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Email Overflow...

Each week I end up with tonnes of email that can't be squeezed on to the main page. Kind of a shame because there is so much cool stuff. So rather than bin it all, eventually it all builds up and ends up on this page.

Before we get on with it, if you would like to contribute to Reader Mail and have your stuff viewed by millions, maybe billions or possibly trillions of Orsm surfers then we are always more than happy to receive absolutely anything you want to send! Funny videos, naked pics of your ex or current girlfriend, jokes or practically whatever else you can staple to an email are all welcome... all you must do is click here and get it happening.

Once again – SORRY to everyone who contributed but didn’t make the main page! I really wish I could squeeze it all in but there are far more submissions than I have space for. Please keep trying though!

Now in absolutely no order of importance or relevance here is the Overflow...

R. Norman L. Humes II wrote:
r there no Black women where u live, or is this white only site?  sometime seeing a Black Woman would be nice.
<with held> wrote:
Subject: You'll become hooked
hey man, been coming to your site for years and found something that has got you written all over it... you come across as an internet savvy type of person and this quiz is the ultimate way to prove this true or not.  Your going to have to dig through google and wikipedia and millions of forums for clues but i warn you, once u solve one, you'll want to reach the top. here it is.

Oliver wrote:
Subject: Racist Aussies
Thank you for putting up your site and putting the effort into maintaining it. It’s the only weekly entertainment that I seem to get. I have to say that Canada is seen by many as the best country in the world (except for the snow). Are you social, big cities here! Are you anti social? 2nd largest country in the world... go loose yourself. We have every type of person here.

I have visited your country. So have many of my Canadian friends and I can say this. Australia is the place that Canadians want to move to. I rather live as a poor man happy in Australia, than as a successful business man here in Canada. If people have a tainted view of your country because of a few articles, no worries, they are grade 2 drop outs and who cares what they think if they do think at all.

MaNiLoOkgOoD wrote:
Subject: What's Up Orsm, It's Rhoji again
Hey man, I sent in that "Wanna Fuck" shirt a few months back, and know I got a video to show you. This is the kind of stuff that happens when i'm drunk and on myspace. It'd be cool if you posted it up. Thanks bro.

Tim Chmielewski wrote:
Subject: Absinth Club photos
From the 2nd Melbourne show. Already sold out in Sydney this coming weekend. Will be in Brisbane later in the month.

Jay wrote:
Subject: One of your jokes
Pardon my fucking rant here mate, it's nothing against you, love your site, you're the greatest, I'll be your lucky Pierre, every other e-fellatio that you can think of. Your March 8 update had this joke:

A 1st grade class just came in from recess. The teacher asked Jenny what she did at recess that day. Jenny replied: "I played in the sand box." The teacher said: "That's good! Now, if you can go to the board and write the word 'sand' I'll give you a cookie." Jenny did it correctly and was given a cookie.

Next, the teacher called on Alex. "Alex, what did you do at recess?" Alex said: "I played in the sand box with Jenny." The teacher replied: "Wonderful! If you can go write the word 'box' correctly on the board, I'll give you a cookie." He did, and she gave him a cookie.

Finally, the teacher turned to a young boy named Mohammed, and asked him what he had done at recess. "Well," he responded, "I tried to play with Alex and Jenny, but they threw rocks at me." The teacher said: "Threw rocks at you? That sounds like a case of blatant racial discrimination." She thought for a moment, then said: "Now, if you can go to the board and write 'blatant racial discrimination,' I'll give you a cookie."

Does it fucking occur to this moron teacher that little Mohamed just might be a fucking asshole, and that's why the rocks were thrown? No, it's "obviously" discrimination. Of course it's just a joke, I shouldn't get my panties in a knot over it, but you know what, it's not a fucking joke, it's reality. You're non-white, you're hated, it's because that person is a racist, end of story, no need to look at the fact that the paki assclown kicked you in the balls before you threw rocks at him, you're a racist.

This is the attitude that leads to inequality hiring standards. This attitude is why you can't understand a fucking word spoken in a government office because everyone working there got the job to make up for the obvious rampant racism that previously placed english speakers in place. It's just a fucking joke, but it supports this fucking dumbass attitude. These morons have enough help from the millions of brainless sheep that still vote, they don't also need support of some of the few remaining competent minds out there.

