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Private Escort...

<with held> wrote:
Subject: This woman would be kind of scary
Supposedly there is an English woman she doubles with called Cristal. One bloke tried them both together and ended up with his foot in one of the ladies vaginas.

Private Escort - March 2011 - Paris

I had to go back for seconds.

My 5 day punting and poker trip to Melbourne would not have been complete without a return re-match with Paris. I originally experienced Paris back in November last year, and that opened my eyes wide to a whole new world of fun, filth and debauchery.

I arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday, and I already had a confirmed overnight booking with Paris for that night. My investment for this night of guaranteed sexual athletics and boundary pushing was $1500.00, which, in my admittedly limited experience strikes me as incredible value.

I had learnt several valuable lessons from my first encounter with Paris…

Fill the fridge with Blueberry Cruisers.

Order heaps of extra towels from housekeeping.

Be well rested, an afternoon nap is good, but very hard to sleep when all you can think of is what's about to happen.

Have something to eat and plenty of energy drinks. (+/- Viagra to suit)

Have a plan, or a wish list….this will be one time when wishes come true…..

Paris arrived at the agreed time and we met in the bar. We enjoyed a cocktail before heading up to the room. Paris is checking out the view from the room when she spots a convenience store…….. "come on boy, we're going shopping".

Our purchases consisted of 2 bananas and a can of whipped cream. She even selected the "lite" version of the cream….told me she was thinking of my health.

Back to the room and we have a couple of drinks while we prepare for what is to come. I spread towels all over the bed whilst Paris unpacks her bag. Her laptop is plugged in and the porn starts playing….the animated clip of the furniture fucking was a hoot. Not people fucking on furniture, but pieces of furniture going at it…LOL…2 funny.

All the usual tools of her trade are spread out on the bed, and this time she also had handcuffs and a length of rope. And then she introduced me to "Stuart", her huge double-ended dildo. Now this thing is scary….it would be maybe 24" long and at least 3" in diameter. When I enquired what she intended doing with that thing, she gave me this wicked grin and said. "well, half of it is for me……." and left it at that!!

It's about now that I could go through a whole list of sexual acts, positions and methods of violating every conceivable body opening. Perhaps it's easier to list what was not on the menu, and that would be…..um….ummmm…not much!, except the fact that the penetrative sex was always covered, as it should be.

e.g. BBBJ+CIM+Swallow….licks lips…."ummmm…I'll have more of that."

Fisting her pussy and her arse….."C'Mon Boy, thought we were gunna push some boundaries!!"

The whole night became a bit of a blur of breaks for quick drinks and recovery, sticky, slippery toys everywhere and a never ending swapping of bodily fluids.

2 events will forever remain etched in my memory…

The first was the squirting. Paris is laying with her arse at the end of the bed and her feet either on the floor or on my shoulders as I kneel on the floor. I am using some of my best DATY skills on her, whilst at the same time losing my whole fist inside her sweet pussy. Her gentle purrs become short wimpering sounds, and then a short, sharp yelp as my fist is expelled from her, and this stream of female love-juice flies out of her, straight up over her face, drenching the pillows, with some of it hitting the bedhead!! This continues for several innings until Paris finally calls drinks. She laughs from beneath her drenched blonde hair, and says how she loves cumming and squirting, if only she could train it to stop hitting her in the eye.

The other sport that really made a HUGE impression was the bananas. Picture Paris in the same position as above. This time I am alternating between DATY and Rimming her, when she hands me the can of whipped cream and instructs me to fill both holes with cream and then lick it out. Being an obedient old fool, I proceed as instructed until I am almost sick from all the cream. She hands me a banana and tells me to peel it and then insert it….. I am obviously being too gentle and careful, as she soon grabs my wrist and pushes. The whole banana has disappeared into her pussy. She gives me the second one which is destined to join it's mate inside her. Then I am handed "Stuart", the dildo from hell, with instructions to get it inside her and mash the bananas….

After some coaching and encouragement, I am ramming half of "Stuart" deep inside Paris. She is rapidly building to a massive explosion, her pussy full of whipped cream, 2 bananas and about 12" of Dildo….. and then it happens….. a short sharp yelp and half a banana almost takes my eye out as it sails past my head and lands near the opposite wall!

To say that we made a mess would be an understatement. The bedspread was totally trashed and soaked in cream, cum and mashed banana. There wasn't a dry pillow to be found….and I was booked in to stay here for another 4 nights. I just hoped I would never come face to face with the housekeeping staff…. I did leave a very big tip on the table that morning to try and appease them.

Obviously a night with Paris is a very, very full-on experience. But, I will repeat what I said in my original review, in so much as Paris can also be a very caring, soft and sensual lady. Sex is a sport with Paris, but she is also quite capable of soft cuddles and kisses, intelligent conversation and a glimpse of the real lady behind the façade.

Everyone with a cock (and probably some without) and a heartbeat should enjoy the Paris experience at least once…I have been honoured to have had the pleasure twice now, and will do it again at the first opportunity.

p.s. Later that day Paris sent me a very funny text letting me know she was still flushing cream and bits of banana out of herself….ROFL

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