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Email Overflow...

First up there was several of you guy's who took some time to correct an email from a guy about Bill Gates' yatch... it seemingly doesn't belong to Bill at all...

David wrote:
Subject: "Gate's" Yacht
Mr. Orsm I hate to be a stickler, but the 414' Octopus that you say is owned by Bill Gates is actualy Paul Allen's. Paul Allen is the cofounder of Microsoft and is also worth sevral billion dollars. That doesn't detract from its size, and the fact that it is the largest privatly owned yacht. Allen also owns the 301'8'' Tatoosh, the 12th largest privatly owned yacht. That dude has expensive taste! Love the site...

Mark Fraser wrote:
Subject: Octopus - World's largest privately owned yacht.
Hey Orsm, Just to let you know that those photos you had of Octopus were great. It is in fact the largest privately owned yacht in the world at 416 feet and is actually owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. However, there are rumors that the CEO of Oracle is currently building an even bigger yacht.

BTW, in case you ever are interested, the biggest yacht owned by an Aussie is Kerry Packers Arctic P at 288 feet (15th largest) and Greg Normans Aussie Rules is 228 feet long and is currently the 36th largest.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Stu wrote:
Subject: Ravings of a moron
Hi Orsm. I'm sure that every week you have a wanker or fifty pick some lame pointless hole in part of your content - most likely it's an attempt to cover up their own inadequacies in life..... Well today it's my turn. The 125m (413 foot) yacht shown as owned by Bill Gates is in fact owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. It's not clear from the photos you have, but there is actually another helipad on the bow (front) of it too. It was reportedly worth 200 million, and costs about $250,000.00 to fill the gas tanks! I guess that his 20 billion dollars should stretch far enough to keep it running though. So if you are interested, here is a link to a few pictures of the little toy.

Changing the subject slightly.... Since you update everything when you make a new format (trying to cover up what you used to be like no doubt), I thought you might be interested in a trip down memory lane. Here is the way you were April 2001. You can try to hide it, but the net wont let anything die.

And yet another subject change (trying to get it all in so I don't get the urge to bug you again - anytime soon.)... Please shut the fuck up about the weather in Perth next summer. I live at the bottom of New Zealand - where summer occurs somewhere between the 12th and 13th of January. So unless you plan to post heaps of pictures of the bikini clad Aussie chicks... or better still, hook me up with one, I don't wanna know.

Don't worry, I'm done now. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Next up were yet more replies in regards to the email I got from Yerffaccm...

Jay Risland wrote:
Subject: yerffaccm
While most countries are like people(each having their own political views), I feel it is in Yerff's best interest to quit asking what other people think about his political preferences. For the very reason you stated in your initial response to him. You will always have an apposing side to whatever you choose to believe. You can think whatever you like about the leader of a nation. At least the leader of this nation( the US) has stood up and made an impact on terrorism.

He made a hard statement of, "We are not going to take it anymore." Because of the differences of opinions around the world, the US is forced to lend aid to other countries that don't see things our way but are willing to keep the peace(their mouths shut) if we give them money to help them along. Greedy leaders take the money, screw their own people out of it, and blame the US for not giving them enough. When a war breaks out(sometimes because of the above sentence), The US is forced to pull those finances away from those countries to help with war efforts. That sudden lack of monetary support from the US pisses the other countries off and they think we are being assholes. Which in turn has created more war.

Do you know who the hardest working individuals on the face of the planet are? The Americans. Every single cent that is generated for world aid is generated by the US taxpayers, i.e., we pay taxes to the sum of stupidity. Want the people to spend more to help with financial aid for other countries or war efforts? Lower the interest rates. Raise gas prices. Raise food prices. Raise the price of cigs. Raise the price of clothing. Ta Da, billions generated. (Republicans and Democrats are BOTH known for this particular game, so no pointing fingers here.)

On top of all this, we are trying to maintain a safe and peaceful setting for the American taxpayer to keep them working. Why? So they will buy every single import peace of shit the government allows through the ports. If they don't feel safe, they won't buy. They don't buy, other countries don't get money(from said taxpayers). They don't get money from taxpayer, their way of life goes down the tubes and they are now in an unwanted position to ask the US for money or help to stimulate their economy. And then, because some desert dwelling prick decides to do something completely insane like hijack a couple of planes with innocent people on it and commit suicide and murder of thousands of more innocent people, some of them their own, we are forced to take action to prevent it from reoccurring. Even in other countries. No other country is willing to stand up as much because no other country has what the American people have. Will power, strength, determination, pride, and versatility. We are able to work in every shitty environment in the world, because every country has asked for help to get what they want done. In order for US to help, we have to put people there, in that environment.