Sorry again for the rant. Nothing against you or the site.

Pagey wrote:
Subject: Apostrophes & Suggestion
G'day son. Pagey from Tassie here. Sent you an email a few weeks ago about the Rendezvous (Ferrari in Paris) video and also the Getaway in Stockholm video (to which you were good enough to respond) but I have to take you aside for a man-to-man chat about your use of apostrophes. I seem to recall an email from a reader quite some time ago about the same subject but it might be time for a refresher course. If it makes you feel any better, you're in good company because virtually every store I see abuses apostrophes, including supermarket chains like Woolworths.

Quite simply, there are only two real rules you need to worry about: Possession and Abbreviation. Here we go with the lessons, one by one:

1. Possession: WHO OWNS IT? If you are about to describe a shitty car owned by Frank, it is "Frank's shitty car". If Gina has a free laptop computer, it is "Gina's free laptop". If your mate Stevo dropped a rancid fart, you would say "Stevo's fart really stinks!". If you really disliked the West Coast Eagles you would say "ORSM's footy team is shit and Hawthorn rules! Pagey's team is SOOO much better" See? It's easy! ORSM's footy team are crap, Pagey's team have an historical legacy and ruled during the 80s (note the lack of apostrophe there - see Rule 3 below).

2. Abbreviation: IS THERE A PART OF A WORD MISSING? This bit should be pretty easy. "Have not", abbreviated, results in "Haven't". "Did not", results in "Didn't". "Should have", abbreviated, results in "Should've" (and for those Philistines who say "Should OF" instead of "Should HAVE", please - FOR FUCK'S SAKE - note the appropriate use of the possessive apostrophe - the word "Fuck" owns the word "Sake", so that's why FUCK has an apostrophe at its end!). Postscript: Stop saying, "SHOULD OF". It's "SHOULD HAVE"! Video stores are the worst for this. You don't buy "USED "DVD's", you buy "USED "DVDs. You don't buy "EX RENTAL VIDEO'S", you buy "EX RENTAL VIDEOS".

3. Cardinal Rule: DO NOT USE APOSTROPHES WHEN DESCRIBING PLURALS: One video is "ONE VIDEO". Two videos are not "TWO VIDEO'S", they are "TWO VIDEOS". Unless you are assigning the videos to someone's possession, ie: "David's videos", then there's no need for an apostrophe at all.

Right, I'm banging on, so the last bit of my email is that you should have a "search" function on your website. From time to time I've stumbled across some photos that I would have liked to have re-visited but I can't search through 5+ years of updates to find what I'm looking for. Any chance of a "Search this website" button in the future?

Jansen wrote:
Subject: Email addresses for the SA Team?
Hi there, Well done to the Australian team for tanking the cricket world cup for the 3rd consecutive time. You guys are in a class of your own!!! I have mentioned in previous correspondence to you that I follow your country’s sport to the tee. Here is a BIG S.A fan having a go at his own team, unlike that other prick who compared the SA vs. AUS game to the accident on the N17. He was actually right but he had the wrong team.

Graeme smith
AB De Villiers
Jacques Kallis
Herchelle Gibbs
Ashwell Prince
Mark Boucher
Justin Kemp
Andrew Hall
Shaun Pollock
Andre Nel
Charl Langeveldt
Roger Telemachus

Chris wrote:
Subject: religious retards
I live in the area of the USA that the moron Baptist church lives in. They have their own compound that a majority of the members live in. Their comprised of about 100 members, I may be wrong, but not by much. Almost half of the members are this guys immediate family members.  It's the sad part of freedom of speech. Anybody that can talk can use it, even if they can't think before they talk.
Kevin wrote:
Subject: Absolute classic
Dear ORSM, Long time fan who has never had anything good enough to send you before this. An email from my best mate on current state of affairs in UK etc. Nobody else had the balls to print it so I am looking to you to set it all right:

"Obviously, I totally accept and agree that the UK should now take its orders from a towel headed Gyppo camel-jockey, especially as he is a DOCTOR and therefore his opinion trumps yours or mine. (The tradition of doctors killing innocent people because of their own inability to listen to anyone else's viewpoint is not unique to Al'Qeda - the NHS has been doing it for years. Just ask my Dad. Oh! Sorry, we can't - thanks to the brilliant diagnostic skills of Dr "Two Mercs" G.P.)

