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Response To Racism...

amit wrote:
Subject: An article for your next update
Hey bro. Wassa ? Hows it hangin ? Hers an article which I'm sure you'll find funny enough and socially relevant (LOLOL) to post in your next update. cheers bro

This was the first time I got onto your website. Really cool stuff. Except that racist article by Dan bout Indians which was terribly out of taste and expiry date. This guy really needs to be taught a few lessons in peaceful co existence, so I forward my response to his bull shit. Hope you put it on in the next update

This is in response to the sad racist article by Dan the Clown last weekend. We Indians are very peaceful people. Our grandfathers always taught us that if someone slaps your cheek offer the other one. But what do you do if that person slaps the other cheek as well ? Well then you kick his ass my grandfather taught me. So here goes -

Dan wrote:
Subject: The diseased waterways of india pics
I can understand that poverty and other shit like that leads to images like this.

Well there are other pics on the internet showing lots of good stuff about India. So don’t base your image of all of India based on few pics. How bout you read something positive about India that people have said through out history from here http://promiseofreason.com/greats-said-it-all/ (I looked for you name there but couldn’t find it bro)

BUT! What the fuck is the Australian government doing letting in cunts that live like this!!

The Australian government very well knows that education is the third largest export that Austarlia provides in term of money (around 15.5 billion dollars last year) and most of this money is by Indian students coming in. Thank god the government has more sense than the moron who wrote this

They are everywhere now, all over Australia. In our service stations, banks, supermarkets, at the other end of the phone in a call centre, in take away food shops.

Yeah. At least someone is working hard and keeping the economy going. Not losers like Dan who lack basic respect for another human being and would rather be on the dole.

As taxi drivers that have no fucking idea either how to get somewhere or even how to drive a fucking car that doesn't have an elephant in front pulling it!!!!!!!!

Then why don’t you drive yourself around. Or are you too drunk to drive most of the time. Even I can pigeon hole your kind into being drunk, loud, obnoxious, gambling people who are almost always to be found in a brothel (where they get to in a taxi) or in a police station for stealing stuff (that’s what you do when you travel abroad don’t you)

They walk around yelling into mobile phones that are permanently stuck to the side of their head or have the absolute shit bollywood music playing on it at full volume with no regard to anyone around them.

Regard for people around them ? Well that must be a foreign concept to you Mr. Dan. I’m sure it is people like you who are involved in all the racial attacks on foreigners which seem to be the rage nowdays in Melbourne and Sydney. And then you go back to your hangout and listen to death metal and adore your swastika tattoo in the mirror you vain pufta.

They stop dead at either the top or the bottom of an escalator not knowing what they are going to do next and not give a shit about anyone else because they are that dumb.

Dumb ? Well that is one thing you cant accuse Indians of being. They started the first civilization ever, gave the concept of zero to the world, are instrumental in the IT boom around the world etc etc. You come across as the dumbass here. And whats with the escalator thing. Start using the stairs you fat bum (Australians the fattest in the world ? Go figure)

They run rampant in our public service sectors such as centrelink, local councils and public transport!!!

‘Your’ public service sectors ? They are  for everyone. For the public. Got it ? I’m sure its rednecks like you who talk about getting rid of this stuff for the aboriginals as well (the real owners of this land till your great grandfather came and killed 90 percent of them – I apologise for generalizing here)

Get rid of the fuckers out of Australia before its too late and we end up with shit like what's in those images happing here!! Ok, so I do appear racist, that's probably because I AM!

Hit the nail on the head there brother. You are a sleazy slimey racist with no respect for basic human tenets like peace, love, unity and respect which let all of us co exist in harmony. So I guess Australia should get rid of people like you before its too late and we end up like Germany in the Nazi days. I can also argue that 200 years ago  your people came here first as foreigners, so its only fair that you leave first.

I hate those dirty, smelly, loud, lazy, stupid and absolutely fucking rude Indians.

Peace off bro. Do you know that you need some serious psychotherapy to open your eyes. I hope you get into it fast. There is definitely some deep seated inadequacy in you giving rise to such anger and then you are misplacing it and blaming it on something externally instead of looking inside of you (like beauty, ugliness also lies in the eye of the beholder)

And for fuck sake, if you Indian cunts can afford a packet of cigarettes, spare another 50 cents and buy a fucking box of matches instead of asking for a fucking light all the time!!!!!!!

Well we can afford it and more you cunt. Indians are one of the richest in the world and Indian economy is growing at an amazing pace. FYI India used to be one of the richest nations of the world (used to be called the golden bird of the world) till the British East India Company came and brought the British army there. They used Divide and Rule Policy and basically stripped India and stole everything. Even the Crown Jewel in The Queen’s Crown was stolen from India. Go read some history you jerk (though you sound illetrate as it seems like you were thrown out of school and never got proper education)

And to finish off my racist tirade, a joke. Scientists have confirmed there are 3 definite types of Indian. 1/ The ones with turbans on their heads, they are pull start. 2/ The ones with the dot on their forehead, they are push button start. And 3/ The ones that have neither are KICK START!

This statement does not reflect the opinions of the owner of this website and is not responsible for its publication (but I reckon it reflects the opinions of most Australians).

I’m sure this article neither reflected the opinions of the owner of the website nor most Australians. Only those of one bumbling, bigoted, racist faggot who is just like a frog in a well and has no idea what’s going on in the world around him.

Anyways no hard feelings brother. Alls well that ends (in the) well. We Indians never harm anyone, get involved in any gang culture or shit like that. We come here as hard working people who respect the land and the people and expect to be treated with respect in return. If you go to India you will be welcomed as a guest with open arms and I hope you do that to the people who come here as well. 

Cheers mate

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