Be very careful when you bad mouth the American taxpayer. It's not that we like rubbing anything into the faces of other countries, it's more like, we've helped you people enough, quit sniveling and don't ever get demanding. This country allows any walk of life into its borders. Don't like it? Leave. DON'T and I repeat, DON'T get so caught up in your religious or political bullshit that blowing things up is the way to make a statement when 99 percent of Americans are so busy busting their ass working, so they can keep the rest of the world floating, they don't even know what the fuck your demented ass wants from life. Go to your mommy's grave and tell HER you don't feel loved. After killing innocent people here, WE DON'T LOVE YOU EITHER!!!

So Yeffaccm...it's looks like you are taking the right path after all. You're leaving. While you're over their enjoying life because you were too weak to stick with it here, do some research. And for Gods sake quit asking other people what you should do with your life. Dumbasses like you end up being brainwashed into strapping a bomb to their chest and creating more shit for the rest of the world to clean up.

... and the Michael Moore Vs Casino thing continues.

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Republican stupidity as usual
Please don't put my name or e-mail address on the site if this does get posted. In response to this guy...

mcclellan wrote:
Subject: Reply to Michael Moore vs Casino
Oh, this really got me upset. While he has the right to express his opinions, where did those rights come from? From people willing to sacrifice their lives to protect those rights. Does anyone think that he would be allowed to express his opinions, no matter how well researched in another country? I think not.

I think so! Is this another sign of the appaling lack of knowlegde Americans have of the rest of the world, or an example of Americna arrogance. Or both? Don't want to rule that out. Just off the top of my head I can think of several other countries. Here's a short list. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan. I'm sure there's more but I have personal experience with these these coutries so I know what I'm saying is true. Are you really so FUCKING arrogant you think only in America can people speak out? I think that America has less freedom to speak now. If anyone dares say something that goes againt the President or the war, suddenly they are un-American because they DARE to use one of the freedoms that is supposed to be a defining American trait!

He is living so much better off than the people in Iraq were and now are. Why doesn't he move over there and try to explain his way of thinking? All he is doing is undermining the American way of life and support for the troops over there. Why doesn't he propose something to make things better? It is so much easier to criticize than to offer help. Perhaps he could take the profits from his movies and books and donate it toward the starving Iraqi children?

How? How is he undermining the American way of life? By refusing to beleive lies? No one is arguing about the quality of life and the conditions endured in Iraq. What has been questioned is the reasons America went to Iraq in the first place, and if you think it was to help the Iraqi people, you are deluded. If America was there to help because they cared, they would have safe guarded sites like the museum with irriplaceable cultural treasures, not only of the Iraqi people, but of the world! It would have taken a handful of troops to protect these sites, but they did nothing! America is in Iraq for oil! And so Bubya can show how big his balls are because he got the bad guy Daddy couldn't! Look at me! I got Hussein! Please don't remember I can find Bin Laden even after 3 years! Please don't look at what I've fone to out economy! Please don't look at what I'm doing to your schools! I got hussein! My Daday's oil friends are getting richer! And all it took was 1000 dead Americans! But please ignore that cause I got Hussein! I promis large tax breaks, and I deliver! But I give the money to the poeople with money already. Not those who need it! But PLease ignore that, cause I got Hussein!

Michael Moore, stop being negative, look toward the positive, because you hate (my opinion) the Bushes, does not give you the right to influence less informed people with your perception of how you think things should be.

But Bush doesw have that right? He kept spouting that Iraq has WMD's!! Over and over! Hussein is in Legue with Al Kaeda! Over and Over! So Michael Moore isn't allowed to influence people with well researched facts, but Bush is allowed to influence people with outright lies? Amazing how America works now isn't it!

For the people that don't know, Flint Michigan is highly oppressed and crime stricken with poor, black people thriving on welfare and government subsidies (translates to other peoples money)

I love that bit. Other people's money. I have a question. Why should America, with the world's largest economy, yet not the world's largest population, have ANY starving people. Why should it have ANY poor? America has the resources to take care of EVERYONE in it's borders, but doesn't. Because those with the money are fucking greedy. They have more money than they can possibly use or need, but they still want more. For what? So they can decide what is right and wrong, and be sure to have enough funds to buy politicians to make sure others have to live as they see fit.

The Ameican dream! Any man can make his fortune through hard work and intelligence! Only that doesn't hold true anymore. America used to have an 80% inheritance tax for the upper tax bracket. That let people have the chance to make their own way. But if a big company owns every fucking thing, what can you do but become another faceless peon? If the rich still shelled out 80% of what they inherited instead of finding more and more ways to keep every last cent so that the poor has to shoulder the burden of paying for the running of the country, maybe America could come out of the red someday! As long as Bush and friends aren't doing the spending!