On a brighter note: given the ongoing antics in Islamabad Mosque, the relentless spread of Sharia law, and the mooslim-on-mooslim slaughter in Iraq and elsewhere, the final solution to the jihad problem may be a self-elimination scenario. Let's hope so. The entire Nation of Islam richly deserves a (posthumous) Darwin Award.

BTW: Always thought Rushdie was a smug tosser, but that's not a beheading offense, surely?

Yours from the Tora Bora Mountains, Sa'ad bin-B'hest-Maight (Billionaire and Bigot)

Tony P wrote:
Subject: carved tree jan 18 2007
Hey, Orsm!  Greetings from America!  Love the site, been viewing it for years. To clarify the carved tree isn't actually a tree. It's the Tree of Life from Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. Keep up the good work.

Mike wrote:
Subject: Tree
What up brah. Long time reader of the site out here in Canada. I was just letting you know that the “carved tree” is actually fake, in Disneyland Orlando. It has a movie theatre inside. Here’s a link to a Youtube video, its my little bro, just trying to get him some hits. It’s actually pretty well done, not gonna lie. He was 14 at the time, hes got a couple small sponsors now for his riding, but no new vid.

marabe wrote:
Subject: Adult / Erotic movies.
Hi! ; will you please allow me to download erotic / xrated movies from website.

Iain wrote:
Subject: ORSM Lovely Ladies
Why do ORSM beautiful ladies like to pose without clothes but still wear high heel shoes? I believe that a bare footed naked beauty is far more sexy than the high heeled ones. What is it that the high heel shoes are supposed to do to the male appreciation of the female form? Keep them bare footed...
Tim wrote:
Subject: I hope you are feeling better this week
Here's some shots of a charity footy game I went to a couple of weeks ago where Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins were playing along with a whole of other musos vs the two Community radio stations from Melbourne. Shit loads of dogs also.
Bobby Ward wrote:
Subject: New Zealand fishermen land colossal squid
New Zealand fishermen have caught what is expected to be a world-record-breaking colossal squid. Weighing an estimated 450kg (990lb),took two hours to land in Antarctic waters. Local news said the Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni was about 10m (33ft) long, and was the first adult colossal squid landed intact. One expert said calamari rings made from it would be like tractor tyres.
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Reg wrote:
Subject: limewire screenshot,.
Hey .. I have limewire which is a file sharing program. Interestingly you can have a look at the recipients computers files (of stuff theyve downloaded). Some of the material is missing from this guys screen I took a screen capture of but check out the material hes got on his harddrive.. spot a trend????.. eg. Other books (offscreen) are combat books, martial arts, shooting, Koran in english, arabic music etc. etc. this screen shot gives an idea. could i have cracked osamas laptop?

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Trent wrote:
Subject: another spinafex nightmare
Following the other guy's photo's who's 4x4 was destroyed in a spinafex fire under the vehicle, the same thing happend to my freinds in NT. It was a hire car and they had to fork out $18000 for a brand new vehicle !!!! The rental companys insurance will never pay out for that shit so be careful and read the fine print next time you hire a car !!! Your site is always kick arse man, you will be invited into Allah's gates of heaven and have 10 billion virgins to do your updates for you.

