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Email Overflow...

Each week I end up with tonnes of email that can't be squeezed on to the main page. Kind of a shame because there is so much cool stuff. So rather than bin it all, eventually it all builds up and ends up on this page.

Before we get on with it, if you would like to contribute to Reader Mail and have your stuff viewed by millions, maybe billions or possibly trillions of Orsm surfers then we are always more than happy to receive absolutely anything you want to send! Funny videos, naked pics of your ex or current girlfriend, jokes or practically whatever else you can staple to an email are all welcome... all you must do is click here and get it happening.

Once again - SORRY to everyone who contributed but didn't make the main page! I really wish I could squeeze it all in but there are far more submissions than I have space for. Please keep trying though!

Now in absolutely no order of importance or relevance here is the Overflow...

Nafe wrote:
Subject: Wrex
Uh oh...
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Craig wrote:
Subject: haulpak versus Grader
Don't know where it happened....
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Mr Volk wrote:
Subject: photos form the hot road show
Here are some photos from the hot road show, in Melbourne on Australia day. Hope you enjoy. Great site. Keep up the good work.
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xitz wrote:
Subject: World's largest airplane
How'd you like to fly this machine back to Russia? One of its engines is larger than a pick-up truck.
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Doaklsmith wrote:
Subject: Playground In Alaska - CUTE!
Some people build swimming pools in their back yards. But outdoor pools in Alaska just won't work. Since this particular family lives on the outskirts of Anchorage, they decided to build a sturdy, colorful playground for their 3 and 4 year old sons, with smooth-stone gravel all around it to avoid knee scrapes and other injuries. They finished building it on Saturday evening, and the following morning, as the mom was about to wake up the boys and have them go out to play in their new play center, this is what she saw from the upstairs window:

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HYPE wrote:
Subject: hooters birthday pics from HYPE
G'day ORSM! We recently celebrated a mates Birthday at hOOters restaurant and made sure our mate Timmy wouldn't forget his special day.. A job application was completed but we still have not received a reply from management.. See attached pics and judge for yourself. feel free to publish any of the photos ;)
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Shane wrote:
Subject: Audi Twin turbo V8 @ 250km/h
Audi Twin turbo V8 @ 250km/h+. Driver got out, walked away and called emergency on his phone.
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Booli wrote:
Subject: Luxemburg RS6 crash
Hi, Orsm, Referring to that UTE crash, take this for an example, The guy came out without a scratch and is seen on the pics.
Taus wrote:
Subject: Dallas auto show
Here's a few pic's from the 2007 Dallas auto show I'll send the rest next week. Hope you enjoy!!! Later mate.
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Marc wrote:
Subject: Local hero
Mate check out one of our local Fijian porn stars ( please don't give out my email address)
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Neil wrote:
Subject: random photo's of randomness for the random pics... random
pics of the banged up caprice are the end result of a drunken runaway stobiepole
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Tristan wrote:
Subject: a few pictures
Got a few good photo opportunities and had to stop to take some shots. I've got a few of a lotus elise that came up to work one day. One of the few...and I mean few perks of working at a lube shop is every now and then a high end car will come in and I'll feel special for a few seconds.
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Trev wrote:
Subject: High speed train in Shanghai
I took these photos in Shanghai, the train runs from Longyarn Station to Pudong International Airport. The trip is 30 km but takes a mere 7 mins The train reaches a speed of 430kph. Four of us on our tour decided to do a return journey on the train & for us it was really cheap, about $14 aussie. About a week before we had our ride 1 of the trains caught on fire & was out of use & stranded waiting for engineers from Germany to do an investigation. About a month after returning home a train similar to this 1 crashed in Germany doing a test run.

