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Email Overflow...

With Reader Mail on hiatus for a week things get backed up very quickly and I suddenly have more email than I can possibly fit on the main page... thus the Email Overflow is alive and kicking again.

The last few weeks have been busy on and around the site and in the real world with some topical stuff causing people to drop their pencils and fire emails my way. That's all good too - there's nothing I like more than seeing my inbox inflate to the size of a pregnant woman with elephantitis.

Before we get on with it, if you would like to contribute to Reader Mail and have your stuff viewed by millions, maybe billions or possibly tillions then we are always more than happy to receive absolutely anything you wanna send! Funny videos, naked pics of your ex or current girlfriend, jokes or practically whatever else you can staple to an email are all welcome... all you must do is click here and get it happening.

The death of Steve Irwin had a big impact and stirred a lot of emotions for people and there was plenty of mail about it...

Row wrote:
Subject: Steve Irwin - Dangling the baby..
Hey Mr Orsm. I'm just writing this to say that i was actually at Australia Zoo, in the "Crocoseum" as its called, the day Steve was supposedly dangling his baby near the crocodile. I just want to say that a real life view of the situation, basically shits on any camera shots taken. Steve had complete control over the situation, the crocodile was close to his child, but not dangerously so. Everyone who knows anything about Steve knows that he has a certain affinity with animals, crocodiles especially. Because of this bond with the animals, his child was at no time in any danger. And to contradict his actions, is a disgrace to the name of a great man. Cheers.

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Ode to Steve
Ode to Steve

A bright and brash Australian
The "Hunter" was his name.
And all those slimy reptiles,
brought him wealth and fame.

Some say he was a looker
To girls, he was a dish
He knew everything about crocodiles,
But f uck all about fish.

Per-Erik Persson wrote:
Subject: Had it coming
Hi. Read your site "Croc hunter didn't had it coming". Hell no. He knew he lived on the edge and he loved it. That was all he was about, living on the edge. I'm from Sweden and we had a crazy ashole that took his bike and road it to the Himalayas, climbed Mount Everest and took his bike back to Sweden. Everything he needed was on the bike. No TV crews, nothing. A digital camera was all he had. (Can you see yourself getting on a bike after climbing Mount Everest and taking it through half of fucking Siberia to get home????) He broke his neck while climbing a small cliff that for him was easy prey. They live close to death and sometimes shit happens for them to. RESPECT TO STEVE.

Danny Do wrote:
Subject: CRIKEY ...I HATE YOU!
this from here...

I am speaking on behalf of ALL Australian residence when i say that you are the BIGGEST waste sperm ever to walk this planet. You were better placed in a tissue, sock or dribbling off your mothers chin.

The way you spoke of Sir Steve Irwins existence, esp immediately after his death was THE most un-Australian dribble i have ever heard of.... and not surprisingly out of a stupid feminist mouth!

Sir Steve was one of the greatest human beings to walk this earth, and we are EXTREMERLY fortunate enough to have him grace the shores of this wonderful land we call - Australia!!! His humour, personality and vibe touched our hearts, from young to old, white to black, east to west, country to country. His fight for animal rights and conservation will carry on forever and if young Bindi has anything to do with it, your views wont count for diddly squat! HA HA F**KING HA!

I can only thank the powers to be (god or whoever is out there) that you were shipped, shot, booted or F**CKED out of this beautiful country of ours. Please do not taint this magnificent country of ours by returning to our shores... as i can promise you, you are NOT WELCOME!

Please do a good deed by return your hairy muff to the kitchen where it belongs, I have no idea who in their right mind gave you the rights to leave your domain to write such a preposterous article.

In closing please do us Aussies a favour and remove yourself from any reference to this Steve Irwin loving country! Steve is the biggest living Australian legend in our eyes and you are the biggest disgrace to the human race.

