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Kid For Kor...

Erik Powell wrote:
Subject: Response to kidfromkor

In Response to kidfromkor:

I agree that its pretty shitty that two little girls got run over by an armored vehicle. But, before you pass judgement on the United States as a whole, remember why those US soldiers are in Korea in the first place. 27,704 US soldiers, including some of my own relatives, died fighting communist Chinese and North Korean forces for democracy in South Korea. I guess thats "what a fucking country US is"

nathaniel wrote:
Subject: (No subject)

Kidfromko wrote about the death of two Korean girls and the subsequent acquittal of two American soldiers. I feel as if I should comment on this, and I have a right to as an American currently living in Korea who has got a knife pulled on me as result of this incident even though I am not even a soldier, just an American. I do not know the full details of the situation nor does the email writer. I will say driving a large tracked vehical is not like driving a car, your vision is obscured and in this case the radio was broken so the commander could not warn the driver. it may have been the soldiers fault I do not know. I do know the law does not state whenever a US soldier commits a crime they are not accountable. They are not accountable to the Korean justice system when, as in this case, they committed a crime while on duty. They still were subject to a court martial even though an initial investigation ruled there wasn't enough evidence to hold one. This court martial found them innocent, and I actually respect this process as it relates to things that happen in non war time situations. I am not saying it doesn't suck that two young girls ended up dead, it does and apologies have been made. Not that makes things right, but even so.

My big problem is Koreans complaining endless, it many situations not just this one, about American soldiers, who I admit from experience here many of whom are assholes, who are defending there country. If theygovernmenternement really had a problem with them they could demand they leave. They are not doing this instead they are using it for election propaganda about how they would reform the proceexpelt expell the soldiers. I would also like to ask the author how many Korean men have raped Korean women and gotten away with it, many more than American soldiers. Again I don't want anydistracts to dtheact from teh fact that two girls died and that sucks.

slpywzl wrote:
subject: dead korean girls

Mr. Orsm,

Although I do not know the details of what happened in that unfortunate accident, I'm sure there were mitigating circumstances involved (i.e. a closed training area that the girls were not supposed to be in etc.) I cannot and I'm sure the US military officials do not condone killing innocent people, it is something that is taken extremely seriously and after thoroughly investigating it, the incident was found to be just a horrible accident with no malicious intent. Over 58,000 US military personnel died in their defense during the Korean War and the US has contributed billions of dollars to their economy to help make them the great nation they are now. With North Korea having over 1.4 million troops within 30Km of the DMZ and North Korea just declaring they have nuclear weapons, I hope they understand that US forces are willing to die again to defend their nation. I know we have our faults, as any cultures do, but we do mean well. Thank you. I love your site.

Patrick E.

Larry wrote:
Subject: in ref of the Korean School Girls killed.

I would like to say how sorry I am to the families of the girls that were killed in a terrible accident. But accident it was. If these soldiers had done this on purpose I would be all for punishment, but this was a accident. The United States is often viewed in a evil light. It is USA that keeps that country in a democratic and free state that allows for people like kidforkor to express their opinions. I wonder if this had been a Korean who had a accident killing these poor girls would it had been viewed in the same light? My father did 2 tours in Korea, one of them during wartime, he fought not only for the USA but also for Korean freedom, My brother also served in Korea while he was in the Military. I like this site, please don't turn it into a USA bashing site.

Masknfinz wrote:
Subject: Response to Kidfromkor

Apparently you are a kid ... you know nothing about US military equipment and weapons nor do you know anything about military Law and international law. The US military is not in a campaign to commit crimes and go unpunished...but your very narrow mind accents your very narrow eyes.

The US military and its personnel provide a presence that keeps the North Korean communist off your ass. Be thankful they are there dumb ass.

Now, this is a most unfortunate accident and should not go unnoticed ...a tank/armored personnel carrier has limited vision.. and although the troops driving are trained it can be easy to lose track of object close to the tank due to the fact that your looking out of an envelope size window.

so no, a tank does not travel fast but can be difficult to navigate ... have you ever driven one???

As far as law goes the US military tries its personnel under what is known as the UCMJ (uniformed code of military justice) and in most cases provides for incarceration and trial by a military board.

all of the contents of law as it relates to US personnel is agreed to by the South Korean goverment.. and in rare cases a US military member can be tried by a civilian court.

So listen Dumb ass ... don't jump to conclusions till you educate yourself and be thankful that your ass wasn't under that tank. and be more thankful that the US military is there because without them your ass would be communist by now.

Try being a little more appreciative.

