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Email Overflow...

Talk about your massive Overflow! Basically this is where I squeeze in all post-worthy email that I couldn't quite fit on the main page of the site in an update. This is no reflection of quality of course... what you'll find below is sure to keep you guys amused for ages! Check it...

Before we get on with it, if you would like to contribute to Reader Mail and have your stuff viewed by millions, maybe billions or possibly tillions then we are always more than happy to receive absolutely anything you wanna send! Funny videos, naked pics of your ex or current girlfriend, jokes or practically whatever else you can staple to an email are all welcome... all you must do is click here and get it happening.

greg broderick wrote:
Subject: What's wrong with us?????
Was reading an article re:- questions for immigrants about being an australian on ninemsm.com.au -

What was Sir Donald Bradman's test batting average? Explain the political conditions that made the setting of this test so advantageous for the Howard Government. What was Ned Kelly well known for? What does ANZAC stand for? In what state is the M C G ?

How the fuck are people who are trying to make it to Australia for reasons little other than the fact that they're not likely to get shot, gonna know aout THE DON, let alone cricket itself. How the fuck would they know about the ANZAC legend? I know people in QLD who know not of "THE 'G!"

What was the White Australia Policy? How old is that shit and how could anyone expect someone outside of Australia to know about it? On which side of the road do Australians drive? How many illegal immigrants come from countries where automobilles are the most popular form of transport? To the credit of sensible, reasonable Australians few and far between, there were some sensible questions - Are you prepared to treat all people in Australia with respect regardless of religion or culture? As a citizen of a new country who do you pledge your alliance first, to your citizenship or your religion? Will you work for a woman superior? And to the halfwit who wanted to ask - Would you eat a poi & sorse? Wipe your chin wanker, you're dribbling shit!!!

I'm strongly opposed to an "Open Door" policy, and It's my firm beleif that illegal immigrants rioting whilst in legal detention should be immediately deported, failing that, everyone deserves a fair go, after all, how Australian is "a fair go"?

Ironically, the one about treating all people in Australia with respect reguardless of religion or culture was posed by a woman named Hanson..........

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Re: Daylight Savings
Hey Orsm (insert ass kissings here), Just thought I would explain the logic behind daylight savings since some wankers have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and think "If they want to be different to us, they're stupid!" The earth spins east to west. The further east you are, the earlier you see sunrise, noon and sunset. The earth spins 360 and 60 degrees in longitude in 24 hours. Divide 360 by 24 and our rate of rotation is 15 degrees per hour. So somebody one degree west of Brisbane/Sydney has in effect four minutes of daylight saving compared to Brisbane. Somebody living 14 degrees of Bris (Mt. Isa)  already has about an hour of daylight saving, keeping in mind Mt Isa is still in Queensland not in fucking Western Australia. Also the further north you are the warmer your summer is, the warmer the summer the less the benefits of nine holes of golf after work. Who likes going home when it's still piss hot and sticky anyway? To summarise the further east you live and the further from the equator (nsw & tas) the more daylight savings benefits you. Perhaps Brisbane would benefit from it but other areas of Qld and Wa would not. It is an impost that lasts five months a year that would put many people in discomfort just because of the selfish lifestyle wishes of people in the *smarter* states. If your state wants to put your clock forward and N.T. and S.A want to blindly follow good for you, fuck off, let the rest of us make up our own minds and enjoy our summers the way we have for decades. I can't wait till your state has a referendum and it gets knocked back, untill then I'm sorry for your trial. I hope my state's premier (Beattie - QLD) will be smarter and not cave to the wishes of a small *elite* few.

Craig wrote:
Subject: Daylight Saving get your daylight savings!
I am against DST, although it really matters little to me. My business alows me that flexibility. I simply cannot see the benefits of playing with time... Because of the land mass (Australia) absorbing the light at sunset in the East, there may be advantages (not benefits) to DST, but our sun sets over the ocean..... Any ways, whats done is done.... I hope all this extra sun doesn't see the government being sued by skin cancer sufferers.. The comments that this eastern states dweller brings up are interesting.

Daniel wrote:
Subject: Euro-Weenie Cops Riposte
Quoted from CNN: Of the victims, Bloomberg said Monday: "There is no evidence that they were doing anything wrong," referring to everything leading up to the moment they struck the officer with their car.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only a limp dick ultra-liberal, hoplophobe, or a euro-weenie would over-look a minor detail like this. Like I said last time, a car is a deadly weapon, which he used to assault a police officer. He got what he deserved.