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Dubs wrote:
Subject: From a po po chase last night
After spending a while getting chased around the suburbs by the police and managing to get away this silly bastard actually came back for more... then dropped his bike trying to do a turn... then the cops nabbed him. Honestly how stupid can you get?
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brownyy wrote:
Subject: aussie day celebrations - my super car
Hey dude; Just sending you a few photos of my car that made its travels from melbourne to bendigo for an Australia day BBQ / Hottest 100 / drinks etc... This car was "decorated" half way though the trip, giving an hour on the calder highway, and later in the arvo, many laps though bendigo stupidy showing it off. To add also, the most people that we got a responce from were old people, one guy could barely see over the steering wheel but still gove the thumbs up cheering and waving. Two seperate sets of cops saw us and just smiled / ignored the work of a 2m flag pole duck taped to the side. Cheers and enjoy the pics. Side note, my mates didnt want there faces on the net.
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Bobby Ward wrote:
Subject: No Joke.... DO NOT OPEN!! If You Have A Weak Stomach!!!!!
Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............. This can't be............can it????????? WARNING: ADULT CONTENT........
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Michael wrote:
Subject: Partington Primary School England
Hi Orsm. The winds blew like buggery last Thursday, 17/1/7 when it ripped the roof of. This happened at 12.05 dinner time when all the children had gone for dinner in the main hall. Being the area stand-in surveyor I was called out to look at the windows as they had been pushed in by the force of the wind. As luck would have it not one person was injured, but it scared the children somewhat. Most of what you see will have to be demolished and rebuilt. Great site by the way.
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Mark wrote:
Subject: Peter Brock memorial ute.
Hi Nath, I saw this ute at Olympic Pk in Sydney while I was cycling. I think he's a fan. All the best,
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Lespom wrote:
Subject: Robe River Loco's
Some pics you might be able to use of a buggers muddle that Pilbara Rail had recently, two trains meet head on about 100 km out of Karratha. Story goes that one was stationary waiting in a siding for the other to pass but the points failed to change and the loaded one coming the other way didn't pass.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: pictures of my hand on fire.
Hey Orsm, hows life in Perth? just thought id share this photo of me catching my hand on fire and some pics i took of fire. dont show any details, pics attatched.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Submission for your site! Rolled vehicle pics...
What's up, orsm guy? Yeah so my dumbass friend rolled his car into a ditch with 4 of his friends in the vehicle at the time. Thought I'd send you the pics for the site. Keep my personal info private. Thanks.
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Terry wrote:
Subject: C-17 Aircraft
This 1/9th scale radio-controlled C-17 model was built in the United Kingdom. It was built as the centerpiece of a 15 program television series produced in the U.K. for the Home and Leisure satellite TV channel Built with the aid of three friends, it took one year to build and is powered with 4 Jetcat P-120 turbines with a total thrust of 108 lbs. The model weighs over 250 lbs fueled, and carries 12.5 liters (3.3 US gallons) of 95% kerosene and 5% turbine oil fuel.
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Jason wrote:
Subject: newcastle storm pics.
Here are some pics from the storm in newcastle last friday night. These cars were washed away from a Toyota dealership and found a klm or so away in the storm water drains and creeks.
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Pasi wrote:
Subject: my cousin is a pig...
hey mr. orsm ... thanks for great site. here is some shite, my cousin arrenged me a nasty suprise to my phone ... not happy with it 8-( heres my payback.... cheers
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Mark wrote:
Subject: Motorex Babes
Hi Nath, Hope you're feeling better. I'm sure you have a shitload of submissions to wade through, so I'll add another. I went to Motorex at Sydney Olympic Park on the weekend, hoping to see some cars and bikes. Instead I found these. How disappointing . . . .
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Rev wrote:
Subject: tattoos.
hey Orsm, long time since iv'e sent you anything. but here are a few portrait tattoos i have done over the last few weeks. Including one of everyones favorite old school porn hero, Bettie Page. If you wanna use em in your next update, be my guest. All the best.
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alex wrote:
Subject: turbo supra
hey mr orsm, get well soon! here's a little something that ive been working on. its an 87 turbo supra. its got a few upgrades to give me about 310-315 hp.
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Tezza wrote:
Hi Nath, Now here's a guy who loves his wheels like you do but he is loathed to trade them in for a newer model.
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DON jOHNSON wrote:
Subject: We finally got a camper!
I don't know how he turns a corner with out that trailer front hitting the back of the stationwagon.

Heres a little lesson in how not to do things which seems to totally escape some people. I'd love to see how the trip ended up but I feel confident he ended up in a ravine somewhere wondering why bad things seems to always happen to him. He must rank in the top 3% of the "mentally-challenged" scale. He's hooked up and ready to fly!! It's amazing how the extra weight really smoothed out the ride in the truck. He did have to air up the rear tires a bit (around 160 psi)

He added some heavy-duty chain for extra support on the tailgate (note that he used the "Heavy-Duty 'S' hooks to attach the chain) He also paid-up for some BIG 5/16 sheetmetal screws to attach the frame to the tailgate. Yeah, he knows it's overkill, but he didn't want the possibility of having an accident.

Much of his time was spent on his front porch whittling down that MASSIVE 4x4 board to fit precisely into the ball mount receiver. Also note that he used a 14" piece of 1x4 to help distribute the load more evenly--"YOU CAN"T BE TOO SAFE, YOU KNOW!!". " It cost a little more, but you just can't be too safe when pulling a trailer of this magnitude !!".