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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Pic from Taiwan
I caught this at a construction site on a recent trip to Taiwan, as I have a sick imagination, it struck me as funny - great site, keeps me laughing.
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Anthony wrote:
Subject: me
it's not as funny now as it was at the time, but i still get the odd chuckle when i read it. they got $800 out of me plus court costs for this, i reckon it was worth it regaining consciousness in a sober cell and having no idea what happened til i read the report.
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Mikey wrote:
Subject: Cool rock formation
Greetings from Chicago, mate! Don't know if anyone's sent you this yet, but this is a rock formation near Edmonton, Alberta, CA. Looks like an Indian wearing an iPod earphone. Love your fun site. Always look forward to RS.
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Sean wrote:
Subject: made me laugh
Haven't a clue what made me research 'ejaculation' on Wikipedia. Maybe saw too much hentai and wondered if I wasn't producing enough pints. Firefox is usually a good browser, but this time the button made me laugh out loud. Thanks for being regular, been visiting for years.
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Gareth wrote:
Subject: neat picture
Howsit, Just attached a picture of a photo I took while roaming round the shopping centre. Check out how they spelt Bump 16&18. Shows how dumb people can get in Africa..
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James wrote:
Subject: crane in storm drain
Hey, caught this with my phone at the local shopping centre. The crane was parked in the carpark which was built over a storm drain. Guess they didnt check the maximum load limit...oops. Apparantly took 'em 4 hours to get out...enjoy
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Jane wrote:
Subject: Build it and they will come.....
This is the actual turnoff from Banff to the #1 highway to Calgary. Great picture, isn't it? After the highway was built there were far too many accidents, so they had to build a special crossing for the animals - especially the elk, because that spot was their natural crossing. It didn't take the animals long to learn that this was "their" road ...
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Riss wrote:
Subject: WTF!!!
Hi orsm, I saw this animal at a high school ag plot while driving past and had to get a photo of it. There is something seriously wrong with their breeding program there! I am not sure what it is but it looks like a goat or sheep crossed with a dog or something. Have a look at the tail on that thing!!!!
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Patrick wrote:
Subject: Can you point out where you live on a map?
And we wonder how people like this graduated High School? This was taken from GOOGLE NEWS at 7:57 PM on Thursday, March 22, 2007. See if those of you living in the US can point out where you live on the map next to the headline (outlined in red)
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XAX Son wrote:
Subject: Tried sending a while ago, learned how to use PC even betterer!
G'day Mr Orsm! I took this picture out the back of the factory I used to work at. Kitty must have been bloody hungry coz it got its fucken pin head caught good & proper. We had a good chuckle as it was flat out running into the sides of dumpsters, trying to get out the other end perhaps? It took a workmate and I a couple of goes to get it's narrow turret outta the baked beans tin, (Wylie Coyote style). Some skin and fur stayed in the tin but we did the right thing and returned the flea bag to the wild. Oh......speedhump cat!
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Jason wrote:
Subject: pic for ya
Here's a pic for ya of a ugly fat cow that my buddy used to nail. isnt it scary. could careless if ya withhold my name.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: knee pics
Gday Mate I have been checking out your site for about a year now and think it is excellent, I have attatched a couple of pics of my knee after I had the staples removed from where I had surgery on it to repair a crushed Patela Tendon thought someone might find them interesting.
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<mobile> wrote:
Subject: Multimedia message
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: The Black Pearl for Sale??
Dear Mr Orsm, My better half found this ad in this weeks 'Quokka'.. Thought you might like to use it. Please withhold my details. Cheers.. Love your work!
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steve murray wrote:
Subject: classic pic for orsm RS
i thought you'd like this pic for orsm, this is a DJ mate of mine swigging a bottle of jaegermeister, the t-shirt says, everything went wrong......... look at the state of him. a classic i think you'll agree. keep up the good work fella
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: cream pie pictures
you had a person that wanted cream pie pics here is one of my ex-girlfriend please withhold my name and infor
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: flintoff
Everyone heard of flintoffs water experience in st lucia. He got rat shit and sank one of those floating bicycle things, had to get rescued. Banned for a game blah blah blah. Check the sign.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: RS: Melbourne Voodoo
Great Site Mate, Big Fan. Just got sent this link to an eBay auction for a Voodoo Doll - I wasn't that shocked or anything, but then I saw that t he guy is Australian - he's from Melbourne. I'm in Sydney, but I was thinking "Seriously WTF?!" I've included a pic for you and here's the link....
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Kenneth wrote:
Subject: Pub Crawl
It's my big dream in 5 years, to fill up one of them with 700 pubcrawlers and fly once around the world on the ultimate drinking tour. :)
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David wrote:
Subject: pussy with a vibrator
Hey Man, Great website, i check it out every thursday for the updates, keep up the good work. Here is a pic of my pussy playing with a vibrator. Post if you want.
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Paul wrote:
Subject: Check this out.
funniest thing ever. i was proving a point to my cousin, and i couldnt have planned it better myself. this is an actual google search. first picture, first page same thing. Those guys look WAY too much alike to not be related. hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as i did.
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Neil wrote:
Subject: fresh new 2P1S wallpaper... new and improved...
Was bored at home last night, so decided to again mess around with the 2P1S logo on photoshop... Show me some love children… tell me what you think cuz...... I need the praise to energise my spirit for the day ?
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: the husband dont know
Here is two girls who i met while on a nite out in the uk ,it later transpired that the one on the right was a lesbian chasing the the blond on the left who i later ended up scoring with. please do not post my details and keep up the good work. Look forward to the next update.
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mat wrote:
Subject: all yours
i saw this and thought of you !!!
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Mark Guest wrote:
Subject: Fryer on Fire!!!!
Dear Orsm, Attached is a picture of one the lads from Blackburn, Nigel Fryer (AKA. NIDGE). This snap was taken on the way into the entrance of the Blackburn Rovers Football Club Players awards evening. Quite an amusing picture which has attracted a few comments on the BRFC supporters club website. Some of the comments are listed below:

