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War Related...

Just sifting through my email inbox over the last week I found these that I received around the time the war on Iraq stated...

Stavrinos Kyriakou wrote:
Subject: War
In reading lots of letters and some of your opinions I concluded that most of the people here are supporting the war in Iraq.I decided to send this mail to give you another point of view.

First of all,thinking that this war is done for "peace" or "liberty" is naive,and people who think like this are fools.Do you expect the world to believe that Americans fight for "peace" and "liberty" by bombarding children and hospitals,and by destroying and killing innocent people?OK,and I suppose you don't want Iraq oil supplies,and you don't want to rebuilt Iraq with American companies,you just want to free them from the bad Saddam.Who do you think you are to invade countries whenever you want?Do you have the guts to invade China too??Or is it just countries you dissarm first.

Have you seen the pictures of YOUR soldiers die?Do you like it?I know it is comfortable for you to sit on your computer and talk about war,while watching porn.You never were bombarded,you never were attacked.Except this once (9/11) and still you whine about it and cry all the time,not thinking of the millions of people you killed over the years in Vietnam, Kossovo, Cambodia, Cyprus, Nagasaki, Hirosima etc.

You say Iraq people are terrorists,how can a person protecting his family,in his own country be a terrorist??Are you insane??Should you sit and let die if someone invaded your country?Becides,promoting the idea that anyone who believes in Islam is a terrorist pays no more.But the main problem of your people is that you insist fighting for nothing.You get killed for what???So that the rich persons of your country,get richer.You get nothing.You have nothing to fight for,your country is free and you have no near around enemies.The conclusion is you fight for Bush (who indeed is one of the dummiest people I have ever seen),is Bush worth to die for?

You talk too much,americans.You ignore europe and the rest of the world too much and for too long.And this is ending.And you feel it.But believe me,this war will built thousands of Bin Ladins,and the whole world will suffer.But mostly you.The time when,you will see your family killed and your friends lose arms and legs from Scuts and Patriots (and all the fucking guns you sell)is not far.And it will be worse than (9/11).Because a war takes months (as your president reckons),but 9/11 lasted 2 hours.

Verbal Uzi wrote:
Subject: Red Neck loser
Well what can I say; I am flabbergasted at the juvenile approach that you displayed on your page. Firstly before you accuse me of being a peace activist I am not, I actually support the war. But to suggest that there is a link between Saddam Hussein's regime and Al 'Qiada is just so far from the truth. The regime in Baghdad is secular, none religious, bathist. The closest you would get, is that it's a Stalinist regime. The ruling elite come from a Sunni back ground sworn enemies of the Shia (Osama's boys) The war is not about terrorism it is about the extension of western power (read American) over the void left by the collapse of the soviet union. The only Islamic terrorists in Iraq are in the northern no fly zone. An area controlled by the US for the last 12 years. It makes me laugh when I see such childish views. Do you really believe that Bush and his partners are really interested in the freedom of the Iraqi people? If they where why did they not intervene in all of the other places that have 'Evil' regimes? They are not interested because there is no financial benefit to doing it. That's why they only want to control the Oil. Well OK I'm for that we need it we are bigger than them and we will get it, but I'll not hide my selfish reasons behind some 'the cat ate my home work' type excuse.

And don't try quoting the fact that Saddam is some monster that has weapons of mass destruction and has invaded smaller weaker states and is only voted in because he manipulated the elections, sponsors terrorists in other countries and rips off his own people for personal gain, 'cause where I'm sitting this sounds just like George W Bush as well. No this is not about freedom for Iraq, it is about freedom for the west. It is about the extension of power and control of wealth. Yes you and I will benefit in a small way from this, we will have oil for another forty years, we will have all the plastic cups we can throw away but not one Iraqi will benefit from it. The country will become balkanised, factional fights will increase, children will continue to starve and people will die. That's the price they pay for our freedom to get McDonalds whenever we want. However if you don't like what I say and try to punch me on the nose I'll break your fucking arm and then tell you again whilst I kindly wait for the ambulance, it's the price you pay for freedom. So stop being such a total Red Neck loser and think with your mind not your balls.. Print this if you have any guts at all.

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