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Twelve Year Old Dodgy...

The following is the transcript of me talking to some 12 year old girl on Napster....

<orsm> hello????

<tward69> yes

<tward69> hey baby

<orsm> how r ya?

<orsm> why does your user name sound so familiar to me?

<tward69> I dont know

<orsm> have i propositioned u b4 by any chance?

<tward69> not that I know of

<orsm> cool. doesnt matter then i guess.

<tward69> are you naked?

<orsm> so what was your a/s/l?

<tward69> 12 F Cali, USA

<orsm> 12?????????????

<tward69> yes

<orsm> mmmmmmm........... sorry........... dont wanna know u.

<tward69> why not?

<orsm> errrr......... coz 12 is very underage........

<tward69> please, no one has to know

<orsm> errrrrr........... no........ dont really wanna go to jail.

<tward69> please.... :-(

<orsm> and the reality of it suggests that u r probably a 40 year old male who is into weird shit.

<tward69> you wanted to earlier

<orsm> did i say i did?

<tward69> yes

<orsm> no i didnt........ and especially not with a 12 year old......

<tward69> you told me to look for you so we could

<orsm> but i didnt know that u were 12.....

<tward69> I told you the first time you asked me in the alternative room

<orsm> i assumed that it was a spelling mistake........i didnt really think that i would have a 12 year old wanting to cyber.....

<tward69> so cant you go to jail for saying you wanted to the first time?

<orsm> thats a common misconception. r u a cop or anything like that?

<tward69> no, just a girl who cant get none from the 20 yo guy she is staying with tonight

<orsm> why not? hes not stupid either huh?

<orsm> have u got a pic?

<tward69> on my computer at home

<orsm> where r u now then?

<tward69> my mom's b/f's son's house

<orsm> so why dont u just go sleep with him?

<tward69> he went to bed

<tward69> so I got the plunger from the toilet and am looking for someone to talk to

<orsm> maybe u should just go into his room and do shit to him.....

<tward69> not related....

<orsm> coz there is no way i am cybering with a 12yo girl.....

<tward69> well, what should I do to him?

<orsm> i dunno.........

<orsm> what ever comes naturally i guess........

<tward69> I have never done anything with anyone

<orsm> well.........

<orsm> like i said......... i dont wanna know about it.......

<tward69> pretend I am older and tell me what I should do

<orsm> did i ask u if u were a cop?

<tward69> yes you asked me

<orsm> and?

<tward69> I am not a cop, I can not work, it sucks being 12

<orsm> so r u telling me that u r honestly a 12yo old girl who is randomly asking people to cyber on napster???

<tward69> yes, is that a bad thing?

<orsm> uuummmmmm...... i dont know many 12yo girls who like to have sex let alone cyber with people......

<orsm> whats your name by the way?

<tward69> my friends do it alot on AOL

<tward69> Ashley

<orsm> how old r your friends?

<tward69> 11, 12, 13

<orsm> thats weird if u ask me.....

<tward69> well, I think it is fun

<orsm> how many times have u done it b4?

<tward69> I have cybered like maybe 5 or 6 times

<orsm> wow you must be a pro by now! how was it?

<tward69> fun

<orsm> oh? what happened?

<orsm> anyone get arrested?

<tward69> the guy told me and my friend how to finger each other

<tward69> no

<orsm> cool. did u have fun?

<tward69> yes

<orsm> and did u tell him how old u were?

<tward69> yes

<tward69> he said he liked it

<orsm> and what did he say when the judge passed sentence on him?

<tward69> no judge

<orsm> oh........ hasnt gone to court yet huh?

<tward69> he took her out one night

<orsm> who took who out?

<tward69> the guy took my friend out

<orsm> and how old is your friend exactly?

<tward69> 13

<orsm> how old was the guy???

<tward69> 18

<orsm> so u missed out? poor u!!!! what did u do instead?

