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Email Overflow...

The Overflow continues once again this week with plenty of cool and interesting stuff in the mix. If you weren’t aware – the Overflow is here so I can post up all the email that was too good to delete but didn’t make the main page.

First up there was a freakin' stack of email in regards to the Cyclone Ingrid pics I posted in Reader Mail last week. As I thought, they weren't taken in Australia but the general consenus seems to point to the pics having been snapped in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here's some of the emails...

Tornado Tommy wrote:
Subject: Not cyclone Ingrid
The pics are actually from a spring thunderstorm near Tulsa, Oklahoma USA March 2005. These are quite common each spring. Last year we had over 250 tornado touchdowns in OK, and hold the world record F5 (319+ mph) in Moore, OK on the south end of Oklahoma City in 1999 with 80 + that day. Check the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Assc. site One of the many blessings we have living in God's country.

Rich wrote:
Subject: Cyclone Ingrid
Mr. Orsm, I believe those pics came from Oklahoma, USA. As a meteorologist, I've seen those pics before... taken I believe from a storm from 2004.

Patrick wrote:
Subject: Cyclone Ingrid Pics
These pics are originally from Weather.com. The Weather Channel (Don't know if you get that in Aussieland...) did a special here in the US about weird cloud formations in storms. These are all caps from that 1/2 hour show. Most of the pics are from Africa and South America and some are from the MidWest US... I'm sure there may be one from "Downunder" on there, but they are not all from the same storm.

Martin wrote:
Hi Orsm... great site as always. You are right about the pictures - they are not Australia. They are actually done by a guy up in Minnesota. Can;t remember his name, but here is another of his I downloaded for a project. You have most of his stuff by the looks of things. He's a fanatic on pictures of storms, bad weather etc.

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Shane from Aus wrote:
Subject: Cyclone Ingerd Photo's??
G'day Orsm, I was having a look at the Cyclone Ingred photo's. I used to Live up in Darwin, and never saw a cyclone with those shape clouds, it just doesn't happen!! - and of course, grape vines as were seen on the side of the road don't grow up there in the tropics? So, have you had any light as to where the photos were really from?

Tonks wrote:
Subject: Those "Cyclone Ingrid" Shots
Orsm, Those pictures that you posted that someone said was Cyclone Ingrid, they have been going around in emails this week as being taken down in Bunbury at the start of the week when we had those massive storms here in Perth. But even so, the landscape and such doesn’t look right to be Australian. Anyways I thought I should know that there must be confusion around the place about this pictures...

Captain Ned wrote:
Subject: "Cyclone Ingrid" pics
Those pics are not of a tropical cyclone, they're pics of thunderstorms about to spawn tornados. Given the scenery, I'd bet these were taken in the American Midwest, a/k/a Tornado Alley.

Kyle wrote:
Subject: The 'Cyclone Ingrid' Pics...
Those cyclone pics aren't in Australia, most (if not all) of them are of a storm that came through Tulsa, Oklahoma like.. just in the last month, I'm almost positive. I looked for proof but couldnt find any..

Murray wrote:
Subject: Cyclone
Hey guy, one of the pics shows a highway, theyre driving on the right so I guess somewhere in N.Amercia...mid west or sth west where they get these regularly.

Clint wrote:
Subject: Cyclone Ingrid Australia?
Hey Orsm, You're right about the pics, I got an email today at work claiming them to be images of the Bumbury storm a few days ago. Sure the pics look cool but it looks nothing like Bumbury.. so I sent out an email to the 50+ people it was fowarded to in the email history, with a list of a few of the places the pics have been taken from. All American clearly. Heres a link to the site where they all are.

jerry j wrote:
Subject: Oklahoma tornado pictures jerry
Saw the pictures of " Cyclone Ingred Australia " in the " Readers Mail " section of your web.... They look very much like pictures taken in March 2005 of a tornado in Oklahoma ..... see below ..... Hope this clears things up ..... Jerry

Now for some of the other stuff that's been lying around...

TOOL wrote:
Subject: Pics
Hey man i got some pics id like for you to post! These pics are from a dirty little slut named Danielle Jones from Lewisville,Texas! She led my Best friend around and used him constanly! Sadly he passed away Two Weeks Ago! P.S Sorry about the quality!

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Mike wrote:
Subject: Drinkin
Senor Orms dude... Great site... Thought this could get some laughs. One of our cats, Mojo. He had just gotten over a Nasal infection and here he was finally over it, racked out hard gettin some rest. You can tell he needed the rest the way he didnt budge when I placed the Hornitas next to him. I was playin with my new camera, and doin shots with some friends... coulnt resist.