Rhett wrote:
Subject: RE - One hell of a night
So let me get this right, she went as the Dominatrix and had the shit caned outta her arse???? and then to top it off, her boyfriend enjoyed beating her arse with the whip????
Tim Chuma wrote:
Subject: Burlesque Bru-ha-ha in Canberra
Considering hookers, porn and fireworks and legal in Canberra they could have got something a lot more racy than a burlesque act for their entertainment. I went to the Burlesque Battle Royale in Melbourne last week. Highlights included sparks flying into the crowd from an angle grinder being ground onto a steel plate on stage and a fire extinguisher being let off over the audience. Lowlights were me walking half the way home from the city and hoons throwing eggs at me from their car.

bryon messer wrote
Subject: submission
This last weekend I took a trip out to a friends place to celibrate her birthday, while some of the girls where getting ready the rest of us where drinking and getting ready to go out in a different way. Well one of the girls started doing really sweet things with a beer bottle and when I tried to pull out my camera for a pic the damn thing was set to capture video, I thought hell she will do it again so I just kept taping and something better happened. One of the girls who was getting ready came out and saw the camera and decided to pose for the camera and the result is 2 hot girls making a funny video clip.

Andrew wrote:
Subject: Larisa'a Problem
Dear ORSM, Would you please pass my best wishes to that picture model that you had on your site this week (Larisa), and also pass on my hopes that she recovers from her severe case of alopecia really soon. I don't really like to mention it and embarass the poor girl, but I couldn't help noticing that all her beautiful hair had fallen out somewhere between pictures 10 and 13!!! My hopes for her rapid recovery (she is incredibly beautiful and sexy by the way, but she looked better with the hair than without it ...but each to their own I suppose, eh?). Keep up the good work, Andrew
Justin wrote:
Subject: reply to water fule
Kevin wrote:
Everybody needs to know about this... a car that runs on water! A guy in clearwater, FL is driving a car that will go 100 miles on 4 oz of water!. It also runs a torch that will cut steel. Watch the video, it's unbelieveable but true. Help get the word out so this guy doesn't get bought off by the big oil companies or just disapear.

This technology has been around for decades, and suppressed as you might image by governments and fuel companies alike. the ability to split water with electricity was first discovered by Mr faraday (the guy who also documented  and discovered capacitance, capacitors are used in every electronic device known to man and are measured in farads after Mr Faraday) And later developed by a young man who survived the concentration camps of WW2, he moved to Australia and renamed himself  Yull Brown. He died in the late 90s after spending his life dedicated to developing the technology. you may have heard stories of him holding a garden hose to the fuel tank of his car. this photo is quite old taken around  the 60s or 70s.

A Canadian company is continuing the development of the technology they are called  Eagle Research. eagle-research.com and to avoid the buy out and suppression of what they develop they patent all their stuff as public domain witch means any one can build it sell it or what ever, they sell instruction manuals.

What you can Do with Browns Gas is mind blowing and the surface hasn't even been scratched. check it out, you probably wont believe most of it... at first :) Weld and create Rubies? Make Metal Out of water? Neutralize radioactive waste? Fuse Glass to Steel? A car that blows water out the exhaust? or would you even have an exhaust any more? When this technology finally makes it to mainstream it will change the world as we know it.

Would LOVE to See anything else you com upon on this Mr Orsm As always Respect to you an keep up the great work.

Big John wrote:
Subject: fucked up
You think Australias Government is fucked up, Look at this from the UK. The UK government are about to pay out £4000 to 196 ex cons who claim their 'rights' were violated when they were forced to stop taking drugs in prison. Needless to say, its great news when the majority of our old folks will struggle to pay their heating bills this year...
Carlie wrote:
Subject: Ian Thorpe IS gay
Hey Mate, You are sooooo right! Ian Thorpe IS gay!  I watched the press interview and his voice, actions etc had gay written all over them. I was so convinced that day that I started a thread on my fav forum site, check it out, it has a Poll and all. Jeez I hate Politically Correct people, they spoil all the fun!

Jim wrote:
Subject: re: RS gay casemod
Hey Orsm, love the site. Been reading for a few years now. Just fyi, the guy pictured in this RS is 'Tycho Brahe,' co-author of the popular gaming comic Penny Arcade. The ridiculous casemod comes from an older storyline in which his neice appears with said casemod. He is pictured at the annual Penny Arcade Expo (see his shirt? "PAX 05"), which - with the dissolution of E3 - is the largest gaming expo in the world now. Some fanboy actually made that ridiculous casemod and managed to get Tycho to sit by it. Great pic, cool to see my internet sub-worlds collide from time to time.

Lee wrote:
Subject: bad product name
You'd think the FBI would have shut them down by now, or at least asked them to change their name so they don't get picked up by the filters.

