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Email Overflow...

Overflow is back! I've had to resort to creating Overflow to find a home for some of the email that you guy's send me that's far too good to go unseen but wont all fit on the main page of the site. It's well worth the read too! Check it...

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David Stearns wrote:
Subject: A graph I found on an intenet website about the governments financial progress.
This First graph is one I found on the Internet. The graph that shows deficit information is correct for the most part. Some editing makes it look like as soon as a President has been elected things go down hill or uphill.

Here is the rest of the graph from the www.cbo.gov website is below. The thing that most people do not realize or pay attention to is that when the President and or Congress passes a bill or law the changes are not always immediate. Is there really anyone who believes within a couple of months in office that the President could make enough changes that financial chaos happens?!? I do not myself. I believe what really is happening is because of the previous administration. Most people don't believe this of course. Think about it this way, there is a change to a law or a bill: what has to happen to get this change in effect? TIME!!!!

You will not see instant results within a day or two, probably a month or even more!!!! Now you have to wait and see the results.Companies change policies all the time to make more money but if they change the policy daily,weekly, or monthly there would not be enough time to see any results. Now in government it is going to take a lot more time to see fiscal results because of the mass amounts of money and paperwork that passes hands everyday.

Now look at the chart in this fashion. JFK and Johnson kept things pretty stable. Now Nixon made some changes and what happens as soon as he is GONE and HIS changes start effecting everyone? Those changes Nixon made are causing havoc with the Ford administration. Ford made his changes and as soon as he was out of office things started getting BETTER! Carter takes over and things were rocky for a while and during his administration more things were changed and as soon as Carter left office and his changes took effect things went downhill again!!!

Regan did what he could with his up and down hill battle and did what he could and things did not improve and things went downhill. Bush Sr. took over in a downhill slump. His changes apparently made a difference . As soon as Bush Sr. run in office was about over there was a increase!!!!!!. I myself was not a Clinton supporter (Perot) but I do realize that Clinton was running with the changes Bush Sr. had made. If you're car is running flawlessly It doesn't have to go in for repairs does it? I do not remember any policies that Clinton had made to make such an economic impact on this country.

So now we are near the END of Clinton's run and what do we see......the downhill slide that was to be expected. Clinton had made no real policy or bill changes to redistribute the funds for economic growth. Now Bush Jr. is having to fix all of the problems that the previous eight years had wasted. And you know what is going to happen as soon a Bush leaves office don't you.

Simon wrote:
Subject: The lengths people go to for tickets...
Hey Orsm, Was cruising one of my forums and saw this. The message has since been removed for obvious reasons, but after seeing it, I just knew to send it on to you.

nuguy07@*****.com wrote:
I am willing to make a one time offer for a night of unlimited sex with my wife for World Series tickets to Game 1. If you want your friends to join in, I assume you will be giving me Game 2 tickets also. She likes toys, handcuffs, and anal!! She gives an amazing blowjob and doesn't spill a drop. She's 23, 5'3' 110lbs, C cup and a perfect ass. I am also accepting offers from women who need a good lay. I am a sexy italian male, well hung and thick. Any takers??

luscisfero wrote:
Subject: shitty poetry
Hey Mr.Orsm, Uber leet site. Have been visiting since ages now, the stuff keeps getting better and better. Here is a peom i put togeater on my buddy. hope you and other Orsm-ers like it. the pic here is a shopped one. :P hope this entry makes it

Rev. wrote:
Subject: eating habbits..
Orsm, i have recently discovered that i have an internal bleeding problem, and being a typical aussie bloke, i said to myself "its all good! ill be right!" but after 5 or so days of losing reasonable quantities of blood from my stomach i decide the only logical thing to do is find a 'virtual doctor' online to give me a rough idea whats wrong. This is where it gets funny... After much bullshit i find what appears to be a good one. right up untill the point where it asked me if i had recently eaten bear or walrus!!!!!! do they eat alot of bears and walrus in the U.S.?????? anyway im now off the jack and cokes for a long time, and the bleeding has subsided, no thanks to the wonderful invention of the virtual doctor.

Dean wrote:
Subject: Mr Floppy recovers from Flu
Dear ORSM, I'm just getting over a dose of killer flu. It knocks you flat for a few days and you lose all enthusiasm for anything other than laying down and feeling like shit. Even 'Mr Floopy' wasn't remotley interested in showing off. But today - WOW ! Woke up this morning with a boner on and all I could think of was tits, arse, snatch, blowjobs and lots of wriggly girlie flesh. And what a huge load of splooge you gush when you haven't popped off for a few days. As my old grannie used to say - "If you've got good health, you've got all you need". What a wise old girl she was.

Michael Borg wrote:
Subject: Possibly interesting
Great site, been hooked for ages, and this once a week thing rocks. I haven't found anything interesting enough to submit before but here are some photos of a calf born on a farm in Canberra. You can leave my details out. Thanks...keep up the good work.

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: my wife's car
Dear Orsm: My wife & I went out and bought a 2001 base model impala. Loved the car so much we decided to have it painted. We went so far as to almost make a show car out of it. As for the paint we had blue tribal flames put on it with lots of detail. Color matched all of the moldings and rockers. Painted the tail lights to match the car. We also put on an Impala SS spoiler and 18" chrome alloy rims with low pro's. We had all of the emblems removed and installed a polished trenz grill. A GM polished ss dual exhaust and tinted windows. It's a real head turner. We call it tribal Madness. Thanks for letting me ramble on. Please do not print my name or email address.

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foxxman wrote:
Subject: to the drifter dave from bundaberg
To Mr ORSM, In reply to last weeks letter titled " get off your ass and update the site sooner ", i have this to say.. I am also from Bundaberg and mate you are such a drifter. Do u think Mr ORSM is going to organise his schedual and life around you. Has he not provided you with enough wank worthy products to get you over to one more day. I have been reading the site for years and send him daily emails of stuff to post for losers like you to pull ya dick over. At the end of the day be gratefull that you do not have to pay for such a worthy site and that you do read it for free. Have some respect and appreciate what he is providing us with, there are far less worthy sites out there that charge to read. WAKE UP TO YASELF YA TOSSA and maybe u might want to back off playing with ya dick and actually go out and get a life then maybe you wont rely on this site so much for your self pleasure...

Keep up the updates when you can ORSM, unlike Dopey Dave, there are people that appreciate ya time and effort...

whoknowsmyname? wrote:
Subject: some cheating bitch
caught this lil tramp cheating on my friend with another one of our friends so time to get a little revenge. oh love the site by the way hope these pictures get out cuz we gonna love seeing the look on her face when she sees this plastered all over the net.

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Azzie wrote:
Subject: Vodka
Hi!!! We drink a lot of vodka and we think your site rokz!!! :))) We made some photos playing tic-tac-toe on our friends butt :) He will be very happy if he finds his butt famous :))) (yes I know, he's a idiot :)) ) After 3 rounds there was a draw. Maybe too much vodka to win? We love your site and shaved chicks :) Best regards from Poland where earth ends :)

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Eser wrote:
Subject: DansGuardian blocked access to your site :)
Hi Orsm, Today I was surfing the net using proxy (there was a local issue, I couldn't reach certain sites, so I had to). I clicked your site to see if you updated or not but got the screen I sent you as a jpg :) Kewl, isn't it. The proxy I used was (resolves to CPE0080c6e70208-CM013010000285.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com), I don't know which country it is :)

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adamek wrote:
Subject: photo
Hi ... and yes it's a woman.
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