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Email Overflow...

Time to clear some of the backlog... below you'll find mail that you guy's have sent me over the last month or two... maybe longer in some cases... either way it's probably a good idea to keep that in mind - some of them refer to stuff thats been posted on the site as far back back as December or were relevant when the Tsunami thing happened or whatever. You guys's will figure it out I'm sure...

Dean wrote:
Subject: Triple J's Off My List Too
Just noticed you mentioned you dont listen to Triple J anymore. I've gone off it to, but I must admit at night it becomes an entirely different station. When the sun goes down they seem to concentrate on the music and leave all the political bullshit out. Some of those Aussie rap songs were fucking unbelievably bad weren't they ? Apparently 30 years ago when they started, they were a great station until they got hijacked by the 'Tim and Debbie ' brigade.

Paul wrote:
Subject: pedantic
hello orsm, you used the word pedantic in your latest update. as per 99% of the uneducated, you used it incorrectly. it does not mean fussy or neurotic. it means showing one's superior knowledge for the sake of it. this email is pedantic.

(p.s. if you feel the need to join the gang, referring to my lack of capital letters would certainly qualify you as pedantic. anyways - great site, your writing is as entertaining the pics/videos. keep it up.)

john krznaric wrote:
Subject: japan tv
Orsm, That video of the japanese gameshow blew me away. So had to do some research and find out what it was about. So if any of your readers are interested give them this link. Love your site by the way. Go Aussie

Steve Gladson wrote:
Subject: Laura Bush's hand gesture in your RS pictures
Explanation of Laura Bush’s hand gesture in your latest RS pictures. She is using the “hook em horns” sign in the support of the University of Texas football team playing in the Rose Bowl. George Bush was Governor of Texas and resided in Austin, Texas home of the University of Texas.

Nick B wrote:
Subject: rs pic
Hi Mr ORSM. Just for information for whoever or wherever the picture of President Bush and the First Lady came from. Her hand is'nt a wave. It's a sign for the College football team meaning Hook em' Horns. Not too unlike the I Love You sign in Hawaii.

Simon wrote:
Subject: Ain't feedback a bitch...
Yo O, And u thought u may have gotten someone blasting u in this email, lol...? The feedback is that the site's good, and I personally like the small updates you've been doing since you got back... hopefully that means a lot more time for you, but I somehow doubt it.

What I thought of instead was to offer up an idea... I may be the only one, but I like reading what you've been up to since the last update (how Big Brotherish...), but what I thought would be cool is if perhaps there were some more Q and A series...you know, the time when your friend asked you some questions and you responded to em... well I know there's the Orsm forums and all, but how about if some of the users who come to the site got to ask you a few questions this time...? Might make things a bit interesting... anyway, just an idea... site's mad anyway. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to catch a one day international match at the WACA, as they certainly are a fun time if you've never been to one... counting the people who get thrown out of the ground is a great game itself...Ciao O.

Fire some questions my way and I will see if I can answer them... -Orsm

Jesus wrote:
Subject: Scarlett Johansson Grabbing her boob!
This picture isn't THAT new, I saw it on gawker or defamer earlier this week. One of my contributors posted some more pics and a video to go with it, it’s supposed to be the full clip from the movie. It may or may not be of interest to you, but I figured I would let you know about it regardless. I appreciate all the support from the Kournikova post, and I will keep on delivering the goods.

John wrote:
Subject: Rebuilding effort in Asia
Watching the [Tsunami] aid concert tonight and heard a hotel owner going on about tourists needed back in Asia. I was wondering: 1) Is the relief effort being used to rebuild their businesses as well as the homes, hospitals, schools? 2) Should it be? 3) Did any of these businesses have insurance?

Some businesses are there because they can pay peanuts to their staff and charge tourists heaps to make enormous profits.

Nick wrote:
Subject: Hotties from salem pic
Mr. Orsm, You have, without a doubt, the coolest web site of ALL TIME! The girls in the pic are from a fairly small town in the midwest U.S.A. Since the town is so small these ladies are fastly becoming celebrities! I just happen to be from the same town they are and I thought it pretty cool to see local talent. I have been with your site since the beginning and I will be here till My Dying Day. Keep up the good work, and keep doing what you do best www.orsm.net

<with held> wrote:
Subject: about pictures someone sent in
someone sent in pictures last time about a dumb bitch.... now... i looked at the pictures... first the hands look strangely manly.... second.... the body shape is manly.... third.... the arms look like a guys..... why do i think its a guy who got a sex change?

Roundman wrote:
Subject: KBW
Dear ORSM, Going through your Christmas update I came across the following [clip] in one of your "hidden" links. Now this reads as Rodney Rude - Hey Santa Claus, and upon listening this ain't Rodney Rude. Furthermore, as a good, proud WA boy, how could you get it so wrong, and not give credit to the correct artist, another great West Australian, Kevin Bloody Wilson. KBW has a wonderful Christmas album full of Xmas ditties, and I recommend that everyone should have a copy.