Noah wrote:
Subject: RS photo
just thought that you might enjoy this ad that i found, check out the first "deal". please dont include my email.
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Cameron wrote:
Subject: Where did you find this supplier???
Hi Orsm, A friend of mine works for Holden in Victoria, and this is an email the Holden guys were sending around to each other after a presentation... Looks like those asian suppliers either don't get the translation, or they love having fun with it. Below is an exerpt from a presentation given to Holden by a Korean park brake cable supplier. Take a look at their company slogan at the bottom of the slide
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: rs pic
Real company. Pic taken in Camarillo California. Big improvement for 'truth in advertising' eh?
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Chris Lowe wrote:
Subject: Tiny art
I am not the art-appreciating type. Infact, you will often find me bursting out in laughter at those new age art exhibitions. And what is the big deal with the Mona Lisa? It's just a small, plain and time decayed portrait of a rather ugly individual. You want art that will leave you breathless? How about this; hand made sculptures so small that you cannot breathe near them, for they will be blown away and cannot see with the unaided eye, for they are 1/1000th of an inch tall. More at willard-wigan.com

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: roll over
Hey orsm finally I have something worthwhile sending you I took these pics of a van the wrong side up at the intersection of oceanreef and eddystone ave in beldon on Tuesday morning I guess I should have checked to make sure noone was still in the van before I took the pics but anyway here for your enjoyment

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olek21 wrote:
Subject: my buddy alfonso
hi there, even in europe we love your site and await eagerly new updates. here are some funny picture taken by a good friend. :-D

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Anthony Guidi wrote:
Subject: Freddy Mercury
This is my friend Chris he is a charte member of the Freddy Mercury Fan Club! Note the Bull Whip...

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: My Camel Toe???
Thought you might like to see the pics of my camel toe... or maybe NOT!!! No details pls.

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Macka wrote:
Subject: My Cool Pix
1. sign in Morwell ...... just about stacked my car the first time I saw this one. 2. trail from passenger jet over Loy Yang power station...... must have been lost......... 3. good place to leave your ladders after work so no one can knock them off........

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Brad wrote:
Subject: could be gay
Orsm, This was in our Sunday paper. How gay do these two look. Thought you might like it for random shite. Shy boy in the background and wanker with a head scarf and cum sucking straw, very sus.

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Stuart Kinner wrote:
Subject: Modern day detonator...
A modern day detonator for a roadside bomb in IRAQ.
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Andres wrote:
Subject: Interesting theory!!!
I found this in a Washington DC local newspaper.... This is such an interesting theory, we need to share it with all the women out there!!! your website rocks!!!

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ED wrote:
Subject: Sleeping Co-worker
Hey ORSM, Here is a picture of a co-worker I was out of town with. Found him sleeping when I got back from dinner and noticed his bits hanging out. Since he loves your website, I thought he would get a kick if next time he was surfing, he got a big suprise!!!

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Sidney wrote:
Subject: Don't take your kids
First off all great job mate. Secondly we advise anyone who goes to this restaurant on Mallorca to leave the kids in the hotel. We believe Gary Glitter works in the kitchen over there.

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Jason wrote:
Subject: Anti Theft Device??
I found this one morning at the a shell servo. didnt know what was funnier, the fact that there was a motorbike sitting there with its front wheel missing, or there is some dude walking around with a stolen front wheel...

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Big John wrote:
Subject: Immigration Control
Here is a pic of the UK's new immigration control measures. Bet it doesnt work. Keep up the good work mate.

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Simon wrote:
Subject: English Polling Station
Hey dude, saw this new form of polling station in my local town the other day, I think it might catch on. Cheers.

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Tomas wrote:
Subject: Western Queensland
Here are some photo's from a job Terry and Greg did in western Queensland. If you are familiar with the expression "beyond the black stump", then this is what it is referring to. It was used for surveying purposes. The other was just one of those things where you thought "bugger me; I had better take a photo of this". Maybe of interest.

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james lawless wrote:
Subject: the fat guy in a little shirt
this is a pic of my friend that his wife took and she sent it to me so now i want to share it with everyone

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Jeremy Rogerson wrote:
Subject: emo's lost...
Orsm, I got bored at work the other day, and brain stormed this... all this shit about emo's just got to me.... So here goes...

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Randal Dahl wrote:
Subject: Picture
Hey, Saw this while driving across the United States this summer on vacation and thought of your website. Great name for a gas station/ convenience store!

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Stuart Kinner wrote:
Subject: Frank Lampard's Summer Job...
Frank has been keeping fit throughout the summer. The last pic taken before returning to Chelsea pre-season training. See attached...

