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That Picture...

A few weeks back I posted a Photoshopped pic in the Random Shite section of an update. Admittedly the pic was pretty harsh and whilst I wasn't overly offended by it [I've seen way worse], it seems a few people were. I recieved the following email from Tim Baxter who was one of them people...

Tim Baxter wrote:
Subject: Why?
Fuck you for making fun out of this picture.... Tell me what is funny about someone starving to death as a photographer chronicles it like a wild-life film. C'mon you prick.... explain yourself.... what is funny about the picture above???????? This is a step below your satire "The Nigga Family Film" Great moves......... racism..... you can almost get away with that!!! ...... Revelling in a human being starving to death aint funny, it aint satirical and it sure as fuck shouldn't celebrated. Fuck you and fuck anyone who celebrates this sort of humour!

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Below is the second round of replies which follow the drubbing Mr Baxter copped last week...

D'Wayne Fien wrote:
Subject: HEY
been checkin' out your site for about 2 months now. Gotta say I love it. And about that picture with the skinny black kid, if you ask me they should stop handing out food and hand out condoms! (Can't feed em? don't breed em) by the way I'm in California USA not too far of a drive from Sacramento. And I'm not on the coast so it is fuckin hot. well anyway hope your back feels better, take it easy

Matt S wrote:
Subject: That pic and your CRAZY readers!!
Hey Orsm, I'm compelled to write regarding the emails (copied below) about the hungry "niggers". While I disagree with both Tim and Juicy's way of tackling this problem, I think the response "even though they're starving they don't seem to have any problem reproducing and perpetuating the cycle" is poorly informed; propaganda such as this can be devastating.

Firstly, at the end of WWII, it was decided to divide the world up into resources for Europe and the USA - the US got South America, while Europe got Africa (it's obviously a bit more coplicated than that). To this day, we continue to rape these lands for our own use. Therefore you'll find it is they that feed us, not the other way around.

(N.B. I believe that you are in/from Australia, and I understand that opinions on Aboriginals and blacks down under are varied, and on the whole racist. This could be the subject of another, longer email!)

Secondly, while these people are hungry, they do not have the time to sit down and philosophise. It is impossible to think while hungry (go a few days without food, then try and put a post on Orsm!). Also, human nature determines reproduction as the most basic survival instinct - i.e. these people have next to no choice for their actions.

I am completely pro free speech, and the web is the best place for that - post whatever you like, all I would suggest is that you invite informed debate on controversial subjects such as this, after all you reach a wide range of people, some of whom are eager for information but not so able to access it! (but then you're not a charity, so do what you want! ;o))

P.S. to Tim and Juicy: both of you, grow up. Read some books. I recommend Ebay and Amazon, I'm sure they can deliver even to the deep dark outback holes you call home.

ozi wrote:
First up ORSM great site and all the smoke blowing up the ass that goes with that. As for Tim "I am forced to look at this stuff" Baxter yeah its not everyones' cup of tea, but ORSM is not a WEB censored site. The niggas family, Dave Chapelle (the milk man), ran that skit on his own sketch show..... and you had to download 6 meg of it just so you could watch it and then bleat about it...so pull ya head in and piss off and get a life then go Whinge Whinge Whinge somewhere else, where someone gives a crap.

<with held>wrote:
Subject: starving children picture.
I'm sorry if this sounds bitter, but fuck these people for insisting to live where there is no fucking food. Sam Kinison had this shit figured out years ago before he died. If all these goody to shoos, money donating idiots would have spent their cash to move these starving dumbshits to where the food grows we wouldn't have world hunger. It's a fucking desert, food has never grown there, food does not grow there and food will never grow there. We have deserts in America, we just don't fucking live in them. Let them starve, maybe they will get the point.

Mbazdesertrat wrote:
Subject: hell ya
two mounths in a row you had two fuck holes talking how they hated the pic that you fucked with that had the nigger that was starving. i think its time that you had somebody talking about how great the pic is. i could list several reasons why it's a good pic. however their is only one good reasone. its called natural seection. this is a normal part ogf life but nobody
likes to talk about it. this is a normal part of life.

keep up the good work onm the site!!!. o and i always see alot of pussy sectoins on your web site were people say they dont want their web adress posted. well(azmbdesertrat.com) for the people that want to say different about what i think. NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF

tanahokate wrote:
Subject: response to Tim Baxter's quote!
Hey Sir Orsm! I am a really great fan of your site, love the content, and am always waiting for the updates. Might I salute you with the whole joke about making orsm.net a paysite....I was on the verge of crying!!! Anywayz, as Ijuicy1 stated, I am in full support of his statement to Tim Baxter's comments regarding the starving African photo. If you don't like the content, either don't look at it, or don't come the fuck back. No one makes you look at the shit on the site, you choose to look at it. So, when you see something you don't like, turn your fuckin head the other way. Or, be a man, be strong, and realize that, hey, shit like that happens around the world. DEAL WITH IT!! Keep up the good work Sir Orsm, mate!!! Your site is the bomb!!

Allan Baker wrote:
Dear Mr. ORSM. Just had a read of the mail from that FUCK WIT Baxter about the starving masses in Africa.. When was the last time that shit was in Africa..... Beleive me, it is about time, the blacks there got off their arses to do something for themselves instead of putting their hands out and blaming the rest of the world for their theft and corruption. Why dont the people there ask their own leaders to take some of their own funds from the extorted bank accounts they hold, to help their own people. I am from Africa, and with the grace of God, now live in Australia, where man is civilised, honest and true. Tell Baxter to go to Africa to help the poor or shut the FUCK up........

I think what we all need to keep in mind is that this shit is the internet and we should'nt take it all too seriously which very much includes this site!

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