It shouldn't be other people's money. If the rich paid employees better and the government stopped screwing the working man (REALLY check what the GWB government has done to labour laws!) then it wouldn't have to BE other people's money!

It comes down to money doesn't it? You don't want to give any more of your money away than you have to, and you seem to thing Bush will keep more money in your own pocket? Look at the numbers. With Bush at the helm, Americans are screwed. America is fine. The rich will continue to get richer. But Americans in general are screwed.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes :) It's 2AM, and I don't tend to check my spelling to closely when dealing with republican misinformation. I'm sure this has come out differently than I originally intended, and may offend some people. GOOD! Bush spending LIVES for OIL offends me!! WAKE UP! And don't try and steal another fucking election!!

We now return you to your regularily schedualed porn, jokes, and videos of idiots driving too fast through traffic and crashing motorcycles! Keep up the good work ORSM!

Ryan Rittenhouse wrote:
Subject: Response to Reply on Michael Moore
First, I'd like to say that, as a film-maker, I don't agree with everything Moore does. That aside, I think the response you posted by rmcclellan was convoluted and backwards in its thinking. He says that Moore "is undermining the American way of life" and that he wouldn't "be allowed to express his opinions, no matter how well researched in another country." He goes on and on about how Moore should shut up because his privlidge is made availabe by those he is critising (even though that's not true). So in other words, rmcclellan is denouncing Moore for practicing the very rights people died defending... this makes no sense. As Noam Chomsky once said, "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all," and as Volatire once wrote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Be glad there are voices out there, even if you do not agree with them, that are challenging the status-quo, for silence at times like these is the thing most to be feared. This country is in grave peril, not just from terrorists but from our own government. Those in power use ignorance and poverty to keep people like us in check. Question and investigate what is happening, you might be amazed (or horrified) by what you find.

However, what is most insulting about what rmcclellan's wrote is at the end when he talks about Moore's "faggot" hat and Lansing. Seems we have another homophobe on our hands. Besides, who gives a fuck if Moore wants to wear a MSU hat? He is from Michigan... And as for Flint, Michigan, Moore's first film (Roger and Me) is about Moore's hometown - that's right, his first attempt at film-making was to address the problem in his own hometown, a problem that was created by Roger Smith (CEO of General Motors) removing all his plants and jobs to overseas, leaving Flint (and much of the Detroit area) destitute and impoverished (it wasn't always "stricken with poor, black people thriving on welfare and government subsidies (translates to other peoples money)" - is this guy racist too?). Roger Smith, just one more CEO in the huge list of CEO's who support and back people like... that's right, George W. Bush (Dick Cheney - former CEO of Halliburton, Kenneth Lay - former CEO of Enron). Rather than listening to the main stream media (FOX news, the child of millionare, media mogul and Bush-backer Rupert Murdoch) leave the small fry, free speech/thought people like Moore alone and do your duty as an American and a democrat (as in one who believes in deomcracy, not a member of a political party) - question the government, do the research, find your own answers. Above all, question the status-quo, no matter what it is.

... and a correction or two on the Alligator pics.

John Murphy wrote:
Subject: Water Skiing anyone?
This was taken by a KTBS helicopter flying over Cross Lake ! (For those of you who are not local, Cross Lake is in Shreveport, La.) That has to be a HUGE gator to have a whole deer in its mouth! Are you ready to go skiing on Cross Lake?! If you ski at the west end of the lake -- try not to fall.

click to enlarge click to enlarge

Chris Kral wrote:
Subject: Gator Pictures
Just to let you know, the pictures you have on your site of the gator with deer is not from Cross Lake, LA. The credit given to KTBS is false. KTBS has not had a helicopter since theirs crashed more than 12 years ago. The photos come from South Carolina, they were taken by a game warden during research.

Oh yea, it still safe to swim in Cross Lake... I wouldn't. That's just me.

Still Nutty wrote:
Subject: Alligator pics
In your latest update........ I think I sent this link to you before (Urban Legends site), this specifically relates to those photos and just sets the record straight.

There was ofcourse a shit-stirring email from Posh Bill a few weeks back which is still attracting some attention as well...

Michael wrote:
Subject: Re: From England
G'day Orsm...

