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Let's Get Twisted...

Subject: Hawker 800XP....snap rolled 3-4 times!

I thought I’d share this one! Incredible that the pilot didn’t rip the wings or tail off this plane! The structures guys amongst you will understand from the pics but for the rest:

The guy who wrote this obviously has zero knowledge of aircraft structures - the plane is trash - those "ripples" are caused by diagonal tension due to the huge shear forces put into these fuselage panels as a result of the enormous torque produced by snap-rolling a plane that wasn't designed for aerobatics despite what the stupid mexican pilot thought! I doubt they can ever repair those "ripples" it is permanent deformation and would require a new fuselage pretty much. And it needs a new RH wing (according to the guy below) - since I (and a few of you on this list) did my apprenticeship at BAe Chester where these were originally built, I know the wing is a single span one-piece wing so you can't replace one side or the other, just the entire wing. Basically it's scrap and I'm surprised they are even wasting time checking it over and not stripping it for spares!

Great pictures though! I wonder what was going through the co-pilot’s mind at the time????

Ripples are 1-2 inches deep and they run almost the entire length of the plane on both sides. The fuse windows weren't level anymore when you stood back and looked at them. I heard it torqued so bad that the interior galley drawers and cabinets were jammed and wouldn't open. Don't know if that s true.
Different angle:
You can see the area just above the wing roots; they are rippled from leading edge to trailing edge. I can tell you, where the wings mate to the fuse, it’s like ripple city and the rivets/screws looked like they were riding on waves. In between each window, the same ripples as the other side.

STORY. This is what I was told by the people that were there when the plane rolled in. They are employees of the FBO and know the owner and everyone involved.

It came from Mexico back to FXE, the captain that flew it back was a licensed Mexican pilot, no FAA licenses or ratings. Captain was hired as a contract pilot just for this trip. The co-pilot was from here and he was also just used as a contract pilot to get the plane back here. When they got back to FXE where the owner was waiting, of course they flipped out as the plane rolled into parking. The captain or the co- pilot had no idea YET of the damage that was caused. When asked, "what the hell happened?" He apparently at some point said he made a hard landing. YET, the tires and gear were perfect. The FAA and insurance company had questioned them on what happened and they stuck to that story for 9 days. Finally, the co-pilot talked (good for him BTW). He said the Captain wanted to snap roll it...not aileron roll it....SNAP ROLL it like a Pitts. Fuel wing fuel too, moron. Supposedly it was done 3-4 times. By this time, when the co-pilot talked, the captain had gone back to Mexico. Not sure yet what the FAA is going to do with the co-pilot though. He'll probably get a pass, he was just flying with a scum bag captain. He should have smacked him in the mouth and took the controls. But, thats just me.

Its being fixed I guess and returning to service. I heard it was very low-time and only a few years old. Not sure on that. I certainly wouldn't fly it after seeingwhat I saw, no way. Maybe someone with more accurate or detailed info can chime in.

MORE TO THE STORY..............

New pictures and a story update.

Spoke with the mechanics working on it today. Still actually not sure if it will fly again, they are still tearing into it. Found out yesterday that the right wing is history, bent beyond repair. You can actually see it up close, where the aluminum is actually stretched and separating at some points.


They did roll it 4 times. What caused all the damage was when on the last two rolls, the pilot got scared and cranked the yoke back the other way to stop the roll and go back to upright. He got about halfway around and got scared and jerked it back real hard, that’s what twisted everything, instead of continuing the roll in the original direction. What’s funny is, he got scared on roll #3, then tried again and got scared again, so it was hardcore twisted two times.

This wing is trashed and the wing root is twisted.

Hard to see here in the pic, but it’s a very obvious wrinkle in the nose cone, right side. They haven't gotten to that part of the frame yet.

Left side was the worst. Windows may never be perfectly even.

The bottom of the tail cone area had a bend in it and some wrinkles. Empennage may be bent inside, still checking.

Engines were ok, pylons were ok, but a couple mounts are being replaced because of stress. They haven’t even checked the airframe around the windscreens yet, that could be the deal breaker.

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