JBM Driver wrote:
Subject: ducks in a tree
Hey Orsm, Could you be so kind as to inform the guy who took the picture of ducks in a tree... that ducks head for trees when gators hit the pond!!!! I know what I'm talking 'bout, I've seen it happen hundreds of time. I lived Fla. for over 10 years. Ducks and gators don't share a pond.

Chad McNabb wrote:
Subject: Deluxe Ocean Liner Pics
Good evening Mr. Orsm. I have been browsing your site for a while now. I haven't had a reason to write before now, but seeing the pics that you posted in your most recent update made me write.

I have been on that ship, or it's twin ship. The ship you posted cruises the coast of Alaska, and it's sister cruises the Caribbean, called Adventure of the Seas. They are the largest ships on water in the world, or at least that is what Royal Carribean, the cruise line that owns them says.

They are huge ships and the pictures that you posted don't even begin to show it. There is an onboard gym, not that many people ever used it. There is a walking path around the outside near the pools. I believe that they said it was a quarter of a mile around, and that only covers the front half of the ship. There is a rock climbing wall, a tennis court, and many other "features." There is a full theatre where they tape their onboard entertainment to show on their onboard channel. I have pics, but I don't know where they are at the moment. If I can find them, I will send them on to you.

Thanks for the great site. I check it out weekly, if not more often than that.

Howard wrote:
Subject: RE: Yok P LAI's message
In reply to Yok P LAI's note about white people relaxing and enjoying themselves in Thailand (or somewhere) after the Tsunami, while the locals are still completely devastated. I share your disgust mate. I would also go as far as betting a £10 that they're German! Bastards! Look at the one with the gut, drinking beer and you have to agree!

The cloud formation pics sent in by Steve got a pretty big response. I remember the day it happened quite well - rain came out of nowhere and it was humid as hell...

Abhorsen wrote:
Subject: Cloud Formations
Hey Orsm, Can i ask are we sure tho cloud formations are Genuine? and not some bored pubescent teen on Photoshop? If so i'd like to know what kind of formation they were any chance of posing this question on your next update? Anyway keep up the good work, RS rules!

Horatio wrote:
Subject: Clouds over Armadale 20050203
Hi Orsm, Steve sent in some terrific photographs of Mammato clouds over Armadale. These are not often seen - only when there is a big thunder cloud around. Clouds normally form when air rises, and as it cools the water vapour turns into water droplets when the temperature gets below the dew point. So most clouds are flattish on the bottom but lumpy on top. In a big thunder head cloud there are very violent updraughts and also cold downdraughts - these are the beasts that occasionally cause air crashes by pushing the aircraft into the ground. That's what causes the protuberances below the base of the cloud. And Mammato means, er, well,...... tits. Who said meteorology was dull! The photos are very good indeed, lit from the side by a setting sun I imagine. The Oz met office might like them.

Incidentally, in your Coolpix section there is a fine thunder cloud of great vertical extent with the typical anvil head. This happens when the rising air reaches the tropopause and can't rise any further. The latin nale for the cloud at the top is the best tongue-twister in the list - Cirrus Spissatus Cumulonimbo-genitus. All that means is "High, Thick cloud from a thunder storm".

Great Site. Keep it up. It's not true what they say about you - you're a genius.

Jason wrote:
Subject: Clouds
Gidday, Notice that you have some pics of some interesting clouds on your site this week and the guy did not know what they were called. The proper meteorological term is Cumulus Mammatus. It is a harmless sub type of storm cloud, that generally forms after a major storm has passed. It is formed when air in the cloud begins to descend relative to the other air within it.

It is often mistaken for a precursor to Tornadoes or other "BAD" phenomena, but from all accounts is harmless, just a bit of turbulence and down drafts for pilots and passengers of aircraft. Hope this helps! and as everyone else says, love your site!

JClimate1 wrote:
Subject: Weird Clouds
Dont have anything real interesting to say and I dont think anyone will care, but to answer Steve on what type of clouds he snapped the pictures of, they are called Mammatus clouds. The clouds are rare and usually form when clouds from a very large cumulonimbus cloud, AKA Thunder cloud, begin to descend. The clouds are also a sign that the worse of the weather has passed. Just thought I would share a little of my useless weather knowledge. By the way, awesome site.

Bill "the Psycheman" Sellers wrote:
Subject: types of clouds
As the son of a weather forcaster for over 50 years, here in the US, I can truthfully say that those are mammatus clouds named such as they resemble mammary glands. Not that uncommon, but certainly nice to look at.

Keith wrote:
Subject: Mammaries? Udders? Breasts? No . . . Clouds
Orsm Clouds! In your latest update, you have an email from Steve who enclosed 7 pictures of clouds. He didn't know what to call them. Anyone visiting this site would have little trouble thinking immediately of mammary appendages and they would be perfectly correct. The proper name for these clouds is Cumulonimbus Mamma and further examples can be found by Googling those words.

Robb wrote:
Subject: This is where you're tax dollars go...
Hey orsm, check this out: toiletmap.gov.au ... thats an actual genuine government approved website... what tha fuck! I want my tax dollars back!