- Don't know who he is - but he's not going to be allowed to wear that hat in pubs from the 1st of July
- dude, i think that is possibly basil rathbone. i remember him in his hey day with rovers.
- Looks like Henry Cooper!
- That's my mate big Nidge.........and he can punch like Henry Cooper!
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Dean wrote:
Subject: Truck Fell Over
Anzac Bridge / Victoria Road - 24/05 Took me 2 hrs to get across the bridge instead of 2 minutes. fucking inconsiderate cunt.
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Ryan wrote:
Subject: Speedometer Pics
Love the site... Been reading for years... I keep seeing all these pics of speedometers, impressive? I don’t know, with Chicago traffic being what it is, anything above 20MPH seems impressive anymore... I am attaching what my speedometer looks like most days...
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Bill Briggs wrote:
Subject: Feeling warm?
Just in case your feeling a bit warm where you are, check out the pic. Its from Nebraska, in the US, after an Ice storm. Think warm thoughts....
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tabi wrote:
Subject: Golden Showers
I took this pic at a fireworks stand in Louisiana. If you look closely, the fireworks are called "Golden Flowers" , not "Golden Showers".
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Johan wrote:
Subject: tasty bimbo
been a fan since the pryceless series, i'd be hounoured if this were on RS.
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Reg wrote:
Subject: thai blasts
problems in the Philipines, indonesia and Thailand .. when is someone going to say .. enough is enough to these muslim cunts.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Dead Fat Man
Hello Mr. Orsm: This is from Arizona, USA. No, he is not dead. He did wake up from his hibernation. Looks like all his friends got bored waiting for him to regain consciousness.
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Rolf wrote:
Subject: Grats for yer Site
Hi, i'm a great fan of your site since it started. Grats for the work you've done! PS: The "Trike" was fotographed in czech republic. See the czeck advertisements behind the trike and the small blue "Multicar"-Lorry. PPS: Here's an photo of the last year's With Full Force-Metal-Festival, which attracted a 60.000+ crowd including this crazy freak
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Nmwot wrote:
Subject: Aberdeen Police (Scotland)
Nath. Attached from Big John. (it may have been a promo shot but I would join the police if it wasn't). PS Its a Jaguar XJ 220. (Top speed 220mph?)
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TheMonk wrote:
Subject: Fire
Drill rig and service truck near Leonora WA. December 2006. May be of interest or .....
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Dave Jones wrote:
Subject: Big Brother Race issue
There is a big race issue going on in the UK big brother house between jade and Shipla. Because Shipla is indian and jade is british, the media is trying to make an ordinary bitchy arguement into a racist issue, even though it is proved that race has nothing to do with it so i just made this.
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Jansen wrote:
Subject: ONLY in Chatsworth.....
The mentality of some of these people. Where in the world would you find a nut with a Beemer personalised number plate on a Toyota Run X. It could only be an idiot from Chatsworth KZN, SA.Mamparra!!!
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Mike wrote:
Subject: MLK Day in Corpus. I have a WHAT?
Check this out. A little sad. Ruth took this photo using her cell phone last night off the evening news in Corpus.
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John Smith wrote:
Subject: What a site!
Alright ORSM guy! Long time listner, first time caller! LOL I got bored and took a picture of my cock in a pint and half pint glass. As you do. So I thought I'd show it to everyone in the world! HAHAHA Great site by the way. Later mate!

