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Email Overflow...

Such has been the volume of email to come my way in the last few weeks I am once again forced to bump off all the stuff that was too good to delete but didn't make the main page off into the Overflow. There is some cool shit in here this week too so start your scrolling...

Azaria Chamberlain wrote:
Subject: A big dilema
G'day, I've been visiting your site for around 5 years now and obviously I enjoy it. I know this jokes been done before but I've updated it to make it to reflect recent events. It beats the shit out of me, knowing that the Indonesian justice system is corrupt and fucked, why the hell a collection wasn't started (for a start with money diverted from all the aid we give these pig fuckers) that most Australians, I am sure, would have been happy to contribute to and we just pay the bastards off. It's the only sort of justice they appear to understand.

Indonesian justice is an oxymoron.

I urge all Austarlians to avoid travelling there and avoid buying Indonesian produce. We shouldn't be supporting them anyway, as their human rights record has been piss poor for years.

A big dilema. The situation:

You are in Asia in the monsoon season, and there is a huge flood in progress. Many homes have been lost, water supplies contaminated, and infrastructure destroyed.

You are an award winning photographer out getting still photos for a news service, travelling alone, looking for particularly poignant scenes. You stumble across one of the Indonesian judges, that convicted Scharpelle Corby, struggling to keep from being swept away in a raging river and you have choice of rescuing him or getting a Pulitzer prize-winning photograph of the death of a well respected Indonesian.

The question for you is: What shutter speed would you use?

I also hear that in light of the bad publicity Indonesia and particularly Bali is getting a new promotional advertising campaign is about to be released in Australia:
"Visit Bali - for the trip of a lifetime"

The Great Indonesian paradox - Do the Maths
1 Muslim Cleric, masterminds Bali Bombing, kills 200 people = 2 = years
1 Australian Girl, 4.1 kg of dope, no proof it's hers = 20 years

Indonesian justice - An oxymoron

Boycott Indonesia - Free Sharpelle

Phil wrote:
Subject: Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) Topless
Hi there, Check out Posh Spice topless in hi-res pics. Looks like a Spice Girls reunion might not be so bad after all.

Tara wrote:
Subject: porn star party pics
Hi. I went to the porn charity event, Bowling For Scholars, in Torrance, CA on Sunday. It was fun, lots of porn babes, like Victoria Givens, Lexi Tyler, Avy Scott, Belladonna, Shy Love, Malou, Gina Lynn, Brandy May, Gina Wagner, Vicky Vetter, Rayvness, Flower Tucci, Tianna Lynn, and Maripossa were all there. Here are the pics. I think your surfers will like the photos. I had fun shooting them!

Chris Brown wrote:
Subject: Died and gone to heaven...
Hey Mr O. Check the girl out in these pics. the one with the plaster on her arm... nice!

Isabelle wrote:
Subject: My 21y-old brother always laughs with me, because he think he's smarter.
But: he sold his computer to me and forgot to erase some pics and I found some pics showing his cock is very small. Sweet revenge!

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Pixi wrote:
Subject: What is it?
Mr Orsm. You are the most depraved and base person on the net today and for that I want to congratulate you. Please keep up the good work. I have been a regular visitor for 4 years now and I think we share the same birthday. 21/09? The problem is that I have never had anything to contribute. But a few months ago I found this on a car park floor in Birmingham, UK. I have asked loads of people but no one knows. So I turn to you, oh Orsm Omnipotent, and ask: “What the fuck is it?”.

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N.S. wrote:
Subject: Episode III photoshop
Hey ORSM, as you know, everyone is going to see the new Star Wars movie. I was included in this bunch. I must say it was one kick ass movie, but I couldn't help but laugh at Darth Sidious with his nasty baked bean teeth, especially at one part, right after he got turned into a thing where his head looked like a penis, and he went "Goooooooooooooooooood", so, I have concocted a little something in photoshop having to do with his oh-so terrible hygiene.

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Andrew wrote:
Subject: pic for your updates
I have enclosed a funny picture of a friend of mine in a garbage can, he was hiding from the ex girlfriend, we found him. please post it if you have any room. Oscar, your a funny guy.

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Prape McPrape wrote:
Subject: I got my thumb stuck in a cardboard roll.
Just thought you'd like to know.
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Jon wrote:
Subject: hyundai 'tiburon'
Dear Orsm, I've been a big fan of yours since I discovered you in People Magazine (you can't buy publicity like that bet you were fucking happy). Anyway here are some more photos of the Tiburon (Hyundai slk) for your viewing pleasure. Keep up the good work.

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max wrote:
Subject: french hairy naugthy girl
have fun
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Billaut Fabrice wrote:
Subject: [no subject]
ci joint des photos de moi et de mon sexe, peut tu le publier sur ton site merci

Something about publish on the site thankyou... any one speak French?