CROCS RULE!!!! RIP Sir Steve Irwin

Chris wrote:
Subject: Irwin And Brocky
Your Royal ORSM'ness. As a fellow Aussie i must say this is a very sad week for Australia, to lose Steve Irwin one of Australia's greatest known persons and ambassadores is a tragic within itself, despite what some narrow minded, publicity thriving, old mole lesbian thinks. Then to lose another legend like "King of the mountain" Peter Brock is a kick while you are down. Both men are undoubtably the best in there field and did so much for Australia. Rest in peace my friends, Australia will never forget what you have done for us and how you entertained us in many ways. Lets just hope that this doesnt happen in 3's..

Martin wrote:
Subject: steve irwin
Dear Mr Orsm, Steve Irwin dead. Germaine Greer still draws breath. There is no god. RIP Steve. Another dead Hero. Who would you like to have the rest of the world think that all australians are like? the crocodile hunter or some washed up dike who thinks growing armpit hair and working a cigarette lighter on a bra is a great life achievement! I would like to adopt one of the positive muslim beliefs in regards to her and issue a fatwa on her, but instead of muslims going after her, anyone who has felt proud to be an australian because we were lucky enough to be born in the same country that could produce a maniac like irwin could also help with the greiving process by fucking her in the ass with a chainsaw.

Yeah you better withhold my name and address. With the new anti-terror laws i may have asio kicking in my door at dawn one morning????????

This is meant be humourus. not an incitation to violoence. Shit, should i even send this? Fuck it, Rock on. Nuke all stingrays.

click to enlarge click to enlarge

Grant wrote:
Subject: Germaine Greer Competition.
Introducing the all new Germaine Greer caption competition. All you have to do is make up a smart-arse caption that goes with this picture and you are in the running to win incredible prices. ( look up the word incredible in the dictionary ) So get busy with your digital pens and paper and make someone happy today!

All entry's should be sent to as many people as you can so that your unimaginable wit will spread joy among the thousands of internet users worldwide. Don't delay folks as Germaine just loves publicity and will be excited to see just what literary genius ( apart from hers) may be laying dormant out there in cyber space. Note, that this is a form of free speech and artistic expression so lets not mince words.. And for Gods sake don't be cruel or get to close and invade her space.. And by the looks of it there is a bit of space down there. We have had the Hoff pics and the Beer dude but this round is all about Germaine.. Here is a blank Jpeg and sample caption. Go forth young humans.

Peter Brock being killed within the same week was just as big a deal for most Aussies also...

McHugh wrote:
Subject: Vale Brockie............
Lookn forward to reminiscing and rejoicing the life of "Brockie, King of the Mountain" lets get a couple of hot Torrie pics up here, throw in a couple of Gtrs / Slrs and A9X's both past and present , as I will be doing the obligatory video reruns of Bathhurst, with the nude nut from Midnight Oil cranking out the chorus with a slab of the best, a few mates, all between a grandfinal victory to West Coast and the next Hardie Ferodo. But it does make u wonder where our next legends are coming from? Lose a Doc Neeson, DK Lillee, Marshie , Boonie were cactus.... be better if we lost a few dipstick pollies b4 our icons. Great stuff on here, but i must admit for the first time in my life i felt a need to buy a gun, all over the islamic punishment of that kid having his arm held down by a man as a car drove it. Dont want to sound like a talk back radio host or a redneck, but while the vocal minority decree that our kids cant celebrate Xmas at schools, or have Christmas decoration in our citys we are heading that way..........I love being an Aussie having lots of wogs mates, enjoy there food / culture and friendship but please dont make me be one and lose our Australian identity and heritage in the process!

Ken wrote:
Subject: Brocky
What a shit week for Australia with the death of Steve Irwin and now Peter Brock . I have watched or been there every Bathurst since 1969 . I was a flag marshal at Bathurst between 75 and 79 and saw Brocky at his best . I was lucky enough to get a lap in his 79 Torana as I sent you in June 2006 (archives) .He was more than a legend to thousands of motor sport fans . He was a great Australian icon . We will sadly miss the king of the mountain

click to enlarge

Alex wrote:
Subject: a bit of a rant
hey orsm, love the site man, check your updates every week, but I've got one thing to say, WHAT ABOUT BROCKY?? <--- just as you said, superheros don't die, and Australians everywhere should sit down and take stock of the terrible tragedy that has befallen our proud country with the death of two absolute legends, true iconic Aussies that died this week, and thank their stars for the gift of life. On another note, If you are one of the people who refuse to integrate, learn the language and play a decent role in society (and that includes illiterate bogans as well) and you just don't understand the sense of pain we are all feeling at the moment, FUCK RIGHT OFF, cos I dont want the values of your fucked up countries being instilled in Australian suburbs, unless its going for compo, cos thats really Australian. Anyway, have a good one.