Thatmosis has been a busy man...

Thatmosis wrote:
Subject: Political Correctness
Thought I would be good over the break but couldn't let this go. Seems "Political Correctness" has finally come around and bitten them on the bum. Who, you ask, why our good mates the Yanks. "Christmas" a word held dear by most Christians is not being used in America for fear of offending people of different faiths, its "have a Happy Holiday" , "Holiday Sales" etc.etc. Imagine Xmas Carols without the offending word, and what about Christians its got that word in it and Christening, The mind boggles, GET A LIFE PEOPLE. Are the other religions going to stop using their words to describe their beliefs because they may offend someone, I think not. You may have one of the most powerful countries in the world but if your combined IQ was dynamite you couldn't blow the skin off a rice pudding. Bloody scary for the rest of us mere mortals and to those I say I hope you had a very merry CHRISTMAS

Thatmosis wrote:
Subject: Tsunami
Happy New Year to Orsm and all the orsmites out there. Couldn't agree with you more, Tsunamied to the eyeballs and beyond. I feel for the people who have suffered but the feeding frenzy shown by the world media is out of control. Its as though a starving mob has been thrown a bit of crust which they will fight over until every last morsel has been devoured, masticated, regurgitated and devoured again ad infinitum, or in this case ad nausium. Let it go, let the volunteers do their work and the survivors have some dignity in their grief.

Thatmosis wrote:
Subject: Prince Harry
Well the poms have done it again, if there ever was an argument for abortion Prince Harry is it. Its nice to see that the years of inbreeding are finally starting to pay off. This is the guy that they are going to make an Officer in the Army, would you follow him into battle????? I'm afraid he would have what is quaintly called a regretable incident, worked with his mother!

Thatmosis wrote:
Subject: xmas blues
Last year I promosed to tell you how to beat the Xmas blues, I've been doing this for 4 years and it works. Several easy steps to a stress free Xmas. !st- buy all your Xmas cards now and in the next few weeks fill them in and put them aside, dont seal them. 2nd- Start an account with the local bottle shop and deposit $10.00 a week. 3rd- Sign up for one of those Xmas goodies hampers, doesn't matter which one. Thats enough to get you started, more soon.

And for some other decent emails too good not to post...

Luke wrote:
Subject: Owned.
Check this man , My friend is an animal. This chick has no idea. Cheers.
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bedouinn wrote:
Subject: Cum in South Africa
Orsm, great site, great stuff. I was @ Canal Walk, Cape Town, RSA and saw this sine which fits only in your site. I thought you deserve to see it and show it if you deemed it appropriate and in line with your site characteristcs, so, let ladies quoe up for the Cum to be :) Please no email to be shown. Thanks

click to enlarge

Mike McDonough wrote:
Subject: Discount Plastic Surgeon
....my buddy, the guy who always knows somebody to buy everything at a discount, bought his girlfriend a boob job at 50% off...... I understand he gets out of the hospital next week.....

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Stuart wrote:
Subject: dont lick
taken by me at a golf corse in perth.. i diden't know there was a problem with lots of people licking there golf balls.. but anyway! thanks.

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Bruce Todd wrote:
Subject: Ice Houses!
Here's two pics of a couple of houses that are located in Hull Quebec, just over the Ontario boarder in Canada. They pictures were taken shortly after a recent typical storm went through, so you may want to plan your trip to Canada in July or August.

click to enlarge click to enlarge
Smaily wrote:
Subject: Read the text first then view attachment
There is a company in Sweden called Locum AB, which owns and manages Nursing homes and other medical buildings. Locum decided to place an ad to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The copywriter at the ad agency suggested, "Why not replace the "o" in Locum with a heart. You know, all sort of cuddly and all?" The coolest thing was the comment from Locum's boss when the papers interviewed him about the mistake. "Ah, well. These things happen. And if it helps to fill our maternity wards we don't mind." Moral of the story - Never trust those Media people.
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Slo Michael wrote:
Subject: Psychic News
The local News channel in San Luis Obispo, Ca. has the edge on their competition.
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Midnighter777 wrote:
Subject: Drunken sleeping mates
Hi, just wanted to share a few pictures of my mate Scott being humiliated while he sleeps. He cant look us in the eye now without feeling violated, with friends like these....

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Tyler wrote:
Subject: Shaving cut
Here's a pic of me doing something dumb, use it if you wish.

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Sean Anderson wrote:
Subject: My good man
Love your site. Been on it for years. Anyways, when I landed in London Heathrow for a transit, I noticed lots of Virgin Airlines planes, each with their own slogan. I had to whip out my camera and take a pic of this one though, cause it reminded me of the sense of humour the British have (compared to north americans).

click to enlarge

DtM wrote:
Subject: Yarra River after this mornings storm!
Not sure if you can picture in your head what it looked like previous. But we have had some rain here lately Melbourne Yarra is busting, Photo's are right near Esso. With a bit of luck it will wash all the shite out to sea. Farmers are saying to much rain now, God can never win??

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If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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