The Lucky Chicken wrote:
Subject: Re: From England
In reply to PoshBill, the only reason Australia is 'hungry to achieve' in competitions such as the Olympics is for the sole purpose of taking the piss out of other countries. Be it the Yanks, Poms, Kiwis or Norwegians. All that is left to say is that Britons are whinging, fat faced, pale arse, hedgehog fucking, Fosters drinking snowmen who dissapointed their monarchial queen by having only half as many current Olympic champions as those degenerate, whinging, squinty eyed, leather faced, mining, sheep fucking (yes, sheep fucking! Whatever rocks your boat mate), VB drinking convicts inhabiting the far corner of the world.

reply: The Lucky Chicken wrote that Aussies were sheep fuckers. This, of course, is historically inaccurate. New Zealanders are sheep fuckers. We Australians have cattle... But at least ours aren't mad.

PoshBill wrote:
Subject: In reply to The Lucky Chicken
Your a Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!! Sorry, i am not eloquent enough to argue with ya so i will just resort to swearing. Love you all

PoshBill wrote:
Subject: From England
Dear Mr Orsm, many thanks for posting my letter, Australians are now my favourite people in the world even over the English (my own people) Good work fella.

And finally is a bunch of other just too good to delete...

Johhny M wrote:
Subject: New update regime
Dude, Your new idea for weekly updates, whilst noble in principle, completely SUX in practice. I used to look forward to my fortnightly or monthly update, have a sicky and lock myself away for a day when it came around. You know, candle-lit dinner, sit on my hand for two hours so it felt like someone else's, etc, etc, etc.

Now I'm running the risk of getting busted at work coz I can't take every Friday off - and there's these funny blisters starting to form, doctor says 'have a week off' but then I sent him to your site and he recanted - and so he should too coz it's all good!

<with held> wrote:
Subject: orsm.net gets too popular
Hi, Great site you`ve got. Unfortunately, lots of people her think the same. I'm an admin employed at a rather large international corporation (we still enjoy the benefits of free-for-all-no filters-nothing blocked Internet access). Checking the gateway logs against "itchy" and doing some quick calculations brings me to the conclusion that last month, half of one percent of your visitors to your site originated from "our" guys who literally get paid surfing your site. Ranking-wise, you currently hold 16th place in the "clearly non business related" site category right behind "my.screenname.aol.com" but way in front of more traditional sources of male entertainment. Please NEVER move to daily updates, as this surely will lead people to spend even more time on your site and we `ll get ordered to start blocking sites. Please, if you publish this, do not include my name or e-Mail, as I just KNOW it will be recogized by people who rather should not.... Thanks. BTW, thanks for the great site and keep up the good work.

Mark wrote:
Subject: cruisers - for the weak
Hi, As another person recently inducted into motorcycle riding - I too thought cruisers / tourers were pretty sweet. Yesterday I had taken my bike (Kawasaki GPX-250R in case you were curious) into the bike shop for a tune up and as I was waiting for a cab to come pick me up and deliver me to work, a honda goldwing cruised in with Britney blazing over the four speaker radio. Pretty appauling for a club rider and a damned expensive bike. The image of the rough, tough, take no shit biker was there. The music took it away.

I always thought anyone who rides/drives a Gold Wing was a bit of a wanker anyway... -Orsm

Calabrese wrote:
Subject: 13 Reasons (user submitted content?)
Mr Orsm: I wasnt sure if youd agree, but since you mentioned buying a gun last week, I thought this was relevant. It comes to us from a radio show here in the US done by a chap named Quinn. Its a little long but worth it, and maybe I thought you would like to post it if you havent seen it before.

1) You can buy a silencer for a handgun
2) You can trade a .44 for two .22s
3) You can have a handgun at home, and another one on the road.
4) If you admire a friends handgun, and tell him so, he'll be impressed, and let you try a few rounds with it.
5) Your primary handgun doesn?t mind if you have a backup.
6) Your handgun will stay with you even when you?re out of ammo.
7) A handgun doesn?t take up a lot of closet space.
8) Handguns function normally every day of the month.
9) A handgun won?t ask "Do these grips make me look fat??"
10)A handgun doesn?t mind if you go to sleep when you?re done using it.
11)You can have more than one handgun in the same house without having problems.
12) A handgun does not care how big your trigger finger is.
13) A handgun won?t tell all of its friends that you?re a little bit fast on the trigger....

Kizzy wrote:
Subject: Hey bloke....
Great site... love it.. better then doing any actual work.. Hey if you get a chance check out.. www.ahousenearyou.com. Very funny stuff that some friends of mine have come up with... The interviews are great... Cheers bloke...

<with held> wrote:
Subject: very cool
Hey Mr. O. Love the site. Found this thought you may want to check this out http://oink.elrellano.com/casa.php. Now don't just look at it really look at it very well done and great detail. Have a little fun see how many comic book characters there are, also how many murders. I've gone back to this and see something I didn't notice before.

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