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Senior Prank 2001...

My friends and I pulled what we think is one of the best senior pranks ever, or at least what we've seen in our life time. I'd like to begin with our freshman year of high school were we truly began our time of mischief. During our freshman year the stuff we did was small in comparison to the following years.

We would drive teachers insane by printing the letter K hundreds of times in size 72 font. This is where we gained our name of "The K" that stuck with us for the rest of our high school years.

Then our sophomore year we had planned rolling some people one night. Then our sophomore year consisted mostly of rolling. A few nights we would roll several people using fifty to a hundred rolls per house depending on the size of the yard. We rolled a "good friend" of ours with two hundred roles. I walked around and tore forty-eight roles of toilet paper sheet by sheet on his front yard. We left a winter wonderland for him in the morning. Then our junior year we continued rolling and then added egging and tipping portable toilets. Many nights we would drive around and my buds would ride in the back of my truck then we would egg on-coming cars, people we knew, and random parked cars. The best area to egg cars is an apartment complex. All of the cars would be lined up for easy egging. One night we egged a party with over two hundred eggs. It was held in one of the nicest neighborhoods in out city with probably thirty cars asking to me egged. We ended up in car chase by some of people attending the party.

Another night we were chased by the local cops after egging countless on coming cars started around eight in the evening. Due to my aggressive teenager driving ability we weren't caught in either situation. Then all through out our senior year we remained dormant except for planning our masterpiece at the time of graduation. Without farther delay I'll explain out great prank.

What is the one thing a city school system can never function with out…? The answer: School Buses. Since January of 2001 four seniors including myself planned a senior prank to cancel school on exam day for non graduating students. Our target: "The bus barn." The bus barn was the compound where the city stored its twenty plus buses each night. Beginning January till May my buds and I had done everything possible to scout out the bus barn. We would drive by at different nights to look for cameras and also try to figure out the patterns of the police patrol cars. Also we would look for security cameras and dogs left in the compound overnight. All of us graduated May 19th 2001. The date of our prank was May 23rd 2001, also the same date as exams for the juniors, sophomores, and freshman.

Our plan was to make it appear as if an underclassman was responsible for the prank. We took very special care in every part of planning. The tool was purchased months in advance and never touched with out gloves on, in the rare circumstance that we lost it running from cops. We had fully scouted out the bus barn, had purchased latex gloves, and ski masks to help prevent our identity from being reveled in the event of camera or the cops fingerprinted the tires. Once the date came around, Matt stayed at my place. Then Dan stayed at pat's place. Around two in the morning we met up. All piled into the cab of a truck and left on vehicle at a different friend's house to minimize the chance of a license plate being seen. We planed to use two people to watch the two routes that led to the bus barn. We dropped Patrick off with a cell phone at the corner of one intersection and let him hide in the foliage. Then the three left, drove and parked about a mile and a half away in the parking lot of a local stake house. From there we entered into the woods where we walked probably a half a mile to the next intersection.

Dan would cover this section. He kept a cell phone and police scanner on to listen incase cops were dispatched to the seen. After Dan was fully hidden but able to cover his location, Matt and I then continued. We also took a cell phone with us so Dan or Pat could call in the event a cop was on the way. We walked a mile through the woods to the bus barn. He had to go through a major creek and fields of grass at least four feet tall.

Once we neared the bus barn, we put on our ski mask and latex gloves. We moved to the fence of the bus barn then used Dan's fence repair tool which allowed us to unbend the bottom parts of the chain-link fence. Then we went under the fence into the bus barn where we began the prank. We moved bus to bus loosing the metal pin instead of the tire stems. This would allow the air to seep out and allow us to leave with out holding down the pin to release the air. Plus our method wasn't very malicious. We could have always just slashed the tires. About an hour later, once all of the tires were slowly releasing air we left. We called Dan to come pick us up. We moved back into the woods and met him behind a building in an empty parking lot. He then dropped us off at matt's car, then he left to pick up Patrick. We each returned home for the evening. Next morning I hear on the radio, "Oh No! School has been canceled! Someone decided to let the air out of the bus tires!" We thought it was funny at the time. Turned out most of the school system's administration didn't laugh.

The Perfect Crime...

The Cleveland City Schools System has estimated a loss well into the thousands of dollars following the vandalism to 19 school buses early Wednesday morning, according to Dr. Rodney Fitzgerald with public information.

"To say that the prank has cost the system over $5,000 would most likely not be far off," said Fitzgerald.

Schools Director Dr. Rick Denning said a $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the vandalism.

Cleveland Police Department reports indicate Officer Mark Gibson was dispatched to the Cleveland City School's Transportation Department sometime around 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The complainant, Tommy Green, told Gibson that someone had flattened the tires on 19 school buses.

No point of entry could be determined at the time of the report as the gate was still locked and all of the fence was intact.

Gibson contacted all school resource officers and made them aware of the situation and placed the transportation department area on extra patrol.

Although no suspects have been arrested as of press time, the CPD has stated that the investigation will continue until the culprits are found.

"The city's fleet manager was notified at about 5:50 a.m. Wednesday that there was a large number of flat tires on the schools' buses," said David Jones, public information officer for the city.

"He immediately dispatched two mechanics from the public works department to the scene."

Shortly thereafter, according to Jones, two more city mechanics were sent, and because of the large number of tires involved and the need to have them immediately repaired, additional help was called in.

"There were three wreckers and two service trucks, plus the city's service truck and a total of four city mechanics, plus the fleet manager involved," Jones said. "Our personnel was on the scene from between two and two-and a-half hours."

Jones added, two of the buses that had valve stems torn off needed additional repairs, so the city contracted with a private tire company to repair those tires. "The good news is that the process went smoothly and no tires needed to be completely replaced," Jones said. "The bad news is that it ended up being a costly event in terms of both human and financial resources."

Cleveland City students will make up this day by attending classes all day today and a half day on Friday.

Just When You Thought You Had Gotten Away With It...

Two adults and two juveniles were arrested Thursday in connection with the vandalism of 19 school buses early Wednesday morning. The vandalism forced cancellation of classes for the day, with students to attend make-up classes.

Arrested were Zachery Mosayebi, 18, Daniel Humberd, 18, and two 17-year-old juveniles.

According to police reports, all four of the young men confessed to the crime.
All have been charged with 20 counts of vandalism over $500, according to Cleveland Police Department Detective Steve Bennett and School Resource Officer Jeremy Noble.

The school system estimated a loss well into the thousands of dollars as a result of the incident. "To say the prank has cost the system over $5,000 would most likely not be far off," said Dr. Rodney Fitzgerald with public information.

CPD was dispatched to the Cleveland City School's Transportation Department on Mouse Creek Road sometime around 6 a.m. Wednesday, according to reports. No point of entry could be determined, as the gate was still locked and all of the fence was still intact.

"The good news is that the process of correcting the damage went smoothly and no tires needed to be completely replaced," said David Jones, public information officer for the city.

"The bad news is that it ended up being a costly event in terms of both financial and human resources," Jones added.

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