<tward69> sat at home with my hair brush

<orsm> combing your hair?

<tward69> no using it in myself

<orsm> huh?

<tward69> the handle of it in my private

<orsm> private what exactly?

<orsm> room?

<orsm> diary?

<tward69> as my mom calls it my pussy

<orsm> oh okay then............

<orsm> u stayed home and combed the cat.......... whats its name? my cat is called misty!

<tward69> I am playing with it right now

<orsm> the cat?

<tward69> my pussy

<tward69> where his dick should be, instead of my finger

<orsm> oh okay then.............. i understand now..........

<tward69> it is fun talking to you while I do it

<orsm> how can u type and do play with the cat at the same time???

<tward69> I only use one hand to type

<orsm> so r u having fun????

<tward69> alot of fun, how big is your dick?

<orsm> my dick? how big do u think it is?

<tward69> I dont know, tell me

<orsm> well its pretty big.............

<tward69> would you put it in my butt like he does with his g/f?

<orsm> who does that with his g/f?

<tward69> my mom's b/f's son

<orsm> yeah maybe i guess............

<orsm> but i have never liked hair brushes.........

<orsm> they're just too damn restrictive.........

<tward69> What should I use then?

<orsm> i dunno................

<orsm> a baseball bat worked wonders for me last time..........

<tward69> thats too big

<orsm> really? damn....

<tward69> yes

<orsm> tennis racket?

<orsm> golf club?

<tward69> I have a tennis racket

<orsm> well maybe try that...........

<tward69> cyber with me and I will

<orsm> i cant cyber with a 12 yo girl..........

<orsm> but i have a mate who probably will..........

<tward69> my pussy has no hair on it, my mom taught me to shave it

<orsm> sweet............. u know what they say - bald is beautiful!!!

<tward69> I have my racket now

<orsm> well what u gonna do with it?

<tward69> fuck me please.....

<orsm> oh i told u..............

<tward69> after all this dont I deserve it?

<orsm> u r under the legal age.........

<tward69> forget the legal age and tell me how to do it

<orsm> what do u want to know?????

<tward69> I want to cyber with you

<orsm> but if i do that then i will be spending the rest of my life getting butt fucked by a big hairy man in jail.......

<tward69> no, fine fuck you then ass hole............ :-(

<orsm> oh cumon.........

<orsm> i like it when u talk like that to me.

<tward69> leave me alone, you made me cry

<orsm> cry?

<orsm> what do u want then exactly?

<tward69> cyber sex

<orsm> where u wanna start?

<tward69> where do you want to start?

<orsm> u r the one who wants cyber so u have to tell me...........

<orsm> well?

<tward69> I want you to come in and catch me with my brush and then let me suck you, and then do my pussy and then my ass, and let me suck it again

<orsm> i'd rather start with BANG! i just stuck it up your bum!!!!

<tward69> um I like that

<orsm> cool.........

<tward69> it hurts but I like it...

<tward69> tell me more

<orsm> the it would be BANG! i just stuck it in your mouth!

<tward69> you suck at this

<tward69> bye

<orsm> bye.

<orsm> hahahahahhahaa

<tward69> your a dick

<orsm> sorry kiddo!!!

<tward69> your a dick

<orsm> u r a dirty little girl!!

<tward69> your too small

<orsm> for what?

<tward69> little dick boy

<tward69> little dick boy

<tward69> little dick boy

<tward69> little dick boy

<orsm> yeah whatever!!

<tward69> little dick boy

<tward69> little dick fag



<tward69> little dick fag

<orsm> u dirty dirty dirty little girl!!! get some help!!!!

<tward69> little dick fag

<tward69> little dick fag

<orsm> i see u dont take rejection very well!?

<tward69> little dick fag

<tward69> little dick boy

<orsm> isnt it about time for u to hop back on your hair brush???

<orsm> seeya sweety!!!!!

<tward69> little dick boy

<tward69> little dick boy

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