Look out Utah, cause here he comes !!!!

Muddy Boots Club wrote:
Subject: Muddy Boots Malawi
Mate - some good boy fun, 10 of us got our Bikes and drove 300 KM down to the lake for the weekend, had a nice 60 Km race through river beds surrounded by villagers etc... Saturday afternoon we went rock jumping (no pics of the jump as all on video and too big to email - but trust me we jumped). Excuse the arsehole pic - but after henious summs of beer these ex-Zimbabweans go bezie mate. Stick it up, lets see some other boys weekends, P.s. the one lifting his arms in a fox t-shirt is a bloody Auzzie!!!
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freak boy wrote:
Subject: gday from newcastle
a local rugby league team in newcastle 'souths' had their madmonday the other week, they were kicked out of the pub over the road for acting like a bunch of cunts. (which they are, its a merewether club). interesting choice of costumes, finally proof that micropenises are common in the rugby league world. anyway its probably not orsm worthy but fuck it.
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paul nielsen wrote:
Subject: photo submission
hey mr. orsm. i liked the photos you had posted from canada. most of them were from banff, alberta. i used to go there a lot. now i'm in ontario, and take photographs of the area i am in, i use some to make greeting cards and thought you might want to see another part of the country. most of these are a short walk from where i live... canada really is a great place, i talk with immigrants from all over europe and they love it as well! keep up the good work.
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pepe wrote:
Subject: sleeping woman
hi everybody just want to say this panty it is so nice !!!!! and she most beautiful when she is sleeping. mama mia!!!!!!
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greg wrote:
Subject: speed on tweed
I took 'em. They're from Speed On Tweed.

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Feroze wrote:
Subject: After An Hour (Velocity)
Can't Believe Eish !!! The pictures u see were taken 1 hour after the Volkswagen VELOCITY was hijacked in PTA. These pics were taken in Mamelodi West D6.
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xxbwingxx wrote:
Subject: stuff for update...
Hey , fellow orsmite since before the mastercard law suit claim... bastards... Anyway I'm sending these pics to you hopin they're worthy of next weeks update, inspired by someone who sent you pics of a old yellow Porsche, driving through Colorado. Well, i guess you could say it made me appreciate some of my surroundings more since I've been a resident of Colorado over 20 yrs. Wish I would've took them myself but the pics are of my old turbo 85' 300Zx, I drove down to colo. springs to a place called Garden of the Gods. I'll get some better pics for ya soon, after the all the work gets done to her.
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Case wrote:
Subject: the drunk mexican from across the street!
So me and a couple of my college buddies moved into this house and across the street is a bunch of low budget apartments that is filled with mexicans. This one is special he had no job the only time he leaves his house is to ride is bike to the liquor store. That is a funny sight within it's self seeing a drunk mexican balancing a 24 pack with riding a bike fucking hilarious. Any ways this drunk bastard speaks no english but always comes over to our house when we are on the porch and just starts talking to us in spanish and many time we will find him in the morning passed in this nasty chair on his front porch.
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Ali wrote:
Subject: some random pics of Trent Bridge Cricket ground, UK
Took these recently... evidently England have lost enough at cricket recently (yeah, the Aussies may have helped with that...) that they've decided to demolish part of one of the Test Match grounds... hell of a site, keep on making Thursdays interesting, mate!
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Kerrod wrote:
Subject: Barcaldine Train Crash
No one ended up killed or injured, but all three of them were lucky to escape!
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: email
Hi Orsm, Just found your site for the first time and have attached some photo's of someone I know. Appreciate if you can keep all my details confidential. Thanks
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Daniel wrote:
Subject: car crash
Here are some pics of a mate's car after crashing it because he had to swerve for a suicidal pedestrian in the middle of the road. He ended up rolling it along a fence a few times narrowly avoiding flipping into a concrete creek and somehow landing back on it's wheels. He then managed to drive it with the front right wheel missing and the front left tyre gone about 3 klms before he decided to pull over and get help. You just have to feel sorry for the poor bugger because it was a great car.
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Blackie wrote:
Subject: What happens when a 6foot Roo Hits A Car
G'day ORSM hows it going mate been a huge fan ever since you've started, Here are a few photos that i took at 6.30 in the morning after i hit a 6 foot Roo at 100 clicks, lets just say 2 seconds later I would have been killed becuase the bugger hit me in the side and not the front. Total damage $4500 enjoy the pics
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: loud
Hey Mr Orsm... i sent in a video a while back now..... Here's the other one i promised. i think you'll agree she's very loud!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!...i did ;)
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Nigel wrote:
Subject: Dildo Wife
Dear Orsm, Thought you might like a recent video of my wife enjoying herself with a dildo. Sorry the video is a bit long but she didn't seem to want to stop and managed several orgasms, the best one being at the end (11min 50secs to be precise) with her squirting everywhere.
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stokamysta wrote:
Subject: bunbury speedway monster truck nite
Hey just always wanted to send you guys sumthink so heres a hg holden ute doing a orsm burnout love the site guys happy dayz
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Sam wrote:
Subject: VB Symphony
Heya Mr. Orsm, Long time reader, first time contributor. I luv ur site and I've been cheking it out every week since 2001. The international readers may not get as much of laugh out of this compared to the Aussie readers, but watching a real symphony orchestra play the VB theme song with nothing but VB bottles is fucking ORSM. Makes ya feel good to be an Aussie. Matter of fact, I got it now...
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: wife
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Sean wrote:
Subject: Hilarious Cup Chicks Reaction
A vid of my friends at university watching cup chicks. pretty funny
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mike wrote:
Subject: Nick Saban Song
I'd appreciate it if you would put this on your site for all the LSU Tiger fans around the world. Don't kow how many of them view your site but as we are spread out all over the world, I imagine it's quite a few. Thanks man! Happy Holidays! Geaux Tigers!
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Contribution
I have been reviewing an old book written in 1994 on Office Politics as I know the viewers of you site are a straight forward honest bunch I thought I would send you the first reviewed chapter on in-house personnel staff.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: The Great Fuel Gauge Debate - Solved
I have a pretty good solution to the saga of the fuel gauge symbol pointing in the direction of the tank filler flap - but first. These symbols are all International Standards and there could be some element of truth in what was suggested. The picture of a fuel pump / bowser means simply “fuel”, the picture of an arrow means “level” so when put together they mean “Fuel Level”. Now it may be that some car makers have chosen to direct the arrow to point to the side of the car with the filler. On my cars though the posters comments do not work so he was incorrect.

