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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Honor Killings
Yo orsm. Well an avid visitor for a long long time..............Ramadhan just ended so back on line to check the updates...........hehehehehehhehehe

Well here it is. I know every one who enjoys your site and waits every thursday for the next update are People with a conscious and with the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. First of all let me assure you Islam as a religion never preaches death to other human beings the question of non Muslims set aside. The Quran categorically says and i qoute "Slaying of one human life is equivalent to the slaying of the whole humanity. And saving one life is equivalent to the saving the lives of the whole humanity".

Now in this teaching of the Quran there is no mention of color cast creed views or religion. It addresses to the whole humanity. This is what is a true teaching of Islam. And when you say that our Quran tells us to kill the non Muslims. Well my friends let me assure you there are certain conditions or strings so to speak to exercise that right.

1. Only commit murder when your life is endangered. (I believe every man made law and every religion allows that)
2. Only commit murder when your land is captured and you are ruled and by force are thrown out of your land. (isnt that what we call today and always have been calling PATRIOTISM HONOR GLORY)

If you will carefully and without any prejudice read the history of Islam, you would know that one of the major reasons that Islam was necessary to be brought upon human beings even back in the 6th Century AD was that arabs would bury their daughters or would throw them in dried wells so that they wont have to face the humiliation that some one would ask their hand in marriage.

So you see it is something cultural not ISLAMIC. On the other hand Islam was the first and the only religion that emphasized on the right of a girl or woman in to her fathers Heritage. And back then Islam was the only religion that made it mandatory for all the girls and women to study and learn education as it is mandatory for men.

Again back in the 6th century Islam was the only religion that allowed women to go out of their houses and look for work to live an independent and respectable life.

So my dears as you can see that it is not the fault of Islam but of those stupid ignorant fools who call themselves as Muslims. And please at the last i would really like you people to read Islam and dont turn your ears to the media who just feed you with what their perspective is. And by the way............... I hope you might have an answer to my this question

Why was the the TROJAN WAR fought.......................

It was a woman and the pride of man was tarnished when his woman, who was in love with Paris had left him.................... and a thousand ships sailed to Athena............... and the fortress was brought down........... and thousands murdered.......

What not and what not has been written on that event in the history so far.............. so please try to understand................. it is cultural not RELIGIOUS..........

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