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Jesse Chenoweth wrote:
Subject: More Revenge
Thanks Orsm, for posting the previous pics of my best friend's ex. Here are the rest, and if anyone recognizes her they might want to go have themselves checked out. Love your site and keep up the awesome work!!

Original set can be found here. -Orsm

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Andy wrote:
Subject: pics from Germany
hi, here are the new pics from Germany, only for your site.
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Paul Maack wrote:
Subject: Cool Pics
Hi! Been visiting your site for a while now, but I just saw probably the coolest thing EVER! Well, to me it is. In your selection of "Cool Pics" you have a picture of a castle. I instantly recognized it. It's Neuschwanstein Castle. The reason I know this, is because my mom is really into geneology and she's traced our family lineage back far enough to know that that castle is my ancestral home! Anyway, I didnt know if you knew what it was, but in case you didnt, I figured i'd let you know. And here's a few more pics of it. You should look into it, it's actually kinda interesting. The king who built it was a freakin psychopath (yeah, I know... genes...) and he built staircases that went nowhere and stuff like that. He was also a crossdresser. Anyway, the castle was never finished, but it has some REALLY beautiful scenes in it. I've attached pictures of the outside, in a similar view to the one you have already, a picture of the Grotto, and a picture of the Throne Hall. Hope you enjoy them, they are really quite stunning! I really enjoy your site, and so do all my coworkers! YOU ROCK!

DtM wrote:
Subject: Apache Well - 2 mi. S. of Britt Ranch on Hwy. 152
$50 barrel of oil = oil boom = green rig crews. Tool pusher said that they were going to pull 40 joints out of the hole to put the tubing above the perfs. They pulled 20 joints and the tubing parted. They had 1500 psi on the backside. The tubing came out of the hole so fast the crew didn't know it had come out. They thought at first the rubber had blown out. The tubing was NEW! It knocked one of the hands off the floor and he broke the tip off of his hip. This occurred this past Saturday. BobCat crew leaving the Newfield Britt Ranch D 5-8 carried one of the injured workers to hospital and took the pictures.

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Neilski wrote:
Subject: Why God put handbrakes in trucks
Story: Truck rolls from the top of the hill. Misses 5 cars parked on the street. Rolls past my house, and up the next hill. Truck jumps the gutter, hits a tree, steering wheel turns, starts rolling back down the hill, now heading for my house. Hits another tree in neighbours yard. Truck spins 90 degrees, rolls down neighbours driveway. Hits neighbours house. Neighbourhood wakes up to sound of breaking glass. Things that are sheer luck: I didn't park my car on my side of road where I normally would, where the truck rolled through. Neighbours had just concreted driveway, and didn't have cars under the house. The girl's bedroom it destroyed had gotten up and taken her dog for a walk 10min before truck hit. Truck spun 90 degress, otherwise it would have hit our house. I got interviewed on the news, even though I didn't see anything.

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Justin wrote:
Subject: my truck
Hey Orsm man, (that any relation to Trojan Man?) Since everyone is sending in pics of their cars, I thought I'd change the tide of the pics and send some of my trucks. These are M35A2's affectionally known as a "Deuce and a half." Here's some ballpark figures. Almost 10 feet tall. Almost 15,000 lbs. Can carry 5000 lbs cross country (2.5 tons hence deuce and a half), can carry 10,000lbs over the road. The troop transport is a 1974 model with 2880 miles and is a multi-fuel turbocharged engine. It can run on gas, diesel, jet fuel, vegetable oil or whatever else can burn. The command center is a 1984 model and is just a turbo diesel. I donated it to my local sheriff's department. We got an escort from where I got them from to the department. Will be running the troop transport in the memorial day parade. Needless to say, I think I've got the biggest truck around.

Mike wrote:
Subject: Stuff for your website...
Orsm - Been a while since I emailed you anything. I sent you a picture of a corkscrew road sign in the mountains of Tennessee a while back, and I felt that you should know that stuff along (and on) the roadways in the US is just as bizarre as ever (see attached pic). I wonder what they use this stuff for - but am not sure I want to find out!

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andy wrote:
Subject: andy's cockpics
hi orsm, here are the newest pics of the banana-cock. i watch of the pics "glassware", founded on your site in 2001 or 2002, who are this pictures? greetings from germany.

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Phaz wrote:
Subject: sup dude
Sup dude, ive bin checking the site out for a few months now and me and ma mates in the UK fink its badass, anyway theres this lad called billy in ma class and he gets pissed off ded easy so me and ma mate woodz made sum photo up of him to piss him off and it worked, so i thort it would be even funny'er to put his ass on the net, anyway check em out n c if there worthy.

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