click to enlarge
b®uda© wrote:
Subject: hi again
Hello Mr Orsm, I thought that I need to say thanks for some info that you gave me a couple weeks ago. So I was looking at my fotos of a Mexico trip. I'm living in middle Europe and that great trip was 2 years ago. Ok, never mind. The point is that I found a foto that you might like. I don't exactly remember the city, but I'm sure that it is near Cancun. So I thought that this was a nice old and rebuilt vehicle so I took a picture of its engine. But look what's on bottom of the window....
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MIKE W wrote:
Subject: Colon Farm?
After getting a good laugh from your site all these years I finally came across something you might like to post. One of my co-workers bought some flowers to get ready for Valentines and I got such a laugh when I saw the name on the box I had to snap a pic with the camera phone. I'm guessing this company doesn't have much of a problem with fertilizing.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Last Resort
Hello Orsm readers. Just wanted to warn you that if your girlfriend gets the idea to leave town for a month as mine did... don't let her! Or this will become the highlight of your Saturday nights...
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Rodney wrote:
Subject: Another redneck truck from SC USA
I sent you a truck decorated in all kinds of shit a while back heres another decorated in more of a patriotic theme
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korny wrote:
Subject: AZN people shouldnt dress up
A Friend of mine sent me these photos of him at some sorta dress up party, i find it hilarious and remotely disturbing. Azn people shouldnt dress up like this (Unless your female)
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Eddie S wrote:
Subject: Pint O cock not good enough eh? MEET COCK VADER!!!!
This is my cock in the guise of the Sith Lord himself! Great site! Later dude.
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Ra wrote:
Subject: Random
Hey mate. Fellow sandgroper from perth. The randomness of the net. If by some crazy chance u use this crap, plz dun put my email addy on the website dood. Take it easy bro
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: pics of ex
Hey, This is a few pics of my ex-girlfriend that she took herself, please do not post my details. Thanks
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Len wrote:
Subject: South African Microlight from the wine region
Came across this at a fly-in, in our (South African) equivalent of the Aus outback. The Microlight flew in from the Western Cape, can you tell its our wine region?
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<shit with held> wrote:
Subject: justincase
if you wanted to know what sort of shit goes down in Memphis, TN. here is a little taste of it from the paper. <don't show my shit>
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Pics from my oklahoma trip
Went out to Muskogee Oklahoma and got these pics from a gas station out there please withhold my information
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nick taz wrote:
Subject: Number plates
Took this near knox Shopping Centre in Melb. sorry for the shitty shot
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chris wrote:
Subject: friends pic
Mr. Orsm. I love your site and look forward to it every Thursday. I wanted to share with you a seriously scary picture of american nerds. I used to know one of them.
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runamok wrote:
Subject: Age does not equal wisdom
While attempting to teach my son (He's 8 and I hope he grows up smarter than me) how to do a donut or a four-wheeler. I re-learned a few basic mathematical facts. 1st: 47 is greater than 19. I'm older now. 2nd: 265 lbs is greater than 170 lbs. I'm fatter 3rd: Gravity still works! Well no change there. 4th:No matter what Einstein said some times there is a greater reaction than action. And I proved it. In the end wiping out on a shale road = pain. Not as gross as some of your "Hamburger Helper" But the guys at work found it very amusing.Luv the site,Keep on rockin. Screw it ignorance should be loudly proclaimed! I'm runamok from Sebring, Fl. U.S.A. Oh! and don't drink a six pack before trying to show off.
Trent wrote:
Subject: A pic for Orsm
Hi Mr Orsm. Here's a quick snap I took of some slut I picked up clubbing one night while out on the chems with a few mates. I got her back to my place for a little recovery party, he, he. We did a few more lines (half a dozen) and fucked for hours, my cock actually got road rash after 3 hours non-stop. She was a kinky slut too, wanted me to shave her pussy and do all kinds of illegal stuff in her asshole. Crazy bitch!
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Tim wrote:
Subject: Ex-girlfriend
My ex naked
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Hammie wrote:
Howzit, we run a repair and performance shop in Cape Town and this is the first m5 that we have given a healthy dose of nitrous, will send more pics when it comes in for another tune, love your site cheers
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: irony
