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Email Overflow...

The overflow is something I do every now and then to clear the back log of email that has come my way, which was too good to send to the trash but didn't make the main page due to space constraints. Simple enough concept wouldn't you say?

This weeks OverFlow is substantially larger than most of the previous ones because I've been doing some serious housecleaning on my computer. The email below is a combination of stuff that's arrived in the last week to anytime in the last year and in a couple of instances maybe even longer. Check it...

Jay wrote:
Subject: mine
I've been putting something together for quite a while and would like to share it with you so all may use it and enjoy. Who knows, someday it might end up in the movies or at least be old news by the time it circles the earth and comes back to us.

I've smoked dope, chewed rope, dirty danced, French romanced, fought, farted, fucked, shot at the moon and drove big trucks. I've been to Maine, Spain, Spokane(Spoke Ann) and Fort Wayne. I've traveled around the world twice, seen three worlds' fairs, been on two safaris, rode a bucking bull, looked danger in the face, shook hands with Gandhi and watched goats fuck in the market place. But I ain't never seen no shit like the shit that goes on around this place. Drink up!

OR, maybe this one.

Here's to the winds, that blows through the treeses. Lifts their skirts, uncovers their kneeses. Exposes the hole that quivers and queezes. It looks like a taco and smells like Oh, Jesus!

Subject: B & Q
Reported In The Daily Telegraph 14/2/05. A Letter To B & Q's London Branch Manager (leaked by someone at the company)

Dear Sir/Madam, My heartiest congratulations to you on getting your B&Q yacht, skippered by Ellen Mc Arthur, to leave the UK on 28th November 2004, sail 27,354 miles around the world and arrive back 72 days later. Now, could you please let me know when the f**king kitchen I ordered 96 days ago will be arriving from you warehouse 13 miles away ?

p s wrote:
Subject: Hey dude, Some interesting conpiracy stuff for you
Hey man, dunno if you are into it or not, but theres a couple of good sites out there about secret societies and global consipracies made by Alex Jones, a great spokesperson for anti-corruption in the US. Pretty much all of his stuff factual, and they even allow you to download their movies at low quality so you can view them and buy if you like them.

Check it out: infowars.com. Thats the main site, with most of the information and such. prisonplanet.com And thats the site where you can download the movies and stuff. Its an interesting read / watch.. Check it out

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Hey Orsm, You Gotta check out this wierd site man
What the hell is this company??! These guys have a do it yourself cryo genics kit for animals? UM.... can we say unethical and creepy. Who the hell wants to freeze their cat and stick it in their fridge??!

Mark Poliner wrote:
Subject: Brewery pics
Some pictures I took at the Anchor Brewery in San Francisco.

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Dee Thomas wrote:
Subject: N-I-C-E.
Mr. Orsm, First and foremost. This update was worth the wait. OUTSTANDING JOB....You did such a wonderful job that I am going to try and get my wife (She's a hottie 5'3, 98lbs perky tits GREAT ASS) to let me snag a few pics of her....If I get them they are yours..... I've been follow the site since about October of 2000..... I feel like we have grown up together....Keep up the wonderful work and don't let those shitbags you bitch all the time get you down.....Keep giving us the gift that keeps on giving... porn.... aww.... I do love it.......Again wonderful job.... How bout another nipple gallery.... you give me a good one of those and I'd probably buy you a little some'n some'n.....Take care and God Bless....

MadMaxx wrote:
Subject: You Are Da Shizzeh ORSM
Hey Mr ORSM, I have been cruisin' your site now for about a year and a half. I must say you are the shit. Big props to you for updating the site so frequently. Me and my buds just wanted to say “What's Up Eh!” from the kick ass country of Canada. Oh yeah. Here are some pics of my girlfriends worst enemy. She hates it! ?