These was a bunch of email in regards to the series of pics I posted entitled 'How Islaam Punishes an 8 Year Old'. Some of the comments I recieved were probably quite justified however you guys really need to keep in mind that there is just one person that runs this entire website [me] and I don't always have time to check facts so things do end up on Orsm.net as they have come to me.

Saleh Gandeel wrote:
Subject: What islam does to kids - links
Orsm, If you feel bad for the kid, you can feel better knowing that its just a circus act and that no one was harmed in the making of these photos. Notice the bare pickup, the mic, and the towel under the arm. By the way, Iran uses millitary to carry out punishment, not some peasant off the street. ORSM's a good site, a real site, so don't spoil it with propaganda.

UrbanLegends.com Link - TruthOrFiction.com Link - Snopes.com Link

Saleh Gandeel wrote:
Subject: How Islam treats kids
Hey Orsm, I've been checking your site for a few years now. I can't help but notice that you've joined the bandwagon for anti-Islamic propaganda. You know thats all it really is "PROPAGANDA", and I can't see how you could have an agenda for this! You simply don't know enough about Islam to be a true "crusader" against it. I don't know what it does for you but I must say that it makes you seem very ignorant, and quite honestly your starting to sound like an excited hill-billy who's doing bubba's work. Your site Rocks. Cheers.

Leon Koenig wrote:
Dude, I normally wouldn't bother, but I think you made a very poor choice in naming that photo set. I wont bother going into detail about what is wrong with that statement, but it really seems that you're letting political bias or resentment of some sorts show. Please try to stay politically neutral.. Either that or perhaps do something to show you're not just trying to bash any particular group of people for no good reason. What I mean by this is that if you bother to look you can find equally disturbing photo sets from so perceived civilized western and Asian cultures. One other thing, how did you know those people were Islamic? I don't see a sign on them stating that they all are of any particular religious or cultural group. ... hmm....

reza khayatian wrote:
Hello there Mr. ORSM. Big fan of your site, i count the seconds on thursdays till that clock hits 12:00 and logon to your site to view the reality of the incredible world through your site.

Though,,,one thing i saw today made me shiver and want to hate every muslim ou there: The series of pictures showing the 8 Y/O kids arm getting run over. IT IS NOT REAL!!! After doing some research to see if it was infact real i found MANY credible sources tell me it isn't real. The newspaper which these pictures are taken from Already stated that these are pictures of a street act in iran. Heres an article about the pictures. I am a muslim...or try to be and like MANY OTHER MUSLIMS do not apreciate my religion being slandered like this.

Comments: The preceding images are apparently authentic -- they were published as such in 2005 on the Iranian news Web site Peyke Iran, at any rate -- but the accompanying caption doesn't jibe with the original report and was clearly fabricated after the fact.

According to a Peyke Iran spokesperson who corrected the record last November in a note posted on Little Green Footballs, the young boy whose arm was run over was not being punished for a crime. He was part of a "Maareke giry" or street magic act and allegedly performed the stunt for money (note the gentleman speaking into a microphone in image #1). The seventh and eighth pictures in the series, which appear to show the child shaken but otherwise unharmed after the ordeal, were omitted from the email flier but can still be viewed on Peykeiran.com (where all the images are attributed to photographer Siamak Yari).

Anyways, keep up the good work and for god's sake MORE RS PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I blogged in my 7th of September update about Australian Prime Minister, John Howard's comments on Muslims refusing to integrate into out society...

