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Head Aches...

Below is some of the email sent in by you guys after I complained of nasty head aches. Thankyou very much to all of you! This is here so it may help anyone else who is suffering the occasional pain in the head. It should no way be taken as proper medical advice. ie. if you've got problems go see a doctor!

doc mayhem wrote:

As a fellow headache sufferer, I sympathize.

It sounds like you're getting some serious stress-induced headaches. Considering what I've read of your schedule, I'm not surprised.

First off, if you can get Excedrine Migraine tabs (or an equivalent), it's about the only over-the-counter medication in the USA that helps. I don't know what you can get over there, but the Excedrine is a mix of aspirin, acetominophen, and caffeine. If you can get phenobarbital, or Donatol, they do help in the short run.

Second, and I know this won't sound all that helpful at first, try to relax. Get one of those aromatherapy warmers for your neck, and an ice pack for your head. If your hands/ feet get cold when you get these headaches (a classic migraine symptom), warm them up (fuzzy slippers and a mug of tea can work wonders).

Third, and this is the kicker, learn to control your body's reaction to stress. I know from experience that this is far easier said than done, but the results are worth it. Find a copy of "The Quieting Reflex" by Charles Stroebel. Buy a mood ring (useless as fashion, but somewhat functional as a biofeedback training aid). Better yet, invest in a GSR monitor. Get some biofeedback relaxation training tapes and use them at night as you go to sleep.

If you would like me to expand on any of this, drop me a line.



Ernie Jenkins wrote:

You really ought to go and see an Occupational Therapist (or whatever they’re called in Oz) about it. I had the same kind of thing going on (plus a numb pinkie finger), and my Mother-in-law, who’s is an OT, showed me some stretches to relieve the pressure on the nerves in my neck and shoulder (which was causing the numb finger). Despite the fact that I’m a cynic by nature, I tried them, and they work!

Just my .02


Patrick Duflo wrote:


just ran across this this a.m. after perusing orsm.net

thought you might be interested if all else fails


mark merrill wrote:


What up from the US!

Okay here's the straight poop on your headaches. If you have neck pain that causes your headaches, it's likely neuro-muscular. There are bundles of nerves that travel up up neck, into your skull. They enter right behind the ear.

These bundles will sometimes get twisted, thus stopping or slowing the flow of pain info the your brain. The kink, if you will, causes the shoulder, neck and head to hurt. I'm guessing your headaches are in the front of your head, right behind your eye, causing migraine-like symptoms.

No, I'm not a Doctor, but a cyclist who destroyed my left shoulder in an accident. I have a bundle in my neck that has turned 180 degrees upon itself and causes severe headaches. When I feel a headaches coming, I go to the masseuse or the chiro. If I get one at night, the heating pad works well. The heat to the neck increases bloodflow to the affected area, thus dulling the pain. I also bought a vibrating massager (no! not that kind you sick bastard!) These two things help greatly when the pain comes. A scalding hot shower sometimes does the trick too!

I'm sure you have someone in your vast numbers of viewers that lives close and can rub out the pain in your neck.

The last resort is a couple of painkillers and some sleep in a very dark room.

Hope this helps! Your site kicks ass!



Russ wrote:

Mr orsm,

So you get the headaches, eh! Me too! The best advice of course, is to see a competent chiropracter. I say competent because I don't know about Australia, but here (Canada) you hang out a shingle........and you're a chiropracter! Worked for me! (Not the shingle, the chiropracter!)

I did get temporary relief however, by rolling my head around 360 degrees as far as my neck would stretch. Assuming of course, that that's your problem. I'm about to enrol for the newsletter. I know I'm already a member 'cause I've recieved them in the past, but I can't remember whether I gave you my new e-mail address. (Must be the headaches!)

So if I'm duplicating effort for you, sentence me to eternal damnation and servitude, but please don't blacklist me.....or I'll get a headache.

Russ the Keswickian (pronounced "KesWickian.")