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Mitch wrote:
Subject: Fwd: I think I almost died, or should have been maimed.
Hey Orsm.. My mate here is always trying to blow things up. Seems when he tried to hook the spud gun made out of PVC pipe to an air compressor all mothers warnings suddenly came true. :) Haha!

Rob wrote:
I think I almost died, or should have been maimed. I write this to you now with an ear still ringing. Some of you I may have told about my intentions of making an air compressor powered spud gun, here is a little story. I had yesterday glued all components together and waited 24hrs for them to dry . I waited for my mum to leave and tested the spud gun with the shut off valve open, all seemed to be good. I proceded to fill the spud gun with compressed air and when I heard no more air flow disconnected the gun and opened the valve (40mm ball valve) I would have to say that the resulting exiting of air was about 4 or 5 times more powerful than all previous deodorant powered guns. Excited by all this I quickly shut the valve and refilled the gun. the motor of the compressor kicked in and I decided to leave it on the ground while I looked through the garage for something to shoot out of the gun. About 20sec later standing up with the gun to my left about 2 metres away. BANG! The fucking thing blew up and some fucking how not ev en a tiny bit hit me, It left a few holes in the ceiling and I found huge chunks about 10m away out the front of the garage. Check out the attached pics and see the carnage. With the amount of force it exploded at about 60psi I wouldn't even attempt this with metal. The funny thing is, is that I asked Eric, an old guy at work who is pretty knowledgable if PVC pipe will hold 60psi and he said, "yeah easy", It fucking popped like a balloon. It's just lucky I didn't have it in my arms at the time.

<with held> wrote:
Subject: London Underground MP3
G'day ORSM. I noticed on your last update the London Underground song. I was sent this flash version and thought u might wanna put it on your site. keep it up mate, great website!

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Gordon Tait wrote:
Subject: Geezajoab
Love the site, keep up the good work. Heres an mp3 file you might like, Every time I listen to it It cracks me up. You must have some understanding of the Scottish dialect to get it. Enjoy!

click to listen

Harry wrote:
Subject: RC Car
Hey Orsm, My brother recently bought a nitro RC car which we immediately modified to fit a larger motor - this is a short vid of it taken in the two hours between running it in and blowing it up! Think we'll try for a record jump with the new motor... will let you know. Don't show my details - not that I care, more so 'cause it seems to be the thing to do ;)

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Kenneth wrote:
Subject: Idiot
hey Mr. orsm check out this video of my idiot friend breaking his neck
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SaLaD FiNgErS wrote:
Subject: My two asshole friends who raped my shirt
Hey orsm, Yesterday 2 asshole friends of mine RAPED my favourite/lucky T-shirt which i had left behind me a couple of wks ago, they sent me pictures of this RAPE. I am attaching these pics together with an 'amature soft-core' vid for you to share with the rest of the world, showing my 2 ASSHOLE friends... in a quite interesting look.... see for your self :) (btw vid is in maltese, but i asure you that the images talk for them selves).... JUSTICE MUST BE MADE!

Daniel wrote:
Subject: Doll?
Hi! I've been looking for a doll for quite some time now. yea, yea.. know what you're thinking about the doll. It's a doll, figurine or whatever you're supposed to call it of pornstars or something like that with an anime touch to them. I attached a clip from the movie with the doll and maybe you could help me out. I've tried everything so far and googling doll, figurine, porn and anime would make you quit your dayjob to go through.

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: for next update
Hi Mr Orsm, if you could add this video into your next update that would be great. This is the end result of a lot of alcohol and a mates 21'st with a dress up theme, interesting to the people that know him, I wanna get it to everyone I can :P.

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Jim Adams wrote:
Subject: 22 month old daughter stunting her quad :)
Mr Orsm... As a proud papa :) I am sending you a video of my 22 month old daughter stunting her quad :) Can't wait to get her on a CRF 50, As a former motocrosser you have no idea how proud I am. even though she bails.. hey she's learning...

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Richard wrote:
Subject: swearing
Mr. Orsm, Great site and all that. This clip is from a transmission on a local South African radio station called SAFM, and was broadcast live on Sunday 11 June 2006. This guy must qualify for the biggest idiot in the broadcasting industry. I hope you can use this.

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Jamie wrote:
Subject: Dreg Master FEAT Eminem
Hi there, Please make sure not shit hit the fan with this. Don't want any fallout coming back. If people get offended please remove.

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Ben wrote:
Subject: greetings
Hey, how ya going, brilliant site, love it, dont miss any updates. i however do have a interesting bit of footage, this is me at my very worst, gambling, while pissed! i have a few mates who are jockeys and i was down and out one day and one of my jockey mates got me out of trouble by riding a winnner, as the footage shows i am very disturbed! feel free to post this, my mates feel it is essential to have someone so stupid on your webpage!

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