Back to the symbols and for some useless info - These symbols are on everything, take a look around, they are usually a combination of standard symbols that when combined mean a specific. In the image Brakes are defined by the brackets, what is inside the brackets relates to a particular part of the brakes. The oil can with an arrow (such as is on some fuel symbols) would mean oil level and so on.

NOW THE SOLUTION - Unless you are driving a truck just pull up to any side of the fuel pump because the hose will always reach any side of the car. I live in Perth so forgive me if some places fuel pumps wont cater for this but in Perth I can't recall it being an issue for many many years. Also saves you time at the servo as there are always mugs waiting to pull up only to the side the filler is on whilst they sit and leave spaces available because “it's the wrong side” boo hoo

Billy wrote:
Subject: Bob' spot
Hi Orsm. Love the site etc etc.The pics you put up of Robert Mugabe's residence was posted on another website and was described as Tokyo Sexwale's house. Tokyo Sexwale is an ex ANC cadre and spent time in Robben Island prison during the apartheid years and is now a very wealthy businessman here in South Africa mainly thanks to some very lucrative governement contracts from his mates in the ANC.There is also talks of him running for Presidency of the ANC which would mean president of South Africa. I reckon Mad Bob's place is even more grandiose than that anyway!!
Atombuzz wrote:
Subject: Cool Video
Hi Dude. Love the site, please check out this video that someone has made for one of our songs, the vid is a montage of pics, the song is on our album and site. hope you like it. Mention the band, but not us personally.
Megan wrote:
Subject: robbery in progress vid
That "robbery in progress" video isn't real (dunno if you know this, but it seemed to be posted as if it was real). It's an American Chevrolet commercial, but just from a different angle. The angle your vid uses makes it look much more real. here for the ad.

Eddie wrote:
Subject: The American husband
I really do try to help my wife around the house.  When I notice something amiss I point it out to her so that she can stop fiddling about and attend the matter. She seems to greatly appreciate this and is quick to respond and informs me as to where to go, or where to put it.  One some occasions she would sooner receive some affection such as "KISS MY A___!".  During the later she lovingly remembers my hearing loss and speaks fairly loudly.

?? -Orsm

PeterSavic wrote:
Subject: Sheep....explained
They're (note correct use of apostrophe) "Demara" sheep. I think they come from the Middle East or Africa, drought tolerant and don't require shearing.

If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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