"At the risk of being labeled a racist or bigot or whatever I say regardless of your ethnicity or religion if you don't want to integrate, if you don't want to share our values, if you don't want to adopt the way of life then please fuck off back to where you came from. I'm sick of it. Don't bring your shit here and fuck up a good thing."

ReallyEvilCanine wrote:
Subject: your comments
That's not racist. It's not bigoted. It's correct. If you move to another country -- another culture -- then you integrate. Full stop. No questions. You can't expect those around you to adapt their beliefs and customs to suit you. Living in New York City disgusted me. The wags waving their foreign flags and going on about how great their home countries were made me ill. If your country is so great, why the fuck did you leave it? Go home. No one's making you stay.

I might get labeled as well, but I'm ALSO an immigrant. I currently live in Germany. I accept German laws and German customs and live like anyone else in the country I voluntarily entered. I did the same in England. I do the same in Iceland since I'm halfway there to becoming a resident. Expecting Johnny Foreigner to learn the language and become a part of the culture of the place which he voluntarily entered isn't wrong -- it's in his best interest.

Failing to integrate into the surrounding culture guarantees you and your offspring nothing but poverty and menial jobs not to mention the wrath of those around you for coming in and expecting the world to revolve around you.

Bruce wrote:
Subject: or leave...period!
I couldnt agree with your more Mr. Orsm. I am not a racist, nor a bigot, but 110% sure that if they want to stay bad enough, they'll learn the language...and integrate. Enjoy your work immensely, will be a lifelong visitor, thank you!

Mario wrote:
Subject: Just on the non integration of Muslims.....
I'm not taking sides here but this article may make you see things from an alternative perspective.

Weirdcult2000 wrote:
Subject: understand if you dont post it....
Bit pissed off that's all.. Is it true that I have to watch whatever I say and do? This is a strange concept. It seems that if I don’t behave in a manner befitting (most recently, and I am sure the Anglican Church will be next), a Muslim person, this is offensive and I must fall in line with their beliefs, and if not, a protest will be made, or other, etc. This means I must convert the way I have leant to live my life in accordance with a belief system I do not have any belief in, taught by simply a man/woman with the know how to spread his/her interpretation. I, apparently, have no rights to voice my beliefs and, although I never voiced my offence at statements made by other belief systems against me, I must adjust myself silently, without complaint into Political Correctness (UK Styley) for risk of causing more offence and protest. If I behave in the manner expected of me at present, will that make me a Muslim? Just wondered.

Weirdcult2000 wrote:
Subject: Actually, no, fuck off...
My earlier diplomatic "sit on my finger" statement has actually made me vomit, seriously. My own statement. I am not of any religion, and am quite sick to death of being told what to do by religions (at present, Islam). As the current preacher of right, it is your duty to be the morally and forgiving high grounders. With the current attitudes shown, why in any God's name would I want to have any dealing with such a vague, ever changing, and intolerant part of society. I protest. I am tired.

Weirdcult2000 wrote:
Subject: ...no, even more....
..actually, if my belief system gets out, there's trouble. I mean, I think God would like to know I washed my hair for him, and that everyone has. Covering your head would be a sin and punishable by "Stonining to Death". It's going to kick off, I tell you....

Surely I'm not a terrorist now, am I? Yes, probably inflammatory or something. Love you though. Not.

Dave wrote:
Subject: Muslims
Mate I am all for being Australian because we are a top bunch of people, but to find an answer as to why people stay who they are I suggest you migrate to a country that you would like to live in, and see if you like being asked to be a local. People are who they are, if we accepted them into this country as Muslims then let them be. Muslims did not bring their shit over here, John Howard did by kissing American ass, involving us in a bullshit war, and making racist remarks like the one you have highlighted. If we want migrants to assimilate and be more Aussie why do we make such a fuss of Aussies such as Greg Norman for loosing his Australianness.

And now on with everything else. Keep in mind that the Overflow is to clear some of the backlog which may or may not have bee sitting around for a while patiently waiting to be posted so if stuff below is out of context that's why!

