in Amsterdam late last year.

If you've never seen the place wow... pack your bags now! It's such an eye opener... the constant whiff of grass as you walk past the countless number of "coffee shops" ... the endless amount of sex shops & sex shows... (the photos of the blow up lamb indicate they cater for Kiwi visitors!)... the red light district is a real eye opener... the girls in the window displays! Some are gorgeous! Some are fucking horrible! Some are almost tempting!

The canals are great to see ... so are the buildings! (most are on a lean & we laughed so much wondering what the builders had on their coffee breaks! The main transport in Amsterdam is bikes! thousands of the fucking things! Bikes have the right of way almost everywhere and visitors are always getting warning bells from the locals! Some of the bikes are awesome to see... its quite common to see multi seats on a bike and the kids seem to accept this as a part of life. The locals are very nice... they accept tourists freely & I know i'll return for a longer stay next time...

Tofie wrote:
Subject: Black Beauty
know you like this stuff ( not to sure about the red seats tho)

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: NAMM show girls
Here's a batch of pics (14 in all) of girls from the NAMM show 2006. NAMM is musical instruments, which means rock stars! Anaheim Convention Center Jan. 19-22, 2006.

click for gallery

John Donald wrote:
Subject: New Orleans 2006 t-shirts
New Orleans 2006 t-shirts

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Beno wrote:
Hey lad you said you needed a new ride? well i think ive found it! Turn it up lad!

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Raj wrote:
Subject: Your site so rox !!
Hey Orsm! I've been a regular visitor to ur site since 2001. Your site so rocks man.. and it only gets better every week. Keep going.. And ya.. the attached pics are from remote village roads in India where accidents are frequent. They have put these signs there. Kinda funny! Cheerio!

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Henry Jackson wrote:
Subject: Wide Load: Cooker Delivery - Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada
pretty sure these are classified as North America's largest load by trucks. theres lots of support vehicles for these moves, a spare truck for pulling or pushing, another truck with a trailer that has spare part's {tires mainly} and about 10 escort vehicles. The speed they move at is about 50kmh {10 uphill} so it's not too hard to pass.

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If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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