Aragorn Strider wrote:
Subject: Anti-yank

For the site, and for the 'kidfromkor'
The pic. appeared in one of our local papers.


click to enlarge

mike wrote:
Subject: american reply to korean rant and pics

In response to the "kidfromkor" rant: as an american, I feel compelled to say something. There are plenty of things of which you can critize the US, and a rant where you present your case logically would be accepted, but when you hear a tank coming down the road, get the fuck out of the way!

from sluglicker

Bobby Ward wrote:
Subject: Fwd Please

Mr Orsm,
Please forward to the little Korean bastard that likes to badmouth the only probable friend his country has:

Dear Mr Asswipe,
The next time there are a half million or so Chinese about to overrun your country and turn you into Bok choi, Please accept this advice: Stick your head up your ass and Fuck yourself with it while yelling for some other "friend" country to come save your whiney ass.

Over 300,000 brave American, British, Australian and other Nationalities died keeping you free, you ungrateful fuck. I, as an American, am truly sorry that any child is killed, but we cannot allow our troops to be tried in a country we are there to protect. The reasons, if you will stop to think, are obvious. America is NOT perfect. But by God we try to help those who can not help thereselves. ( Good or Bad, as this may be a matter of personal opinion ) It is the ungrateful assholes like you, that make Any death unfortunate. I am sure the many millions of Koreans we aided would not share your view. But, as I said, we are not perfect and we should punish any soldier who harms any child.

MJ wrote:
Subject: In response to kidfromkor's crap

Replying to kidfromkor:

Being in the U.S. military and having lived in Seoul for 3 1/2 years, I have the following observations to report to you, dumb ass:

1. That fucking tank's not moving at 60 kph is right. Guess they should have moved. It's sort of like the dude getting run over in Austin Powers with the 2kph steamroller, eh?

Koreans should remember that there is an agreement between the two countries regarding jurisdiction and due process and this was what was followed. It's terrible they were killed, but accidents do happen.

They should also remember to look both way when crossing the street and to walk against traffic and not with it.

2. As for "hundreds of cases where US soldier raped a Korean woman and just be sent back to the US without any punishment"? Here's a typical Korean "rape" case for you, G.I. goes to bar, gets his wallet (and pecker) vacuumed by a professional Korean "hostess" and then won't pony up more when told the cognac he bought the bitch run $200 a piece instead of the advertised $20 and the word "rape" gets thrown about to the local press.

There are cases of abuse, rape, and other violent crime by U.S. service members in Korea, however, these are blown way out of proportion and no statistics are ever presented by protesters comparing the crime rates among U.S. personnel with local crime rates.

3. Anyone who has ever driven in the traffic hell that is Korea can bear witness to the hundreds of accidents that occur daily. They even have digital signposts giving the number of deaths and injuries for the past 24 hours (or the entire weekend for the case of holidays). It is a dangerous place to be a pedestrian, motorcyclist, bridge user or department store shopper. (Do a search on Sungsoo Bridge Korea Collapse or Sampoong Department Store Korea Collapse.)

4. Oh yeah, my point...fuck off. My guess is you lost your honey to some G.I. when she got a taste of "Western Culture". After all, how do you think I got my wife?

Mike Schmidt wrote:
Subject: armored vehicle incident

I'm writing to reply to kidfromkor's comments and pictures about the Korean girls who were run over by a US Army armored vehicle. It was a tragic accident that this occured but it was not the fault of the driver of the vehicle nor the commander of the vehicle. They were not tried in a US court as kidfromkor claims, they were tried in a military court and found not responsible for the accident. They are US servicemen and therefore fall under the Code of Military Justice, not Korean laws. In addition, the girls were not run over on purpose as is implied, the driver is on the left side of the vehicle and his view was obstructed by the vehicle and could not see the girls. The commander of the vehicle was supposed to be his "eyes" on the right side but the radio the two use to communicate was not functioning properly and the commander was unable to warn the driver of the two girls along the road.

It was a horribly unfortunate accident that occured and the United States has apologized. I'd like to remind kidfromkor that it is the United States military that is protecting his nation from 800,000 North Koreans storming across the DMZ. Perhaps if he joined his country's military and convinced his friends to do as well, the US would not need to keep 20,000 Army soldiers in South Korea away from their homes and families.

The Pennsylvania State University Army ROTC

<Anon> wrote:
Subject: Korean Girls

Hey Orsm,

Just a quick point about the pics of the two Korean girls dead on the side of the road. While I agree with the guy that who ever did that should be punished there is no evidence what so ever as to what they were killed byin those pics. Now I am not claiming to be an expert here nor am I a supporter of any military but from what I know from the good old discovery channel, an American tank weighs about 60 metric tons. As bad as they look, those bodies do not look like something that got run over by a vehicle weighing 60T. Secondly had it just hit and not actually run them over how do you explain the rips etc. that look more like they were run over. What it looks like to me is some guy trying to advance his own political views through home made propaganda.


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