Tim Chmielewski wrote:
Subject: Photos from a launch I went to last week
Hi there, I took these at the launch of the Faster Pussycat clothing store in Melbourne last week. Enjoy!

Jose Gabriel Santiago wrote:
Subject: Something for your site
Dear Mr. Orsm Dude, Greetings from sunny California. I must say that I have been a fan of your site for years and it keeps gettin better and better. I have recently started up my own production company called San D. Chacho Productions and have released my first piece on YouTube.com. It's a comedy piece of the trials and tribulations of being a dad. Check it out yourself and if you find it worthy to post on your site, then it would be an honor. The title of the skit is THE GOOD DAD

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Letter to Bank
Hi Mr ORSM, Great Sight! Finally I have something to contribute!!!!!!! I have attached a letter I wrote to my local bank (ANZ) who I moderately dislike (they may change there minds one day)...... in infact I dislike banks full stop wheather there mine or not. I find nothing better then wasting there time with pointless dribble.... in an attempt to become a millionaire, I sent the bank the attached letter.......

Alex wrote:
Subject: The wrap up
Its time to face the realities of Season 2006 in the AFL........ What an absolute pleasure it was to see Carlton get flogged, as Collingwood pushed Carlton to another likely wooden spoon. As a true Collingwood supporter I thank our team for inflicting more pain to carlton in more ways than one.

I thank the Pies for getting Carlton closer to that much awaited third wooden spoon. I thank the Pies for witnessing the Blues have a sook and blame the umpires for all their Misery. I especially thank Alan Didak for laying out another Carlton player and watch the Blues sook again as the game slipped away from them.

Yes, my friends.... the Alan Didak situation may of come at a bad cost, but we must question ourselves on one thing....... Was it worth him laying out a Carlton player and getting suspended for several weeks with the possability of missing the finals? Well my answer to that is....... SHIT YES, it was worth every bit. !!!!!!!

P.S Who said Collingwood supporters cant count......... 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Wooden Spoons

digital blasphemous wrote:
Subject: The TRON guy
the picture you published of this retard is the famous TRON guy. a very proud fan of a famous "matrix like" movie of the 70 if I remind correctly. Check out the other pictures inside.

malektaus wrote:
Subject: Is someone copying your site?
Found this and wasnt sure if you were doing your site in another language, but it resembles a striking resemblance to your site mate...

Marty wrote:
Subject: out of the closet
hey Orsm hows it going dude. Can you please post these pics up of my mate. It was his 21st and he'd decided to come out of the closet.

click to enlarge click to enlarge

eather right wrote:
Subject: What Do You Think Of This!!!
Hello Orsm... I'm a huge fan of the site... Here is a picture from a local church... Don't you think the church should stay out "Banging Chicks"... I guess we should all go to church and get married before screwing our wife... By that time after marriage, the good sex ends very fast... Anyways keep up the good work... I'm a regular fan from Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada...

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josh G wrote:
Subject: Great Picture
This picture was taken at a Putt-putt course in Little Rock, Arkansas. There's NO WAY this was an accident. Enjoy

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: My hyundai
Sup bru! im a long time reader, 1st time i ever found something i think is worthy of ur site. this is a pic of my 1996 Hyundai elantra 1.6l GLS which i have... er... altered a bit, not bad fort a 1.6l hey? i havent seen alot of these kinds of pics on ur site recently there was a time when they were on like every week so i thought id send mine in. fucking love ur site bru! even if u are a ozzy and im a south african :P (by the way, Warne is my hero!)

click to enlarge

Stuart Kinner wrote:
Subject: Tony Blair
Remember the BBC error last week...? Here's Tony Blair...

click to enlarge

Doug wrote:
Subject: Unfortunate ad
Hey mate, I was just reading CNN about the dude that threw his kids off a balcony and jumped (heard about it on the news all day). Then I noticed the ad about "COOL GIFTS FOR DAD" next to it.

click to enlarge

martin cawkwell wrote:
Subject: french in prague!!
Hey Hey Mr Orsm... been following the sit for time since "ii.net" and decided its now time to contribute to the orsm world you have created for us minions, i would be grateful if u could include a pic a mate took when in we were in prague last yr. looks like some french guy named his coach company after himself, what do you reckon?