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Eric wrote:
Subject: for my wife
hey great site ,plenty of jack material. put me on for my wife
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Fox wrote:
Subject: The Never-Ending Round
Here are some pics of a mate of mine MR NOO. He has asked me to make him famous via YOUR website. Each time we get on the piss, we fight - with/without gloves and the outcome is the same and he ain't getting any prettier. The first pic is when he got his nose SMASHED by a Gutter Rat headbutt, the next 2 are after going me in the front yard & the 3rd is the day after. Please fulfill his dream and make him "famous".

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James Haryett wrote:
Subject: cat pic
Yo Mr. Orsm take a look at what my sisters freakin cat gets up to when no one is around. Luckily I came home early with a camera and caught the little shit off gaurd!

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Alex wrote:
Subject: TSUNAMI
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Luke Hammond wrote:
Subject: ugly
It makes an ugly car better to own
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Tim C wrote:
Subject: Modified Walkinshaw 4 Sale
How's this for an interesting Walkinshaw ? I'm keen, but just not sure on the rims :-)

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Ralph wrote:
Subject: Little screen
I was just playing a bit World of Warcraft and fooling around and that's what came out of it ... hope it's worth a little lough. Keep the site as good as it is.

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Combsy wrote:
Subject: puzzle
Four men are standing in a line as shown above and they cannot turn their heads. There is a brick wall between A and B that they cannot see through. They know that they each have one hat, and that of the four hats two are black and two are white. They cannot see the color of the hat that they are wearing. In order to be released from the line, they must call out the color of their hat. If they are wrong, no one can leave. They are not allowed to talk to each other, and they have been given ten minutes to figure out their hat color. After 1 minute:

One of them calls out -- which one called out? And how can he be 100% certain of the color of his hat?

Matthew Capell wrote:
Subject: fireball
Yo, just a lowly college student from Colorado here and I must say I love the site. This is a pic of one of my friends (looks like his head is getting roasted) making a fireball out of a campfire and a container of wax; just some fun we had a few summers ago. Its so easy to do and loads of dangerous fun. Keep up the good work... Lates.

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Trev wrote:
Subject: nature gone wrong!
taken in my pond on saturday... this frog needs to go back to sex education classes! Look above the plastic pipe you can see it's mate watching on in awe!

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Jason Lopes wrote:
Subject: really gotta go
Ever wonder where you go to the washroom when you're Ice Fishing???? This was Taken on Lake Simco in Ontario, Canada...... Locals say it's the biggest brown trout found on the lake!! I'd love to see this make it into the RS Pics!! Thanks

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: interesting photo
attached is an interesting photo. As I was driving down interstate highway 5, I saw a sign that read "Pleasant Valley State Prison - next exit". When you think of prisons in California, you think of Alcatraz, San Quentin or Folsom (Remember "Folsom Prison Blues", by Johnny Cash?), but the word "Pleasant" does not seem to go along with incarceration at a state prison.

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Richard Herrera wrote:
Subject: Owned Picture
Mr. Orsm, Here is an OWNED! picture that I took of my two dogs, I hope you can use it on your BAD-ASS website. I'll send you some nudes of my ex as soon as I can scan them. Thanks.

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Fox wrote:
Subject: What Dickheads
Love ya site blah, blah, blah.... here is a "shopper docket" we received today obviously for "internet connection", but can you please us who the fuck the company is or how to contact them?

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December Rawlings wrote:
Subject: bathroom humor
I love your site. Saw this in the bathroom in Seguine Texas last weekend. thought it was funny.

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Amr wrote:
Subject: Homophobe's shit has hit the fan
haha! i have to say: you out do yourself every year. This is by far one of the greater April's Fools pranks you've pulled. Although its a shame i didnt get my regular dosage of straight orsm, it was worth it for the laugh. I would feel almost ashamed to not contribute to a site from which i have taken so much. Here is a little something i photoshopped. Use as you deem appropriate, if you wish. Thank you for years of entertainment!

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D. Carlson wrote:
Subject: amusing new lizard
Biologists at the University of Florida have discovered a new species of lizard which has been attacking sunbathers at and near Miami's South Beach. It is believed to primarily attack women, though it has been known to attack effeminate-appearing men. Only one known photograph has been taken of this creature, which is included here for your benefit...

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: april fool
nice one ORSM. but remember dont be a tossa and race home on melbourne cup day ( 2002 ) this might be you!

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