Saw this in front of a grocery store and thought it was stupid. The other was a birthday cake I made for a friend. The kitty litter cake. Please do not post my email.
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Dr Fléau wrote:
Subject: Missing girl search Yahoo screeny
Hi Guy, I guess this is a big story around here. Do what you want with the pic, I found it was a little too much on a single page. Cheers.
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Sammy wrote:
Subject: hey how are you :-)
hey mate, these are pics from my mate who recently did army games in QLD - they are a night shoot live fire section attack.....xo
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Melvos Love God wrote:
Subject: Safety Flash
Dear Mr. Orsm, I am working in oil field in an unnamed country working for a major American Oil Co and whilst waiting on the living quarters platform I looked up on the safety board and came upon the attached, now I believe in safety, we have to as all facets in the oil industry has a potential for a loss of life, however reading this one I nearly fell over laughing. It seems that the office wallers ( I am also put into that category at times) are not able to work safely with their "crackberries" and get RSI of the thumbs, probably sending too many emails (or probably sms’s) to his three or four girlfriends.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Interim Phone
G'day, great site. Check out the pic... A few months ago I moved to a new place out of town and the phone line wasn't connected yet. Telstra sent out an "Interim Phone" which uses the mobile network. On the phone was this sticker... Honestly, wtf? Cheers, keep up the good work.
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Kep wrote:
Subject: mike hunt
A mate and I were trawling the South side of Brisbane looking at used cars, when we came across this little beauty. Old mate (pictured) ended buying a green VP manual Commodore (quite hard to find, apparently) from "the man" himself. You can imagine the looks he gets when he answers the question "where did you get your car?". Love your site mate, keep up the mad shit!
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Gary wrote:
Subject: Squash Blossom
Love your site dude. thought you and readers might get a kick out of this snap I took of a chick that passed out on me late one night before I got any from her. The nerve of her waking in the morning and calling me a sum bitch. Keep up the great work on this great site! Remember.... It's all good !
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MARTY wrote:
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Matt Moe wrote:
Subject: love the site...pic included
Hey mr orsm....visited site for years now....i cant find better anywhere...thort id keep it short n sweet and contribute this pic of me and a friend and evidence that someone has made a life changing choice...and i have to agree with them........ keep up the good work
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: mummy
Some pix of a 27 year old yummy mummy I was hitting! Withhold my details thanx!
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Stuart wrote:
Subject: Sheffield Wednesday Team Photo
It was too late for Sheffield Wednesday to do anything else with regards their team photo – there was a deadline. They had to grin and bear it.
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Adrian wrote:
Subject: Maybe you can help?
Hey there Mr. Orsm. Long time, first time and all that. Now for my question... When a "straight" buddy sends you a pic like this, with the caption “come here big boy”, exactly what do you make of it? I’m thinking it may be time to re-evaluate my friendships here. Maybe your army of loyal readers can help? His name is Jay, if you wondered. Keep up the great work! I look forward to your updates every week!

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FPPE wrote:
Subject: found in a car park once.
Not that funny come to think of it, but a wanna send something to the great man (or are you a woman?)
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Lee wrote:
Subject: Thailand
Travelling to Koh Samui with the wife we came across this Mummified Monk which I think looks a little like Michael Jackson. Hopefully you will add these photo’s to your site.
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Mikey wrote:
Subject: Sexy street (near New York City)
Poke a hoe... sounds good to me. Cheers!
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peter wrote:
Subject: portable shitter
A chap that I work with has knocked up this portable shitter. He uses it when he goes camping. I thought it might fit on your site.
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<with held> wrote:
Subject: Used and new! hahahaha
Hi Mr ORSM, I have been coming to your site for years and thought of you when I saw this... What kind of dirty little cunt would BUY a used blowjob toy? hahahahaha
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Francois wrote:
Subject: Who's your daddy ! or should it be who's your Holy Father
Long time reader. Love the site. I recently visited The Vatican Museum in Rome. This unfortunate Statue of John Paul is in the reception area. What were they thinking !
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