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Gigi wrote:
Subject: funny pics to post
Greetings from Switzerland
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Marc Ouellette wrote:
Subject: Steve Irwin
Last week there was a big to-do over Steve Irwin taking his newborn baby boy Robert to his first crocodile feeding. Ol' Steve held his son with one hand while throwing to Harold (the croc) his meal of whole chickens. I found a picture of the 'event' (courtesy of the Associated Press) and with a little photo-editing, I gave the media something to REALLY be shocked about! Poor Old Steve. Strewth! Bugger never gets any respect. From me, that is! Bwah hah hah haaaaah! Cheers!

Michael wrote:
Subject: [no subject]
Hey Mr Orsm, Found this old-school pic on my comp. Thought you might like it!
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Hello, heres a pic for you
"I think this dude was owned in some computer exhibition". Love your site, dont post my infos! ORSM ROCK!

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JJ wrote:
Subject: Funny Pic
Hey ORSM! Here is a funny pic I got of a friend as he was about to piss in the woods! Had no idea I was sneaking up on him. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

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Serge Boudreau wrote:
Subject: Friends like to share, redux
Dear Orsm, In my attempt at making a lame joke, I got caught up in myself and forgot the picture. Here it is...

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DJ Rudy wrote:
Subject: weird
i thought this was funny, what were the sign makers thinking. By the way, ur site makes the weeks fly by
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Mike McDonough wrote:
Subject: Tequila Shots
.....told me wife I was going up to the bar for a tequila shot...boy was she pissed when she came looking for me......
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Rick Cabus wrote:
Subject: interesting pic
kim clijsters and serena williams

Da Phr3ak wrote:
Subject: mp3 count
Hey mr orsm, Thought you might like to see the abundance of mp3's that have been accumulated from many lan's work! can anyone beat this?? It's game on!

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: pikcha
hi mr orsm, I love your site, it is teh rox0r what an exilent site. Well there's this pic going around which i thought you might want to see. This chick goes to my college and she looks like a sloth.. apart from that i really don't get it..anyway here it is. (plz with hold my details thanx)

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Lil' Newbs wrote:
Subject: Evac Device
Heh, This is a picture I took at my college. Like a sandwich motherfucker...
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Sue wrote:
Subject: tits
throw these on ur site if u like someone might like to see
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mike wrote:
Subject: cool pic in kuait
over in kuait translation sometimes realy fucks shit up. If you did this in the states you would be hung!

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David wrote:
Subject: French party ....
Hi guy, U can have a look of result's britany party in Oleron Island ..... 4 guys .... 4 days ..... Cheers ....

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C Stevenson wrote:
Subject: Does not compute
Here is a picture of an old monitor casing. Not quite as cool as the gerbil cage but the cats seem to like it. Keep up the good work and stay off the chems!

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Now for some video emails. Once again - it's a shame they didn't make the main page but no point wasting them huh!?

KO wrote:
Subject: take a look
hey man heres a video of my buddy shayne downin a pint of colt 45 in less than 2 seconds, he doesn't swallow he just inhales. peace.

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gerard johnson wrote:
Subject: storm vid
heres a clip i took of a killer storm in brisbane, and me going strewth me bloody corka!
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Nick wrote:
Subject: Boredom
G'Day Orsm, Boredom.... Boredom can lead to many things. Please withhold my name and email address. Regards.

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Guy Stevens wrote:
Subject: dEAR.. dEAR.. DEAR mr. orsm?
most people refer to you as mr. orsm.. but I think mr. awesome will surffice. so someone from australia refered me to your site and I think it was the best thing I've seen in a LONG time.. your archives are great. I can spend weeks here... ohwait.. I have. anyhow.. keep up the good shit and maybe you can add this to your site in some way..

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tids wrote:
Subject: The Donald
Yo Orsm! How's it hanging dred? Usually known for his bad hair days, here's a funny little clip of Donald Trump getting his knickers - or should I say socks - in a twist. More here.

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gerald camp wrote:
Subject: when the sun goes down magoo
our bird magoo dancing
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If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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