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Public Stoning...

There was a phenomenal response to the stoning video in last week's reader mail. In case you missed it, it went something like this:

paul wrote:
Subject: sick video
This is why I am anti religious..... sick motherfuckers breeding more sick motherfuckers... It is no wonder Australia doesnt want these Iraqi and Muslim type followers over here. Why the fuck are we trying to teach "religous tolerance"? Fuck tolerance, and all of you middle eastern cumguzzlers. you have probably read about the 14 year old girl, stoned to death... FUCK RELIGION.
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Responses were varied but for the most part everyone was disgusted that something this barbaric could and does actually happen in this day and age...

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Stoning video
Mr. Orsm, In case you did not already know this, the stoning video posted is of Du'a Khalil Aswad. She was brutally murdered for staying overnight at her boyfriend's house. Please keep this video which is from a different camera and which appears to show her actual death, posted as long as you can. Sites such as Youtube are censoring it. It is an incredibly difficult video to watch, but the world needs to know the kind of savages we are dealing with.
Jamie wrote:
Subject: Sick video ;religeon
Love your site,keep up the good work.........Please keep the filth of the fuk'd up cunts who still believe in god,gods or a god that tells you that it is ok to kill someone for your beliefs.As a family man I can understand what it is like to want to protect my family and would do anything for them,including killing fukn assholes who deserve it,but a young girl who has a full life ahead of her who may have made a mistake,for which I do not know,should be stoned to death,I think is pretty fukd up.Yours most pissed off.Bald cunt.
Marcus wrote:
Subject: Stoning Vid
Paul was pretty down on "Religion" over that vid and I can’t say I blame him. I notice it took a few thousand brave men to subdue a terrified 14 year old girl, what heroes!
Liam wrote:
Subject: Sick video - update 11 may
Hi Orsm. Love the site - have passed the address to all my friends. I was going to whinge and complain about that sick video on the site today - the one of the girl getting stoned - but I'm astounded at the difference it's made to my attitude. I'm the one who always defends the rights of others to have their beliefs. I'm the one who says people should live as they choose, in the society they create. I'm the one that stands up for tolerance in our communities of what are, to us, alien belief systems.  No more, I'm afraid. This has opened my eyes. Thank you.
ash wrote:
Subject: Re: sick video
I'm surprised you posted the 'sick video' e-mail last week, a bit off really. Methinks maybe less with the political and racial content, and more with the free porn and jokes. It's what you do best. Also, the 'coming home' video was maybe a bit sappy and possibly unneeded, although you may have been making fun of it, I'm not sure. Anyway, keep up the generally good work.
<with held> wrote:
Subject: stoning video
What a disturbing video that was. The thing I don't understand is they will call themselves good sons, good brothers, good husbands and good fathers, then they not only allow that to happen to a 14 year old girl but take part in it and video it on their cell phones. I wonder if those men went home and kissed their mothers or daughters and then made love to their wives. If that is what islamic law is all about then if you are a muslim you are one sick mother fucker. If there is a god then he is also one sick fucker. I saw the video you posted of the man being beheaded by muslim extremists, that was as disturbing if not more so. If any western government needed a reason to ban all muslim immigration and prevent all muslims from entering their countries then those two videos should be their platform and policy speech all rolled into one. Sometimes you wish you had never seen some stuff. What they did to that girl will stay with me till the day I die. My grandfather fought in the first world war in the middle east and he once said that the only good arab was a dead arab. I sometimes wonder what he saw all those years ago that so filled him with hate and rage. Now I feel hate and rage to a race of people I have never met and now have no desire to.
Simon wrote:
Subject: Re: Sick video - stoning girl
Dude I visit your site every week - which is awesome as you already know - but mate I think this one crossed the line. Yeah they are fuckers for doing it, but you just don't want to see that to such a young chick who was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time. - Or she could have been screwing everyone ya just don't know? Showing ya Ex's pussy - that's funny, but watching a 14yr old get stoned in front of a mob isn't. That's just my 2cents.
Asif wrote:
Subject: regrding: stoning of a girl.
Hi dear Orsm, This is my reply in regards to Paul's sick video (stoning of a girl). Believe me ive seen stuff and i am a Muslim too. But i just dont understand why the fuck these asshole arabs, middle eastern [fundamental muslims] cum suckers do this. I agree with Paul totally. Fuck Religion ! Just be a good human. Humanity !! Yes, humanity only. Just bomb the entire arab land or these fucker fundamentalist muslims with nukes. These mofos deserve even worse than that ! And yeah, publish my details if you want mate. I wish the stoners get their women stoned and they get to see her naked like that poor kid. God Bless everyone and God bless humanity !

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