Simo porter wrote:

G'day mate,

My Girlfriend suffers from a similar problem. She goes to an osteopath every now and again to loosen the muscle. If you don't want to do that, there are a few things you could try to loosen the muscles.

First things first, you could try and look at what causes the problems. Prevention is better than a cure. Ideas could be a poor pillow. Perhaps getting a new pillow might help, such as a feather pillow?

Anyhow, you can try some neck stretchs. Now, you need to sit or stand straight up to do this. You basically put your hand upon the back of your head, and pull your head down towards your feet. This will stretch
the back of your neck. You can also slowly pull your head to the left or right to stretch the left and right sides of your neck. (Hope you can understand this)...

Make sure you don't pull too hard, or you could do some damage. The rule of thumb is to stretch so it's not painful. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds, take a break, then repeat a few more times with breaks in

There are other exercises that one can do...might be a little hard to describe..

Hope this helps,


Virginia G wrote:

Hey Master!

Sorry to hear that you're a sufferer of the killer headaches! So is my husband, so I empathise - I clear the kids out whilst he darkens the room completely, takes either 2 x Nurophens or 1x Mersyndol and sleeps it off for 2-4 hours then zombies around for the remainder of what's left of the day.

Anyway, here we go with my suggestions: Chocolate, oranges, and orange juice are usually the culprits and you might try avoiding them on an empty stomach.

Sorry, buddy, I know you didn't wanna hear it, but posture could be the problem too. I used to sit on a normal typist chair and caused my 4th and 5th vertebre to slip out of alighment. I now use (and swear by) the Swiss Ball, or Gym ball - you can't slouch on it! Worth a try, and you can use it for Abs work!

Good luck Master!


Paul McCarragher wrote:


I suffered from migrane headaches for about 10 years and tried everything from anipulation/acupuncture/rescue remedy and conventional medicine with a pill for everything and none of them helped. I finally found an organisation that sent me a list of foods etc that can trigger headaches so I decided to give them a go as I had nothing to lose. I started at the "As" and then the "Bs" and when i got to Bananas found that removing them from my diet got rid of the headaches. I have been 12 years headache free and it didn't cost anything except I loved bananas. I cant remember the name of the group but if you look on the net you may find them ,I think they were the Migrane Foundation or something like that.

All the best, Paul


deb wrote:

Hm well I used to get heaps of headaches due to my shoulder and neck muscles always hurting. I have to crack my neck every now and them to stop the aches.

I did go to the chiro a few times and it’s like $35 a session but it’s mad! They massage u and then apply heat to the area, I usually fall asleep during the hour.

Panadol doesn’t work for the aches because it’s caused by muscular tension so I suggest Nurofen, that works the best, I’ve been taking that instead of Panadol and it works much better because it’s for aches and pain.

So try buy them and see.. I’ve got a killer headache at the moment and also my shoulder kills but I’ve ran out of them. =/


Pete Smith wrote:

Sorry to hear about your pain. I had the same problem recently. (Stress related. Too much to do and no time to do it.)

The only thing I can suggest is a trip to an Osteopath. This person will knead the muscles to relax them and then re-align the spine if necessary.

Two visits fixed my headaches.
Pete Smith


ninjato wrote:

G'Day Mr Orsm,

Firstly thanks 4 the orsm website mate.. its a pearl'a. Secondly.. I used to get the headaches also.. 2 reasons for them.. your sitting to close to the computer and when u stand up ya banging ya head on the monitor.. Fix .. move back further from the desk :).. Secondly.. and the one I think it might be from (as it fixed mine) glasses.. I now have to have reading glasses when on the P.C.. didnt notice the eye sight failing but got VERY bad headaches.. get ya eyes checked.. cant hurt.. Anyways Thanks 4 the orsm site again and good luck with the head aches.. Ninj


dennisanddebbie wrote:

drink one slab of Fosters per day and it will keep the doctor away. good luck with this remedy , it works for me...lol



Mr. Orsm

I don't know if this will help but it's worked for me about 70% of the time when I get headaches. There are pressure points between your thumb and first finger and if you massage the knot found inside there gently for about five minutes it well quickly get rid of the pain. Again sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't I hope that it works for you.



