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How To Be A Statistic...

Tom wrote:
Subject: How to be a statistic. by Tom
Step 1: Buy a motorcycle
Step 2: Brave Los Angeles traffic everyday (rain or shine) (5670 miles since Dec.)
Step 3: Participate in a fiery accident on the damn 10 freeway
Step 4: (Removed for instructional purposes) Die.

It is very ironic that just yesterday I was telling Kris and Chris that we have enough riders to actually have a statistic. 1 in 5 riders crash. This worried me sooo much that I decided (err.. rather a little red car decided) it should be me. I wear the gear. I think I am tough. I should be the one who crashes first.

So I did it... Today. =)

Basically this happened after a car merged into my lane and bounced me over a median and into merged traffic. After realizing the bike was not recoverable, I bailed off and ended up sliding across the freeway on my side and back.

Luckily, other than the initial impact, I really managed to avoid hitting (or be hit by) anything else. Why the bike burned to the ground I still have no idea. We think that maybe the fuel lines broke when the bike bottomed out going over the curb. It took the Los Angeles Fire Dept. about 15-20 minutes to get there to put the bike out. That’s when I starting thinking nobody was going to believe this and realized I should document it this time with the camera phone.

Basically I would like to first thank God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, and Ganesha (did I forget any?) for helping me get through this alive.

Although the whole thing only took maybe a second... I had plenty of time to see, review, and analyze everything I was doing and that was happening to me.

So let me introduce you to my bike.

(As it was brand new...)

And this is my bike moment after I had been thrown to the pavement.

Please admire the concerned citizens of Los Angeles who just drove by the burning wreckage. Additionally, did I mention this isn't the first motor vehicle I lost to a fire. I had honestly thought standing there watching my vehicle burn to the ground would only happen once in my life... well, at least I had a camera phone to remember it better.

I have attached more pictures, but without marshmallows this pictures have no flavor.

Here is my bike now... (parts are in no specific order.) =\

And finally, my tally of injurys...

Bruised legs.. no those came from paintball.
Bruised hip... check.
Singed hair on left hand... check
Jammed left thumb... check
Road rash on right forearm...


Believe it or not that is the extent of my injuries. BUY YOUR GEAR! You guys know who I am talking about. BUY YOUR GEAR!

Analysis... even good riders fall hard. It isn't always rider stupidity. Gear saves lives. Wear it always! I wrecked the motorcycle at 50 MPH, burst into flames and slid across the pavement... and I received less injuries than John Faith wiping out on a mountain bike. Go figure. =\

Long story short... I am ok. =) Could have been worse... Hell, my day could have been much better... but it could have been much worse.

Only question now is what type of bike am I going to get to replace it? =) (My Mom always said I would never learn...)

Well, I am off to buy some lottery tickets... =)

I think I am going to change my name to MySpaceSurvivor now...

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