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Cool pic
A friend of mine took this pic last weekend along a bayou near his home. This is in Louisiana just a little southwest of New Orleans. Kinda creepy, huh?

click to enlarge

Wayne wrote:
Subject: Crazy
Hey there. This sign is on an automated gate at a storage facility not far from where I live. Must be a crazy place. I don’t know of ANY dogs that can smoke, let alone drive???

click to enlarge

xitz wrote:
Subject: W.A. Crays
This must be true, after all the Sunday Times of this date wrote it and they wouldn't lead us astray (would they?)

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Pwn'd mower
G'day mate, Love your site, long time reader, first time poster. Thought you may like this, was taken from the front of Willamtown RAAF base near Newcastle, was bogged good. Sorry, no piccies of my misses......

click to enlarge

Andrew wrote:
Subject: More Hooma...
ORSM One, Okay... I'll take you at your word... I've got several thousand pieces of humour on my system, some of it the result of original thought by me. You will remember my four "We're full" pictures that were inspired by one that you had on your site the previous week? (and provoked that ridiculous response by Kalind) ...well, here is another two that I created, but one of them was from an original image from your site (the guy with the backpack ...who the heck was he anyway?).

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Jake wrote:
Subject: Seals attacking humans!
Hey Mr. Orsm, I don't know if you've heard about the recent seal ATTACKS in San Francisco (no joke), but I wanted to share my recent encounter with one of the frisky mammals. We had just left the Oakland A's game and decided to stop at Treasure Island (an old Naval base) for a few pics and such....when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this HUGE seal giving me what can only be described as the 'look of love'. Luckily, when I went closer to investigate...my wife was able to snap a quick pic of the over-amorous bastard!! Bottom line... I got his digits and will be calling him once I can lose the wife.... but don't tell her!

Hey... love your site! I'm a part-time rock-n-roll DJ in Northern California. If your readers are so inclined, they can go to www.myspace.com/fmvoice or www.earthquake-jake.com for some funny radio clips.... certain to give you a laugh (and I would be forever in your debt for the linkage shout-out)! Thanks bro!

kevin wrote:
Subject: pierced
Hey, dude, I realy like the site, keep it up. Here's a picture when I got my dick pierced last week. my girlfriend loves it. Greetings from Belgium.

click to enlarge

Cerro wrote:
Subject: Traffic Cones in Hong Kong
Dear Mr Orsm. Thought you might like this pic of a mate in Hong Kong next to a sign stating the fucking obvious. They must get their fair share of fuckwits...

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Caught this little Freudian Slip on CNN
Caught this little Freudian Slip on CNN. Breaking Down instead of Breaking News. LOL

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Vinicius Negrisolo wrote:
Subject: princeless file
Here it is the pic. My girlfriend is gonna kill me he he he. I am going to have famous balls.

click to enlarge

graeme wrote:
Subject: pranks
howzit goin man. ya got an older brother? if you do, do you remember the shit he used to put you thru as a kid? i do on both counts. so when my older bro went to sleep at a bux party at my house, i took full advantage of it. if you cant quite read it, it says "i'm a cocksucker". and it was oil-based paint. take it easy and keep up the good shit. wiggy

click to enlarge

<with held> wrote:
Subject: Triathlon pictures
hey dude, attached are a couple of pictures from a recent Ironman Triathlon in the states , think about wearing these clothes for 4k swim , 180k bike and 42k run . That chick is fairly well built but dont know about the guy !

click to enlarge

Elvis wrote:
Subject: Random Shit,
G'day Orsm, After a few years of visiting i found something to send.I stumbled on the picture and thought of you instantly. I dont know the stor behing it but fark, a picture is worth a thousand words.

click to enlarge

adro wrote:
Subject: 2 funny pics
these 2 pics are of a mate and need to be shown love the site put these pics up and il email 500 ppl and tell them you site rules

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If you've got something to say or share then drop me a line here.

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