Kristen Kubat wrote:

Hi - I am a massage therapist and could give you some headache help. What are you eating? sometimes diet can trigger headaches... Do you smoke etc.? I need more details as to what they symptoms are and what might be the trigger. If it is stress related you can put pressure on the muscles at the base of your skull and neck. These muscles often get tight and can be the cause of headaches. Also try to see if either a cold or warm compress helps. If you can give me more info, I may have some other ideas.

- Kristen


Brian wrote:



neil kramer wrote:

you need to try a head sling, a traction device you sit in a chair and pull up on your head with a minimal amount of presser and relax. You have to have your feet on the floor and your arms resting, you have to relax your whole body. In about 15 min. you will get into a kind of state you will like. You know if it works, when you get up you will have that warm sensation in your neck and shoulders. I call it hanging my self. But I haven't been to the cyropractor since I started doing it. I made my own sling out of a bath robe belt. It puts a lot of pressure on your jaw but you just don't think about it. try it it works!

thanks Neil Kramer


Gary wrote:

Mr. Orsm,

I am a big fan of your site, so I am going to offer you my solution to your headache troubles. I am a pharmacist here in New York, and I was diagnosed with "cluster headaches" a few years ago. Basically, I get a head crushing headache at around the same time every day for 2-3 weeks straight, then they just stop. But in general, my miracle headache cure is the product Excedrin Migraine. I am not sure if you have that product over there, but if not, look in your pharmacy in the pain medication area for a product that has the following in each tablet....
Acetaminophen 250mg
Aspirin 250mg
Caffeine 65mg

I swear by the product as do other that have tried it, so give it a shot if you can find it! It usually kills the headache pain in 30-45min.




Headaches can be nasty little or big bastards. Possible causes:
1) stress
2) dietary intake -- certain foods & unknown food allergies could be a culprit.
3) these could be migraine headaches, again traceable to food -- lack of it, or allergies to certain foods.
4) being tired by overextending oneself.
5) some mental health treatment providers think depression might result in headaches.
6) your body and mind might be telling you something about alcohol intake.
7) some folks believe it's because there is too much blood flow to and in the brain. One should concentrate on making their fingers and hands warm, to have some of the blood leave the brain. (it is possible to do that, I've tried it myself and it works.)


Richard Cartwright wrote:


I used to get aura and non-aura migraines (that's with and without pretty flashing lights). I've had a couple that knocked me down for two days - couldn't eat sleep or cry. Not fun. The best thing for that, and standard headaches, that I found was an accu-pressure type thing.

Put your left hand out in front of you, palms down fingers splayed. Between the thumb and the index finger, there's a piece of skin that is loose. You need to squeeze the spot about half an inch in from that skin. Squeeze it using your right thumb and index finger (thumb on top, index finger underneath on the palm. Squeeze it until it hurts a little, hold for a second and release. Repeat thirty times.

Nice site, keep up the good work :D

Hope that helps.
Have a good day.

P.S. If you do happen for some reason to include this on the site (why you'd want to i can't imagine) please don't post my email. I get enough email from nutty people already thinking that I am Rebecca Cartwright (from Home & Away). Would you believe some people have actually had a row with me because I shouldn't have "her" email address. The fact I've had this addy for about five years means nothing to them! Some people.


j b wrote:




Chad Gray wrote:

Hang in there. If nothing else.. I had killer headaches. I went to the chiro.. did work for a bit.. but the big issue was blood pressure. If nothing else, stop by the local fire dept. and check your blood pressure just to see if its ok.. if nothing else.. its free. Good luck and great site... I really enjoy it


Tim Villa wrote:

Drink more water! Simple.

Oh, and get your eyes checked - it could be eyestrain. Try some eye exercises where you look to the extremities of your vision without moving your head (think: a hot Sunday morning at Cottesloe Beach and your sunnies are hiding your eyes but you're trying to conceal where you're looking).

Or it could be a tumour ;-)


Rush wrote:

For some temporary relief from headaches, massage the thick part of the web between your thumb and fore finger, down near you wrist. If you find a point that is sore, that is the part to rub. Don't know why it works but it gives me 15 minutes to a half hour of relief from tension headaches.


holden beach wrote:

I know it sounds stupid but a lot of severe headaches are caused by dehydration. Just drink twice as much water and see if this helps ya any. Good luck.


Ian Phipps wrote:

Hi there,

a lot of people get headaches due to dehydration and 90% of us are dehydrated. We're 72% made of the stuff after all. You need to be drinking 8-10 biggish glasses of water a day (beer doesn't count strangely) and that may help to reduce the headaches - it worked for my daughters and myself.

Hope life improves... keep up the good work


Daniel wrote:

Have a very hot shower, running the water all over your neck and shoulders. Periodically turn the water to cold and let it run all over your head.

The best drug to take is Mersondyol (sp?), not the day strength ones though, these ones (at least here in Adelaide) you can get over the counter at a chemist, they ask you for your name and address. They are made for tension headaches and will get rid of the pain. Take them with a hot coffee or tea, it makes them work faster.

Lots of neck stretching, particulary whilst sitting in front of the computer.

Ideally the only way you really are going to get rid of them is to go to a physio, but try these suggestions first! Good luck!!


brent wrote:

Consider the presence of MSG in almost all processed foods, from ketchup to the common cerials to any kind of microwave food. MSG can cause severe headaches. Aspertame or artificial sweeteners also have given some folks problems, and some say that is a potent poison etc etc. MSG is hidden as 'spices' or flavor enhancer etc.

Bad air, a hole in muffler system on your car can be subtle and build up till the carbon monoxide is saturating your system, leaving a persitent headache, grouchyness and low performance. and the most nasty possibility: Lime disease, a low level headache in the neck or lower skull, aches in back, shoulders hips all may be Limes....cured with tetracycline, if ya have this a dose of tetra eases headache when asprinin etc does nothing. also furnace problem which is carbon monox again and very bad cause ya could [not] wake up dead. check out some of these......I've been there myself and all these were problems over the years. good luck brent


rackman wrote:

Best prescription drug at the Moment is called "Anaprox" works well, no side effects, but you do need a script it costs about $15-00 a box -- highly recommended.

Godd luck really enjoy your work, thanks for all the effort.


Bobby Ward wrote:

Hey Mr Orsm

I have the exact same thing wrong with my neck and shoulders as you described. My dad is retired, but he and my uncle are into this company over here in the states called Melaleuca Inc. It is products (toothpaste, cleaning products, medicine, etc.) made from the oil of the Melaleuca tree. I have heard (don't know how true) that it is trees you guys don't like and try to get rid of. I read it in National Geographics or somewhere. Anyway, one of the products is called Pain-a-trate. Man I tell you, it is the ONLY thing, that works on me. (pain pills, muscle relaxers nothing else works) Once it starts working, even the headaches go away. If you have that product over there, give it a try.

Later Bobby


Rod Babel wrote:

I know you said you cant be fucked with a masseuse, but I think that is your best course of action. Make sure it is a qualified and accredited masseur, not some hack who did a shitty 10 hour swedish massage course and thinks their the shit. Look for someone who has a diploma in health science (massage). You may find you will only need 2 or 3 treatments, and they will clear up. This will prob set you back about 40-50 dollars a session, but will do you wonders. I should know my old mans a masseur, but we are probably a bit out of your way being from out Midland way.

If you really don't want to go to a professional, then try stretching from side to side GENTLY, while in the shower do some cross fibre massage on your self over your traps (the muscle running from the back of your head to the top of your shoulder). Just rub back and forward over it. Also get your self a hot/cold wheat bag. These things are great. Pop them in the microwave for 3 min, and rest it over your neck and back and have a lay down. This will increase the blood flow to the area, and you should try to stretch the muscles some how once you get some heat into it.

And do something to relieve your stress levels, as most people carry there stress in the neck!!! Any thing from going out and getting some fresh air and exercise, to relaxing with your friends with a beer.


Mr David Short wrote:

you might want to go to the doctor. I had some severe headaches, turned out I had high blood pressure and it had been going on so long that it caused kidney damage. I now have kidney disease and will need a
transplant in the future. I'm 25.


Jamie Falzon wrote:

There is an acupressure point between the base of your thumb and first finger. Like just behind the web between your thumb and that finger. It is supposed to relate to pain in your head. I have found it an effective drug free method of pain relief from headaches. You just squeeze it steadily with the thumb and first finger of your other hand. Make the pressure fairly firn and steady.

Might work for you too.

Also could be dehydration. Get some water into you big time and see if it makes a diff


Lawrence Ellul wrote:

Since i am a pharmacist I encounter such problems quite often. I recommend you take Syndol... they work fine for headaches related to neck mucles


Kris wrote:

Might be worthwhile having your eyes checked.

I have 20/20 vision , however , occasionally after coding for 3 or 4 hours I sometimes develop migranes an hour or two later.

I went to the optometrist & it was explained to me that my eyes flip images around the wrong way.The brain must re-flip then & thus has to work twice as hard. Focusing for 3 or 4 hours is equivelent to focusing for say 8. The brain gets overworked , swells , & migranes develop etc etc..

I wear glasses now when coding or reading for extended periods & have not had a migrane for 12 months.

Just a thought anyway.

Best of luck,



Kevin wrote:

love your site!!

If your headaches are mostly caused form neck and shoulder pain, you can place a cold wet rag on your neck keep it cold! this prevents swelling of the muscle which constricts the blood flow to your brain. also a vibrator on those sore muscles wouldn't hurt, but don't over do it....too much is worse than none.

hope this helps,


Thomas wrote:

I know you said you suspect its muscular, but this might work:

When I am hung over I have a Dairy Queen Mister Misty in large or medium. (a giant slush drink) Drink it as fast as you can. What results is "brain-freeze" also called an ice cream headache. When the brain freeze is gone so's your headache.

It works for three reasons; Sugar, quick nutrition. Re-hydration. The reason you got tipsy is that you have mildly poisoned yourself with alcohol and some remains in your brain. When you induce brain freeze, your body rushes to replace that nasty cold blood ---- (chilled when the blood passed through the cartoid artery close to the esophagus which is acting like a radiator) ----with newer warmer blood which also happens to have less toxins.

Viola, you been flushed.

Getting laid works better.


RAJ BAJ wrote:

This one always works for me-
Smoke a bowl (or 2 or 3...)
and take a nap.


Annette wrote:

Hey, I myself suffer from neck generated headaches. It has to do with tension...doesn't mean you are tense either, though it makes ME tense. First of all...a physical therapist DOES help but takes a lot of time. You need a tens unit. It sends little zaps of electricity through selected sites on your body. I do my upper and lower shoulders. I use it an hour at a time. It combined with either strong capsacin cream or something called flexal pain relieving gel have helped me a lot. The capsacin is strong by the way. I urge rubber gloves in applying either. and no heat afterwards...you will burn yourself. you can also research pressure points. you have two running down each side of your neck and back among other spots. if you don't have someone else in your life to activate them.... get a couple of tennis balls..lie on the floor..and place them at the points you need to activate. you have one on the back of your head on each side. Approximately two inches in from your ears ... it will probably feel sore and achy when you press it. Press deeper and hold until the ache starts to fade...that gives you some short term relief. But the zapper... (tens unit) is going to be the long term help. Unless you get a breast reduction! I suspect that is out of the question in your case! you might also do some stretches a few times a day. pretend you are going to do push ups, only do them against a corner with one hand on each wall...this will stretch your shoulder muscles. my therapist has me do that ten times each. also grasp your head right side with the left hand..and pull it sideways towards your opposite shoulder. Do that ten times each? Slowly. As far down as possible. It should hurt but not so bad you can;t do it.


Rdruner9 wrote:

Drink more water, Give up artificial sweeteners.

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